Rocky Horror Picture Show: Glee & Dori Hartley

Dori Hartley 2010

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Following is an autograph I received from Dori Hartley at The Rocky Horror Picture Show 10th Anniversary or maybe at 15th Anniversary. Hard to say, my memory is a little shaky on conventions.

My Tie To Dori Hartley

Psychic/Medium Readings: Halloween Special

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Promotion: Tim Curry Fan Site

Tim Curry FANS

If you’re a Tim Curry fan, like me . . . click on the link above and join us!

It is a forum some friends and I started. It has been in coma for awhile, though. Nevertheless, I just posted a new short article. We also have a section for those over 18 to post fantasies of the adult nature. Fan fiction, if you will, for erotica and adult situations and stories for us older fans! There are already a few posted there.

Come join in . . .

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

aka “Curry’s Angel

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Visions: Tales Of A Psychic Child

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