One-Hundred Twenty-Two (122): Manifestation_Positive/Negative

OneHundred TwentyTwo (122): 

Clarify Your Intention

Clarity of intention brings faster and stronger results. Don’t engage in wishful thinking and then forget about what you wanted. Be clear about your intention to have exactly what you want. Hold in your mind the image of your desired object. See the colors, the detailing, the size, the weight, and opacity or clarity, and even the timeframe in which you want it in your life. Do whatever you can to mentally see it in it totality. Think of all the ways it might arrive into your possession, how you will enjoy it, use it (wear it, drive it, etc.).

Know with certitude that it is already in the universe on its way.

Day Eighty-Nine (89): Lori Comes To New York

Day EightyNine (89): Friday, May 28th, 2010

89) Spiritual Journeys and Aboriginal Manifestations

The Australian Aborigines went on “walkabouts” to a “belonging place” (sacred place in the landscape) where they sought access to the Dreamtime. In such practices, they could tap into a great power much as a Law of Attraction practitioner might move into harmonious alignment by undertaking a spiritual journey and specific meditation practice in order to manifest a desired result.

E. P. Elkin, an Australian anthropologist, called the aboriginal medicine men of Australia “ment of High Degree” in his book Aboriginal Men of High Degree, and he admonished against devaluing the importance of their emphasis on psychic power as primitive magic.

This was the most exciting day for me . . .

Since I met my “little sister” Lori, I’ve wanted to bring her to New York and have her experience Broadway. Today, my wish came true.

A little history of our Big Sister/Little Sister friendship:

When Fredy and I moved to Pennsylvania in 2004 — to attempt to gain custody of his then 7-year-old daughter, Anika: He and I met, as happens when you get involved with new places, some of the deaf community of Lancaster, PA.

One of the deaf women I met, at a little get-together with many other deaf people, was Michelle. Michelle is, technically and functionally, HOH (Hard-of-Hearing).

Very quickly, speaking with her, she voices a lot as she is HOH and not full deaf. This was a relief, though, as my American Sign Language was, at that time, still improving. Yes, I lived with a deaf man since 2000; nevertheless, there were and are many things I do not know.

It also didn’t take long to figure out that Michelle was and is . . . mentally and emotionally like a teenager (even though she is only about 2 or 3 years my junior).

Michelle told me she had an ex-husband, a full deaf person and a young daughter, Lori. At that time she, Lori, was only 10-years-old. I told Michelle I’d love to meet her as I enjoy working with children. Lori is hearing.

Michelle asked me some questions about Lori and how to talk to her about . . . important matters. Michelle and her ex-husband had grown-up attending deaf schools and had no clue about public schools. I happily volunteered, at Michelle’s approval, to befriend her daughter and help her talk to her about anything she needed help [talking with the child] about, i.e. sex education, dating, creativity, grades and scrapbooking (which I did and do professionally, at times).

Lori and I were introduced at my apartment when she and Michelle came over to do a scrapbooking class. Lori and I hit it off immediately. In some way, she was my way of practicing to raise little Anika; whom, undoubtedly, wasn’t too far away from the same age.

Much has happened since that time, of course . . . and Lori is now 16-years-old. A very mature teenager. She had to grow up fast as she was interpreting for her deaf/HOH parents since about the age of 6. Even talking to lawyers and case workers at such a young age.

Lori and I became closer when her mother, a real mess, would cause emotional havoc to the girl. She’d turn to me for comfort, advice and just chatting.

One of my favorite moments was when Lori was about 12 or 13 years old. I was already in New York. We were chatting on the phone. I asked her, “Do you have a best friend?” [I wanted to order her a special book where it would put the name of the child and her real life friends in the story.].

I asked, “Do you have a best friend?”

Lori replied, “Yes, of course!”

I asked, “Who?”

Lori sincerely said, “You.”

I was moved and it made my heart feel great. Gotta love her!

Lori no longer speaks to or visits with her mother. Her father has been the full custodial parent since she was very young. A couple of years ago, Lori decided she didn’t want to see Michelle anymore.

There are many reason why . . . and they are all valid! Let me tell you!!! But, Michelle is another story for another time. Not only is she HOH, she’s also, as I stated, emotionally and mentally about 14-years-old. An irritating, disturbed 14-year-old.

Lori was older than her own mother by the age of 11 or 12, if not before!

Michelle will tell you that I did that to her daughter . . . or her father. She cannot and will not ever believe it is her and her actions. But, it is.

Now the happy times begin:

Her train arrived on time and I was a bit late . . .we called and she was right behind me. Lori felt nauseas from her first train ride and thought she might throw up.

I had, earlier in the day done something stupid. I left some frozen (cooked) shrimp out to thaw for a couple of hours (covered). Later, calling my friend, Diane; she explained that one shouldn’t thaw shrimp outside the refrigerator. I put it in, after the few hours already out. Later, when I opened it, it smelled fine and I ate it.

Thus, nerves or reality, I was feeling a bit queasy myself. I thought, perhaps, I had a case of food poisoning. By the time I picked up Lori . . . both of us queasy, we went over to Tick Tock Diner. She could only stomach hot tea. I had some food.

One day belated: I need to also acknowledge someone very important to me, Nick Atonna. Yesterday was his birthday. Nick was my boyfriend, the first man I wanted to marry, really. We dated for about one year and a half in 1983-1985ish. He is an identical twin. His brother, Bryan, died in a tragic accident just over ten years ago.

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa