Day Twenty-Eight (28): Deadlines, Procrastination & Stress

Day Twenty-Eight (28): Sunday, March 28, 2010

28) The Polarity Of Thought Energy

Your thought energy flows either inward or outward. If it is stationary, meaning not flowing in either direction, then it lacks any energy to carry your intention inward or outward. Intention, or your desire for something, requires energy and polarity to manifest that desire. If you need healing from a chronic illness or seek spiritual unfolding, you will focus your thought energy or polarity inward, whereas, if you desire a new house or car, you’ll focus the polarity outward. Another way to think of it is that when the energy is polarized outward, you become engaged in some action–you create or do something. When the polarity is turned inward, you acquire or become the recipient of something.

Some Law of Attraction teachers have explained the outward and inward polarities of thought energy as follows: outward polarity requires an action of giving something to the universe; inward polarity requires a receptive state in which you receive something from the universe. Understanding the concept is vital to putting the Law of Attraction into work in a deliberate way in your life.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Well, I meant to finish up some things I had to do  . . .  previous year income taxes, application for college. Did I do it? No, not really!!!

What did I do . . . ? I totally went Broadway, in a way! I did Richard’s Simmons BROADWAY SWEAT and it was incredible. I had so much energy!!!

I was supposed to go to a show tonight … but, really, it was a lazy Sunday; when I really should-be been doing work, but didn’t.

Must write more . . . do more . . . soon. Sorry for the weak update.

Love, Light & Laughter . . . 

Angela Theresa 

Day Twenty-Seven (27): Playwrights Unite, World Theatre Day

Day TwentySeven (27): Saturday, March 27, 2010

27) Subtle Energies Influence Healing

Aura healing, chakra healing, reiki (pronounced RAY kee), quantum touch, and no-touch healing are all examples of alternative medicine/belief systems that suggest the vital energy of the body, whether called prana, chi, ki, or life force, can be manipulated. Skeptics classify such healings as faith-healing and say if it works at all it is because of the thoughts of the patient — the placebo effect — that is, the patient believes something is being done to help him feel better, he hope he will, and subsequently he does. Some might say that the placebo effect causes changes in the patient’s neurochemistry (due to his positive thinking that he would be healed) that might, in part, explain the healing he subsequently received.

* World Theatre Day was definitely a day of theatre activity for me!

My first stop was meeting with the SourceWRITERs Production Committee, of which I am on . . . we tried to meet at a little coffee shop on 8th Street, called Gizzi’s; but it is popular and there was no place for four of us to sit. We were missing one member: Nat Cassidy.

The rest of us were there: Laura Schlachtmeyer, Vincent Marano and Jonathan Kravetz.

We discussed doing one to two full production’s a year . . . and working with the Source to have some “Playground Productions” for some of our in-house playwrights, so to speak. With twenty-seven (27) members and only two shows a year; well, that means a long wait for production through our group, at least.

Vinny said something funny . . . he was talking about 2012 and said “unless the Mayan’s are right” . . . just for reference, they’re not! Well, I mean, my opinion is similar to Sylvia Browne. The Mayans stopped writing about the future around December 2012 because they ran out of ink! Or, perhaps, they had to run away from a predator; or get dinner, etc.

Anyway, to note, as a psychic . . . no, the world will not end in December 2012. We will be hanging and talking on January 1st, 2013. I know, for many reasons: One, more than one psychic (three now), without me saying it to them, have predicted I will live to 110-years-old. So, that will be in 2073. We have time! Secondly, the other changes, etc., people want to predict — more acceptance of psychic gifts, reuniting with non-incarnated soul mates — partially, the first part is already happening and will continue through 2011, 2012 etc, etc. As for reunification of soul mates; when you go to the Other Side, you will. And of course, we have many soul mates here on earth, we reunite often!

After the meeting, a brief conversation with Vinny about a “teen performing group” which he and I will start at the Source — I went off to my favorite dinner at BBQ.

After my lone dinner, I decided to go to my other old theatre 13th Street Repertory and see the proprietor, 93-year-old Edith O’Hara!

Edith is doing great . . . and was right in the lobby when I came in. We chatted awhile and then she invited me to see the current production: Another Man’s Sling-Back’s. I took her up on the offer; although, I should’ve really gone home and worked-out and taken care of some past due taxes!

Nevertheless, I stayed and watched this fabulous show (it has another week — go see it)! It is being turned into a musical. The composer works for Disney, thus, it will just be more fabulous!

After the show, I spoke with Sandra Nordgren (Edith’s General Manager) about programs, such as what we do at 13th Street; including Spontaneous Combustion.

It was a good night of theatre!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


Day Twenty-Six (26): Photography, Bachelor’s Degree & Radio Show

Day TwentySix (26): Friday, March 26, 2010

26) Chi: Harmony and Balance

The Chinese use the word “chi” (pronounced chee) to mean the natural, supernatural, and spiritual energy of the physical universe and the human body and mind. An imbalance of chi in a person’s body or life brings upon him or her disharmony and disease. Practitioners of acupuncture, chi gong, and other disciplines embracing the concept of chi as a subtle force underlying and permeating all things (like prana) say that restoring the balance of the flow of the chi is what restores balance, health, and harmony. When balance is restored, the things a person desires become manifest through their thought energy.

Today, the Art Institute On-Line called me back, again. I had filled out a form on-line about getting a Bachelor Degree in Photography. So, the call, well, Sara totally had me apply and enroll. Of course, I have to see if I qualify for a student loan or grant! Preferably a grant! I’ll know on Monday . . .

Strangely, or not so strangely, I’ve talked about this before … I am sure? Right? If I made $5,000 to $10,000 a year at all the things I do; I’d be making a good living and enjoying what I do! Photography is one of them. And clients look at degree’s as giving you more clout.

Tonight was my BlogTalk Radio Show . . . the first time in a long time. I started my 12-Week Program, in a scaled down way tonight on this show.

The show, Clarifying — went well. At least, I feel it did! Not sure I have enough listeners, though. I am now very interested in being a co-hose to Psychic Tee ( on her BlogTALK Radio Show. Pump me up more clients, listeners!

Also, before the show, nevertheless, I had a session with one of my regular clients. A phone client who is about to be very big in the music business! Trust me!

So, this morning, I hope . . . after I do some very important work: I hope to put up Week #1 here for all of you to start working Law of Attraction (LOA) into your life.

My LOA is working very well. I hesitate to be too detailed on one matter, which seems to be manifesting very quickly as this person or person(s) involved will read this. And it could sort of curtail it all.

I will state that I feel like two miracles occurred today.

* The opportunity for me to get a degree and money for this . . .

* Communication with someone I care about a lot . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


Day Twenty-Five (25): Touring, Cosmic Diner & Babysitting

Day Twenty-Five (25): Thursday, March 25, 2010

25) Prana: The Life Force Is Everywhere

Pranic energy represents a kind of bridge between thoughts becoming or manifesting as things. In ancient Hindu writings, the body’s vital airs or energies were referred to as prana. Pranic energy permeates all things, including the human mind (and, thus, thought), according to the Hindu sacred scriptures known as the Upanishads. Those sacred writings associated prana, which means “breath” in Sanskrit, with vitality and expressed the idea that a person’s prana survives throughout eternity or until a being’s soul once again reincarnates. Prana, often mistakenly thought of as breath, is more correctly understood as a life-sustaining force. Prana underlies and sustains the universe, according to Hindu belief. Prana, therefore, is found in thoughts and also material objects. The pranic energy of one human, for example, directed toward another person or object can trigger a response, reaction, or change. Even an energized or magnetized thought can instantly or eventually become the thing that the psychic energy of the creative mind conceives, giving rise to the New Age idea that “thoughts are things.”

Still having some chilly weather . . . but, certainly, not like winter. As I have noted . . .most of our busses are still covered with the plastic top. I suspect that will change soon.

So, today, my boss … who is off on Tuesday and Wednesday … called me to the office my third tour. He actually called me on the tour at the United Nations. So, when I saw him, he just wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing a “City Sights” jacket! I told him because I was never issued one!

Of course, I started in late March last year and it was summer weather. Anyway, Tim, the boss, told me to see him on Monday . . . and then sent me on a fourth tour!!! Long day. This time nine straight hours! Wow!

After work, and my throat did hurt after a fourth tour this time; actually it hurt during the third one . . . I went over to my old haunt “The Cosmic Diner” on 53rd Street/8th Avenue. Sitting there, the guys beside me were talking about family things and I overheard.

He mentioned a website where one can sign up to babysit, dog/cat sit and/or house/apartment sit! I can advertise my services. Thus, the Universe sent me yet another option to make money FREELANCE!

The Universe listens to you . . . so, be sure to take note! Thank you, Universe, I truly appreciate it!

I did talk to a couple of friends tonight and tried to catch up on my blog here . . .many days behind. Yet, once again, so tired I had to go to sleep.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa

Day Twenty-Four (24): West Way Diner, Broadway & John Lithgow

Day Twenty-Four (24): Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

24) Shakti: Psychic Energy Lingers

In India, modern spiritual seekers make pilgrimages to the sacred places associated with holy ones of the past because the Shakti (divine energy or holy psychic energy) of those beings remains in the places where those saints had prayed, meditated, and  became enlightened. Many modern spiritual seekers further believe that the energy stored in the sacred placed energetically charged by the holy ones of the past has a beneficial effect on their spiritual efforts to attain enlightenment. Contact with the shakti of enlightened beings, although those saints no longer live in human form, could awaken the Kundalini Shakti, the innate and essential divine energy that leads human consciousness to union with God (or Absolute divine consciousness) as the energy makes its ascent from the base of the spine to the energy center located on top of the head. The modern seekers’ thought, magnetized by their spiritual desire for enlightenment, could manifest their desire (making their thought become the thing they most ardently seek and desire).

 Some pretty wonderful things happened today!

* On one of my four tours . . . and working an 8 1/2 hour day: I had a great group on the 2nd tour and they left $58.00 in tips!

>> Of course, had to split it with the driver . . . but hey, since most of the tips have been about $5.00 and only $2.50 for the driver and for me; it was really cool to get $29.00 on one trip!

After this long, long day … and wow, still tired as hell. I went to WestWay Diner. I texted Christine (no answer) and then I texted Eileen; didn’t want to eat alone. Christine called on Eileen’s phone . . . invited me to her place in Washington Heights. But, really, I was too tired. Then, I texted Erica and she called back and came to join me.

When Erica arrived she decided not to order and after we talked awhile . . . we left.

Walking up 43rd Street there was a very tall, thin man in a black suit walking. As we crossed a parking lot, a horn beeped; The guy in the car yells out to the thin guy, “Hey John! I love your work.”

The tall, thin guys turned toward the guy, and gave Erica & I a side view of him. And I saw it was John Lithgow! Erica sort of jabbed me and said, “You know who that is!”

Oh, and John was so charming and nice and said, “Thank you!” to the guy.

Of course! John Lithgow! I saw him at the Drama Desk Awards.”

Erica pointed out that John is doing a show at the theatre just ahead of us. And yes, he turned off and entered the theatre.

Also, today, I thought of my other celebrity friend . . . Jamie Donnelly! She was or is in New York coaching her client, Tony Shaloub; and he’s in a Broadway show.

Unfortunately, Jamie took ill and was in bed for a few days. I had called her and got her machine. Her daughter, on facebook, told me she was resting and was going to be fine.

Jamie was heading back to Los Angeles, according to her daughter . . . so, I missed seeing her this time! I was sort of hoping for free Broadway tickets and backstage passes! Next time!

Speaking of which, my friend, Anthony Azizi, will be doing a show at Lincoln Center, April 25th — and I will definitely get a free ticket and backstage.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


Day Twenty-Two (22): Theatre, Melatonin & Restless Leg Syndrome

Day Twenty-Two (22): Monday, March 22nd, 2010

22) Your Thoughts Are Things

Some people believe that our lives express our interior worlds, or what we think about. You have undoubtedly heard the saying that “thoughts are things.” In fact, in hinduism, nothing exists apart from the Divine because it permeates all things.

Certain psychics, mediums, and empathic people possess a heightened sense of the electromagnetic energy that is retained in objects, haunted houses, sacred places, crime scenes, and the like. Psychic energy live on in those objects and places.

Even as doctors work in integrative medicine (using both western and eastern medical knowledge) and high performance sports experts counsel their athletes about intrinsic mind/body connection, scientific research continues on the subject of thoughts as energy.

As I do most Monday’s … hung around the apartment all day and then went to MTS for my volunteer hours.

Lauren and Jenny were there, as is expected. There was a show going on, so, I thought I would be able to skip out early; but it was not to be. And I am feeling the stress of starting work again, early in the morning tomorrow. My schedule is still very odd. I bought some melatonin at Duane Reade and hopefully it will do its job . . . and help me sleep at a good hour.

Unfortunately, when I got home it was late . . . for the hours I need. And I wanted to get my stuff together for tomorrow. And then, my usual late night phone calls! Everyone is used to me being up until the wee hours and began to phone! Not that I mind, usually. Still, with a new work schedule; it will really hit me tomorrow.

I took the melatonin, and still didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 a.m., leaving me about four and a half or five hours of sleep. I require, from what I can tell . . . seven hours to feel “normal”. Okay, as normal as I can feel.

Considering that I am a week behind, almost . . . I’ll just note that those four or so hours of sleep, even with melatonin, were rough. I had terrible problems with my legs and bad dreams when I did sleep!

More coming later . . .as I catch up the days!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .


Day Twenty-Three (23): Tourists, Times Square & Downtown

Day Twenty-Three (23): Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23) Thoughts Can Be Felt

Energy of one type can change or be converted into a different type. Although invisible to the naked eye, energy may be perceived and felt. It’s been said that “you can’t fool kids or dogs” because they have a natural ability to sense whether someone’s energy and intention toward them is good or bad. Kids and dogs may be able to detect more readily than others the feelings or mood of another that is being generated by thought.

Had a helluva time sleeping last night . . . I had to wake up at the time I usually go to sleep; or, at least, close to the time. Suffered so much restless leg syndrome (RLS), even with the melatonin.

It was actually kind of nice … to be back to tours; it was not too stressful of day today. Except it was raining! And I really do not like being wet. Although, most of the busses still have winter covers.

And of course . . . 

All my tours were downtown, which I prefer. Too tired to do my blog here and have fallen behind. More soon . . . 

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa

Day Twenty-One (21): BBQ Chicken, Strand Bookstore & Spring NYC

Day Twenty-One (21): Sunday, March 21, 2010

21) Your Thoughts Produce Energy

Energy is what enables the work of the entire universe to get done whether the work is fueling the tasks of  creation or simply digesting food or thinking thoughts. When you eat a meal, your body receives the energy from the food it has digested. It stores excess calories to be accessed later.

Many practitioners of the Law of Attraction have noted that the interrelationship between thoughts and things is dependent on the psychic energy generated by creative thought. Such energized thought sets up the attraction. Just as the mind can use the power of creative and positive thought to attract things, such as healing in the body, it can also attract objects and situations it desires through thought energy.

I was planning on attending the Source Writers meeting at MTS, and just couldn’t get out of the apartment fast enough; at least, not to be on-time. Erica called and we decided to have dinner together on this day, at the new BBQ place near MTS.

Arriving at West 4th, it was really amazing to see the first street fair of the season . . . and I with what little $ I had on me; I had to get a bubble tea! I love bubble tea!

I did arrive at the theatre and Erica was still en route. I stepped in and heard a few minutes of the play being read. I forgot,now, who’s it was. It was good, funny . . . nevertheless, Erica arrived and I was starving!

After dinner, Erica and I thought a movie . . .but with funds low; we just walked around the Village. We ended up at Union Square at the Strand Bookstore. One of the greatest bookstores ever! When and if any of you are in New York City,  you’d be happy to check ou the Strand.

We stopped at WHOLE FOODS, which Lee Gelber (Tour Guide Trainer) calls “Whole Paycheck” and shared a piece of cheesecake.

Then, off to home . . .

Not an thrill-a-minute day, but very pleasant . . . hanging with a friend and chatting. And Spring has arrived in New York! Woo Hoo!

Love, Light & Laughter;

Angela Theresa 

Day Twenty (20): Diners, Rocky Horror & Tim Curry

Day Twenty (20): Saturday, March 20, 2010

20) Matter and Energy

Atoms are the building blocks of matter while energy has been called the workhorse of creation. From grade-school science, you may have learned that energy of the universe can change from one form to another, seem to disappear, move about, or remain available s potential energy. You probably also learned about the two main categories of energy–kinetic, or energy in motion, and potential, or energy that is stored or in position to be released. Both energy types have relevance to the Law of Attraction.

I did dance my pants off, so to speak today . . . with my Richard Simmon’s video “Dance Your Pants Off“. I really enjoy that one. Still not exactly content with my very, very slow weight loss. My scale doesn’t read too different. Some mornings, before eating and such, it’s reflects a change; yet, for three or four weeks or more, I don’t seem to budge enough to constitute weight loss. It will take me two years to lose what takes most people a few months at this rate!

I shouldn’t affirm that, though.

Weight comes off of me easily and effortlessly!

Tonight, there was a get-together for Suzanne Jacobs . . . a long, longtime Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. She’s been in the audience of the show since the late 1970s with her best buddy, Michelle Rehfeld. And, like me, we are all huge Tim Curry fans. Michelle and Suzanne had the honor, pleasure and orgasmic experience of meeting Tim years before me; seeing him on Broadway (in Amadeus) many times and in concert. All before I arrived here in NYC and/or didn’t know Tim Curry from Tom Jones! LOL!

Lucky girls, indeed!

It was, or is Suzanne’s birthday, this week (month) and Michelle planned this surprise gathering; she also made a lovely scrapbook . . . of which I am sharing my page with you here.

The group at Chelsea Square Diner on 23rd Street and 9th Avenue was: Suzanne Jacobs, Michelle Rehfeld, Seth “Moishe Pipik” Bogdanove, Marc Levine, Phil Dejean, Andrew Martin, Carol Rubin and Judy Warren.

I arrived early enough . . . Seth and Phil were putting the cover on the cake. A special made photographic copy of all our photos on an edible version to place on the cake. Amazing what they can do these days!

Slowly but surely all arrived and we had dinner and lots and lots of chat!

I had the most interesting conversation with Marc and Seth regarding, of all things, creation and God . . . the true nature of God, at least.

Afterwards, some of the group was attending the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show; I just couldn’t see spending the $ on a movie I’ve seen so many times. And to stay out so late. I did walk over to the theatre until Suzanne and Michelle went into the film.

Later, walking out, I ran into Phil and Judy . . . Judy also lives in Jackson Heights, like me. Judy and I had an adventure together as we tried to figure out which trains were actually running! The MTA is so together . . .she said sarcastically.

We finally ended up on a #7 Train, which was perfect . . . as it goes to both our stops!

On are adventure and ride home . . . we did psychic readings on one another. Judy is very intuitive . . . and artist first, but definitely, intuitive. She really picked up on my story . . . raised with a cousin and how my mother feels like she was responsible for him . . .the custody battle for Fredy’s daughter. It was good! Unfortunately, it was time for her to get off the train before she gave me any future events!

I predicted for her that she’d have a child in the next year or year an a half . . .

It was a pleasant evening . . .

I have mixed feelings of returning to work on Tuesday. I enjoy being an NYC Tour Guide, nevertheless, it can be rough on top of busses in weather. We are there, rain or shine! I really need to get back to office work or, as I wish . . . an advance to write a book and a role in a Broadway show!

That’s where I want to make my income . . . from my spiritual work and my acting/singing/writing work! Full-time and lots of income from it! I really do like making, for the most part, my own hours. And freelance work is ideal for my personality type.

Alas, I must allow more . . . right?!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa