A New Year: September 28th, 2010

It’s a couple of days later . . . nevertheless, Tuesday, September 28th I celebrated my birthday in New York City!

I had my “Annual 29th Birthday Bash” at the lovely restaurant East of Eighth in Manhattan. My wonderful guests were my friends: Christine St. Pierre, Erica Hawkins, Jordan Auslander, Eileen Murphy, the Berg family (Ira, Caroline & Rebekah), my beloved buddy, Mozz Mendez, Joseph Fusco, Jason Brook and Loretta Dalesandro.

After the festivities at the restaurant . . . Christine, Loretta, Mozz, Joseph and I went over to Jordan’s place, which overlooks Chelsea. He lives on the 21st floor with a lovely balcony overlooking Manhattan.

Loretta, Christine and I sat on the balcony and chatted on this beautiful day and evening.

My new friend, Helen Schneider, from Switzerland, was unable to attend as she not feeling well. We made plans to meet tomorrow, before she flies back home to her husband and four children.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa 

Week of: June 20th-June 26th, 2010

Day One-Hundred Twelve (112):

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Womanly Artist_Christine St. Pierre

I dropped Fredy off at the Manhattan Theatre Source. It is Dress/Tech of TestoGENIUS. I was excited for Fredy to meet the guys. When we arrived the rehearsal was on break. I 2010_04 ChristineST Pierre01saw Charles, sleeping. He said it was a rough day, so far. Mauricio had run off somewhere for lunch. I left Fredy to wait it out or play on the computer’s . . . and I went to my Christine’s “women only” graduation at the Hotel Pennsylvania.


Christine was in a program for empowering women, for a few weeks called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. This was the graduation day for the first part . . . and would be lots of fun!


When I returned to the theatre, the dress rehearsal was a bust; they guys exhausted and a bit angry. We all parted and went home.


Day One-Hundred Thirteen (113):

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Another Opening: My Show “Childless Father

Opening night and as a tradition – I bought gifts for our guys:


Fredy and I framed a drawing he did for Mauricio. It was a drawing that Mauricio really enjoyed. And since Charles has been a trooper and trying to learn American Sign Language (and do a good job at it); I found some ASL flash cards at Barnes & Noble for him.


Day OneHundred Fifteen (115):

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Reviews Coming In–”Childless Father” Is A Hit

To the tour business again, today – had a nice change of pace, though. I was given a “charter”, which was very cool. It’s where a group books ChildlessFATHER_Advert01a tour for three hours or so, and you get to drive around with them. It was my first one and it was great!


I advertised my show all over my Weight Watchers blog – one of the members actually knows Mauricio! Small world, really, huh?


Of course, went to the theatre this evening for the show. Reviews are great, people telling me how moved they are by the piece. Pretty cool. I need to give you a taste of it in video. It’s on it’s way, actually.


Day One-Hundred Sixteen (116):

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Interpreting & Matchmaking

Mauricio asks me to interpret (in American Sign Language). He has deaf friends visiting and despite my protestations; he feels I can do it.

Admittedly, one of the plays is sort of fun with all the lines about well, sexual intercourse as the sign for the is easy! LOL!

My good friend (hearing), Mozz Mendez, is interested in one of Mauricio’s friends! It’s sweet.


Day One-Hundred Seventeen (117): Friday, June 25th, 2010

Celebrating With My Cast


Day OneHundred Eighteen (118):

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Closing Night ofChildless Father

In between shows Mauricio and I really connected. We had a great conversation. He really is like a little brother to me.

Being closing night, I was sad it was over, I did really connect with my actors and will miss the whole experience.


One-Hundred Twenty-Two (122): Manifestation_Positive/Negative

OneHundred TwentyTwo (122): 

Clarify Your Intention

Clarity of intention brings faster and stronger results. Don’t engage in wishful thinking and then forget about what you wanted. Be clear about your intention to have exactly what you want. Hold in your mind the image of your desired object. See the colors, the detailing, the size, the weight, and opacity or clarity, and even the timeframe in which you want it in your life. Do whatever you can to mentally see it in it totality. Think of all the ways it might arrive into your possession, how you will enjoy it, use it (wear it, drive it, etc.).

Know with certitude that it is already in the universe on its way.


Day One-Hundred Twenty-One (121): Positivity

OneHundred TwentyOne (121):

Maintain A Positive Attitude 

Belief that you can have your desire must be sustained because there surely will be a period between dreaming of having it and the physical manifestation of it in your life. Seldom are manifestations instantaneous. Intensify your efforts of deliberately working with the Law of Attraction by feeling and expressing your thankfulness at what you already have. Feel gratitude also for the power that is working to bring you the object your fervently desire.

One-Hundred Nineteen (119): You May Have It All

One-Hundred Nineteen (119): 

Give Yourself Permission To Have What You Want

If you deny yourself permission to have the object of your desire, you will block its arrival. Reasons you might deny yourself permission to have something include feeling like you don’t deserve it or your income doesn’t support the purchase or you think someone else is more deserving. What you fervently desire is sure to manifest when you give yourself permission to have it, think about it often and with feeling, consider ways to acquire it, and set in motion the acquisition of it through your intent.

Day Sixty (60): Proof, Fans and Labels (via Angela Theresa: 365 Days To Manifest Magic)

Checking my viewers and search engine on WordPress . . . it feels it the right time to re-blog this.

Please, people! Be careful before judging someone a stalker. There are many of us fans out here, sometimes very ardent fans — this, in itself, doesn’t make us a criminal! And just because a fan has had the opportunity to meet a favorite actor also does not make them a criminal. They can be and are just very, very lucky and blessed — just like me. I am a fan, an ardent fan.

Day Sixty (60): Proof, Fans and Labels Day Sixty (60): Thursday, April 29th, 2010 60) Can It Be Proven? At best, detractors say, the Law of Attraction overstates a promise that just thinking about something brings it to you. Further, critics argue, irrefutable proof that you can gain whatever you dream about or long for, is not a tenable hypothesis  that can be proven through scientific method. Instead, they point out, savvy marketing, attention-grabbing buzz words and catchy phrases … Read More

via Angela Theresa: 365 Days To Manifest Magic

One-Hundred Eighteen (118): Shopping

OneHundred Eighteen (118)Go Shopping In The Storehouse Of The Universe

Think of how much you enjoy browsing through the pictures in your favorite catalogs or spending a day at the outlet stores or whiling away an hour or two at a Costco or Sam’s Club warehouse. Now consider all the offerings of every store, merchant, or collective of all your favorite countries of the world. Remember, you are shopping in the warehouse of the universe. The promise of the law is that if you can imagine and desire something clearly enough, using high levels of creative energy, you can swiftly attract it.

One-Hundred Twenty (120): Desire & Manifesting Your Dreams

One-Hundred Twenty (120): Desire Plus Intent Equals Your Dreams Come True

When you desire something deeply and form an intention to acquire it, you will begin to turn over in your mind ways that you might have the object of your desire. Intent to have something usually triggers strong emotional feelings such as excitement and happiness when you think about having the object. You feel motivated to work for it. When desire is coupled with intent and motivation, you begin to believe that you can attain the object your desire.

One-Hundred Seventeen (117): This Way Or That Way . . . Indecision

OneHundred Seventeen: Beware Of Indecision

Is what you want to manifest an object such as a new lipstick, a paella pan, a found for your garden? Is it a situation you’d like to bring about such as improving your health, garnering a promotion, or mastering a tennis serve? Is it something you want to do for the world such as write a book, establish a business, or create a masterful work of art?

It’s best to develop a crystal clear idea of the object of your desire and stick with it. Why? Because indecisiveness may render you some wild vibrant of what you really want.

One-Hundred Sixteen (116): What Do You Want?

One-Hundred SixteenFigure Out What You Really Want

If you like to shop, you will love the first step in Law of Attraction, which is to decide on what you want. How do you decide? Well close your eyes and think of something that you either want or need that would make you incredibly happy. Set aside your doubt and pretend for a moment that anything you want is possible. If doubt floods your mind, then just start small and continue taking baby steps in your manifesting efforts until you have proven to yourself how easy it is.