The Should’s and the Should Not’s

As we are nearing 2015, I wanted to reblog my last original article in 2014. I may write a new one this week. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this for the moment.

Angela Theresa: Renaissance Woman

I was once a very depressed young person.

I was suicidal. I had to learn to love myself. And now that I have, many find me selfish. Maybe I am, and although some decisions I will be making soon will mean the ending of friendships . . .it must be.

What I want to express is that despite judgments on decisions I will be making or have already made. This is my life and I did not enter this world to do what other people think I should. I will do what I must to keep my soul whole and protect the me I’ve become.

Many will not understand and consider me cruel, selfish and wrong.

It is what it is. I am not these things. I am giving, loving and spent more than 30 years giving myself away to please others. Many of you did not know…

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