New Book: “Beyond Tears” by Angela Theresa Egic

Would love for all of you to read my fiction bookit’s a short story for now. I would like to either 1) make it into a novel, and/or 2) write a screenplay based on this story.

This short story is in a contestand I would love all you to read it, give me your feedback in a constructive way and, if you feel it is worthy, vote it a favorite. I am not sure the “favorite” votes count in the contestwhich is done by an independent jurynevertheless, I enjoy knowing you enjoy it.

You must join the website to read and give feedback on it. It is a great website where you can read lots of great new books and put your own up, too!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Contests: Help me, help myself…

Hello My Friends . . .

Many of you signed up for for the last contest, right? Well, if you are still signed up and such, once again, you can help me, help myself!

You can also join, if you haven’t — it’s a great site for readers and writers.

Read my newest book — Beyond Tears — a work of fiction, which I am hoping you enjoy. I would love you to really read it and give feedback, if you can. I would like to write a screenplay based on this. Really, it is a screenplay idea I’ve had for years, I just wrote it in fiction form so I could, perhaps, win $500.

Thank you for helping me out in every way.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa Egic

P.S. On another note, another one that requires a bit of sign-up — and thank you to those who have voted and signed up. I’m in an acting contest, where I could win $200, and then, a grand prize of $10,000. I would be very, very appreciative of your votes there, as well. Again, helping me earn a living — even in contest wins — doing the things I love! Acting and writing!

You can join as a “fan” to place your ‘rave (a set of five stars)’ for this particular contest:

Formerly Thin, Now Fat

Some did recently comment that the article I re-printed about Mermaids or Whale insults thin women.

I need to tell you, I have been both — I was a very, very thin child, teen and young adult and became overweight in my mid-30s and obese by my 40s. Yes, when I was skinny “as a rail” or “anorexic” [even when I wasn’t officially anorexic — ages 18-21], or called “skeletal“. I have suffered much, much more discrimination, verbal bullying and stupid comments as a fat/obese person.

Thus, sorry, my skinny friends — when heavier people assume you don’t eat; yes, I know many of you eat (sometimes like a horse) — and you just don’t gain weight; you don’t like to hear it. Nevertheless, you don’t have to leave clothing stores because they “don’t go up that high” in size, you don’t lose jobs over your skinny frame; except maybe some of you models. I’ve never heard of a skinny person, with the qualifications, being turned down for a receptionist or administrative job due to lack of weight. Yet, I have heard of discrimination of fat people being turned down for those jobs — qualified or not — for not being “corporate enough”.

Yes, I was given that line of bullshit to say — “you’re too fat” and don’t look good to our financial analysts. I was fired from a long-term temp job because I didn’t “dress appropriately“. Upon deeper investigation, the boss told me that his former Administrative Assistant wore these stylish short skirts and tight tops. He didn’t like that I wore suits with long skirts and pants that covered my body parts.

Yes, he actually said that! It was an entertainment company and when I told me agency — as it was a temp to perm position — they told me, in show business (entertainment) — looks play a part. Yet, being overweight, no way would I wear short skirts nor tight clothing.

Thus, I’m sorry to my skinny sisters — yes, you can be teased, called some skinny names — but, unlike me, you can shop in most any clothing store, you don’t generally lose jobs over your weight and even media doesn’t attack you like it does us! Commercials about how they want to make it a crime to buy soda, or McDonald’s — I never eat at McDonald’s — and limit us in the overweight community from buying fattening foods. You’ll still be able to buy whatever you want, though; thoroughly based on your size.

I’m also so tired of people saying, “you just have big bones.” NO, I DO NOT!!! I have normal size — medium bones! You Ms. Skinny never get that one about big bones. I’d rather someone ask me if I’m anorexic then tell me I have big bones. I miss the days when I was called “skeleton” or “stretch“. I would take them back in an instant.

In fact, when I was skinny, I loved it when people noticed — even if the comment was rude! I loved Italian mother’s encouraging me to “eat more” because “you’re too skinny“.

I’d be forever appreciative to anyone, right now, who would get me a Personal Trainer and pay for NutraSystem for a year, too! Thus, I will not post comments saying that you, as a thin person, have it as rough as us who are overweight. I have been there — too thin or thin — and I never complained, in those days, when people teased me about my weight. I knew they were just envious of my wonderful shape.

As for Jennifer Hudson — Congrats! To her, too — she lost 80 lbs on Weight Watchers (which I love); unlike me, though, Jennifer has money. She can afford the right food, she can afford a Personal Trainer, she can afford to attend the meetings and buy things needed to lose weight.

As an obese person — it is just plain mean as no one is jealous of a fat person.

Calling Actors, My Fans & Writers: An Interactive Site

Beckinfield: For Writers, Video Enthusiasts & Actors

BECKINFIELD is a really fun interactive, fictional town!

Click Here For More

People like uswriters and actorscreate townsfolk and Jonathan Frakes, and the participants, create the life there. There is also a contest to win a trip to Hollywood and $10,000. Finalists in the contest, also get $200 each.

Of course, I’ve entered it and would love you all to look at my entryan acting audition. It will be judged by a Casting Director, nevertheless, they are also looking at how many people give it stars “raving” (1 to 5 stars). The first one is my favorite audition I did. You don’t have to participate to give stars, either. You can join as afanand just watch the videos. The 2nd link is my character in BeckinfieldSamantha Talbott: Beckinfield High School Drama Teacher/Psychic/Medium (yeah, not too far from the real me).

If you’d like to participate and interactwe can interlace our charactersyou can join as an “actor”. Either way, I wanted to share this fun site — and hopefully get some “raves” for my audition. It is fun creating the story, it’s good practice.

Love, Light & Laughter,

 Angela Theresa