Day Fifty-One (51): Blowing Off The Day and My Nose

Day Fifty-One (51): Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

51) It Is Possible To Access Streams of Divine Power

According to the teachings of Hinduism, five streams of energy emanate from the cosmic Aum. While Aum itself is considered a manifestation of God, omnipresent in the form of Shabda Brahma,  three of its five energy streams are known as Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer), and Shiva (Destroyer). Yogis understand how to tap into the streams of Divine Power to achieve certain objectives.

The Gayatri Mantra, perhaps the most sacred of all mantras and considered the primordial mantra by Hindus, was projected into manifestation by the will of God in order to bring about the current cycle of creation, say Hindu religious scholars. The Divine energy known as Brahma then manifested all animate and inanimate objects in the universe.

I know, terrible title . . .

Allergies terrible and someone asked for my facebook name . . . accidently deleted it permanently. On facebook, I am under:

I know my allergies have been terrible this year . . . this Spring, and it doesn’t cease. I have no recollection of this day, sadly. I knew I would fall too far behind to remember anything!

Damn! I’ll just share what I can . . . and the LOA for each day until I remember it all.

Go ahead and connect with my friends . . . here’s Mozz’s new blog:


Is Lisa Lee still hanging out . . .hmm, let’s see:

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa


Day Fifty (50): Tim Curry Is 64-Years-Old! Woo Hoo!

Day Fifty (50): Monday, April 19th, 2010

50) Imagine the Source as Infinite Abundance

The great sages and saints of all religions learned to rely on the Unseen Power at work in the universe. That power provided them not only with wisdom and, in some case, enlightenment, but also took care of the food, clothing, and shelter needs of their human bodies.

In India, today, yogis or rishis still make pilgrimages to the forested mountains of Rishikesh in order to meditate undisturbed in natural settings of caves or under trees or near water. They depend upon the Unseen Power of the universe to take care of them while they perform their sadhana (tasks associated with devotion to a deity), undertake anusthans (spiritual practices to achieve a specific result), or spend untold hours in meditation, contemplation, and the recitation of chants.

Today is the birthday of someone who means a lot to me . . . and because I fell behind; I have very little recollection of the activities of today!

So, I will talk, briefly about Tim Curry and my connection . . . which, in this blog, has been only mentioned in passing, right?

This will be very brief, for now . . .soon enough, I will share some more of my adventures in the land of Curry.

I met him, for the first time, in 1987. Yet, my journey, my wish to meet him started in approximately 1982. Following is a poem I wrote to him, back in 1983 (circa) which expressed my feelings about him, at the time.


Fantasy Man, on the screen above,
One that so many grow to love… 
How can it be it happened to me?
When “in your life” I can’t possibly be?
Fantasy man, are you real?
In your world, do you feel?
Or have they hardened your heart away?
Come to me, then . . .
I will make you okay.
Fantasy Man, in the world of stars,
Wine, food and publicity scars . . .
Alone . . .
in need . . .
I see in your eyes,
Your smile and laughter
cannot hide the lies.
Fantasy Man, you always have me,
to your heart,
I hold the key . . .
Be ever strong and see me here,
Sending you light, to ease your fear.
Fantasy Man, you don’t even know,
From Heaven, I am sent . . .
to this Earth below;
To guide and love you as I do,

Our souls must touch . . .

before this life is through.

And in many ways . . . my prayer was heard and I met Tim, and I was able to let him know my thoughts and my nickname: “Curry’s Angel”. So, he calls me ‘Angel’ and that makes me incredibly happy!

Love, Light & Laughter

Happy Birthday, Tim!!!

Always, Your Angel


Day Forty-Nine (49): Ladies Night Out, Oscar (The Poodle) & The Guys

Day FortyNine (49): Sunday, April 18th, 2010

49) Enter The Realm of Infinite Possibility

Most of us have a materialistic side and go crazy when we see must-have items in our favorite catalogs or in the windows of neighborhood stores. We live in a credit card society where plastic can buy nearly every tangible thing known to humankind. Still, most of us hold off buying big-ticket items like houses and cars until we can afford them. That may mean waiting years, in some cases. But what if we set aside factors such as cost for a moment and considered the possibility of having anything our hearts desired? What if we didn’t have to figure out how to get it and left that up to the universe to arrange? What if our job was simply to go shopping in the storehouse of the universe and reveal to the Source of our desires? What if it were that simple? The Law of Attraction experts say it is.

We, Cyndi and I, decided to have dinner with the girls . . .so, we met up with Christine  and Erica at Dallas BBQ.

At some point, as I had to drop off a DVD . . . I phone Jordan Auslander to join us. Well, lo and behold, Jordan shows up with friends, Mike Bordwell and Terry Prideaux. So, we all ended up sitting together and having fun conversations.

After dinner, Cyndi, Erica and I went over to Jordan’s place with Mike, Jordan and Terry. Before leaving the restaurant, though — I took some pictures of the cutest dog ever, Oscar, outside the restaurant.

We were tired, no doubt and Joseph came over, too. We watched some episodes of the English tv series EXTRAS, about movie “extras”. Very funny stuff . . . 

Love, Light & Laughter . . . 

Angela Theresa

Day Forty-Seven (47): Delays, Glitches and Letting Go

Day Forty-Seven (47): Friday, April 16th, 2010

47) Let The Seed Grow

Using mental, emotional, and physical energy, you have sown the seed of desire. The task of a seed sown in fertile ground is to sprout and grow. Let the universe do the work. It takes time for a seed to germinate and push up so you can actually see it growing. Even though you cannot see the germination and growth process, you must nourish it and have faith that it will spring forth in fullness.

Mercury in Retrograde bit my ass today . . . and destroyed my computer and files.

My homework is way behind with the allergy sniffles and no computer. On Cyndi’s computer, I went to Craigslist and found me a guy . . . with a great price to fix this laptop. So much for the extra $ to get a shredder!

Jae wasn’t able to arrive until after 5 p.m. And my notebook needed a new hard drive . . .bummer. Yes, I did back-up on April 11th. Jae said something about needing a Norton 360, which is what all my disks backed it up on. Thus, my new Windows 7 system didn’t bring back all my photos, etc. It took hours to re-load the new stuff. Jae left at around 11 p.m.

So much for homework. My profession, Amy, said I get docked two points for each day late on homework; it will be dismal. Maybe an C! If I’m lucky C+! I am usually an A or B student. Damn!

Thus, I had to let go of a lot of stuff . . . and it may never come back. It’s hard to say at this point.

I know I have a lot of catching-up to do . . . finding DVDs and CDs with other photographs; this could take weeks!!!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa 

Day Forty-Six (46): Steak and California Friend Visits

Day FortySix (46): Thursday, April 15th, 2010

46) Put Yourself Out There

Up to this point, you have been using energy in your thinking, imagining, visualizing, and making lists. Now you decide to put yourself into situations where you might actually meet him. You attend a speed-dating event with a friend, sign up for a month on an Internet matchmaking site, frequent bookshops and grocery stores, and take a cooking class. You start taking your dog on extended walks, believing that at any moment he may soon walk toward you. You tell your friends and family members you are ready for him to show up and believe he’s near.

My friend, Cyndi Donovan, is arriving today . . . she’s here, from Los Angeles, to attend the last get together for ONE LIVE TO LIVE fans; and do a couple of modeling shoots.

Of course, I had the tours today . . . after taking off sick yesterday. I cannot remember why, but, after my shift, I went up to the City Sights office and ran right into Erica Hawkins, my buddy. We decided, along with Floyd (another Tour Guide) to have lunch/dinner together.

Luckily, I was off after the third tour . . . and it was only about 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m.

About the time we decided on and arrived at “Tad’s” . . . Cyndi was texting me that she was arriving at JFK airport.

Because I spent a little time with Erica and Floyd; Cyndi arrived at my apartment before me and no one home. I headed back as soon as I could.

Half-way there, on my #7 train . . . Cyndi texted me to see if my roommate was home and how close I was. I called Michele, and she must’ve went right past Cyndi!!! Michele went down and brough Cyndi in the apartment.

The rest of the evening, we caught up; Cyndi and I. She was, understandably, tired and hadn’t slept all night. I went to do homework and found out that my computer was dead.

PANIC set in and was hoping it would clear by morning . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



Day Forty-Five (45): Off From Work, Falling Behind

Day FortyFive (45): Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

45) Start With The Energy of Manifestation

For manifestation to take place, energy must be expended. The process begins with a desire to have something, let’s say, a new friend who will become your romantic partner and possibly your future husband. In a measured and thoughtful manner, you think about what you want as clearly as you can. Next, your imagination wraps around new qualities, traits, or skills that you hope he will have. The more you think about exactly what you want, the more refined the image of your new mate becomes–he can cook, dance the salsa, and romp with the kids and dog with a wild spontaneity. Imaginative thoughts of interacting with such a person gives you pleasure and your thoughts of him become charged with positive emotion.

Definitely needed to spend a day at home . . . besides having homework to do, I need to take care of my place. Now, that I’ve started school; it is apparent I must simplify and organize my life, my things. I have too many things! Just as I was speaking with Mozz on Sunday.

Nevertheless, I was really out-of-it today, which may be emotional; my inability to organize or rid myself of the many things in my life. I am speaking of physical things; mostly paper, photographs (too many), etc., etc.

In fact, on Sunday, due to some of these thoughts, April 11th, I backed up all the stuff on my computer.

Really all I can recall on this sick day . . . I was feeling too tired to do my homework and put it off another day.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


Day Forty-Four (44): Coming Down (Allergies or Cold)?

Day FortyFour (44): Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

44) A Response For Skeptics

While some critics shrilly denounce the Law of Attraction as being pure bunk, others temper their remarks with a reminder that positive thinking and instilling hope is a good thing. If believing in the Law of Attraction inspires one to have a better life, set some goals, and reach for treasured dreams, so much the better. French-born diarist Anais Nin once remarked that a life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. Sometimes it takes courage to just believe in something and allow for its unfolding in your life.

Yes, I went to work . . . and did two tours. Despite the Zyrtec, though, I was going down slowly but surely. Sore throat, sneezing and feeling weak and sleepy and all stuffed up. After my 2nd tour, I asked Falstaff (our on-site manager @ 47th Street/Broadway) if he could find another Tour Guide and send me home to rest.

I was let off after the 2nd tour and since I don’t recall well . . .eventually, I did go home and still felt bad (sick).

I do like the quote today: Yes, I do believe I brought it on. I am not happy, completely with my job. I don’t hate it . . .its can be enjoyable. But, I am usually done after the 2nd tour, as far as mood goes.

Thus, I’m finding reasons not to go . . .

Nevertheless, I need money and I enjoy getting money. And because I really want my own apartment . . . it is time to consider a “real job” or really pushing to do what I love FOR MONEY!

It can be frustrating . . . and I aim to let go of those negative thoughts by reaching for a better feeling, as to not linger in it too long.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



Day Forty-Three (43): Get Close To The Source

Day Forty-Three (43): Monday, April 12th, 2010

43) Get Close To The Source

When you calm your mind, cultivate a positive mood, center your thoughts on the outcome your desire, and love what you are doing, you are in a position to optimally manifest that which your heart most desires. Wallace Wattles, writing  is his 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich, noted that when you live closer to the source or wealth and abundance and align yourself in harmony with that, you get more of what you seek from the source. Living closer to the source, as Wattles calls it, might suggest to some readers to think of that unnamed, unknowable source of all with appreciation, gratitude, and love. Such emotionally charged thought attracts more of the same to the individual.

As I aim to catch up . . .my recollection of this Monday is not strong.

I do know what has been happening here in the apartment . . . it becomes clear, has been clear, we have a roommate that must leave. I’ve been talking to the lease holder about an eviction letter. When I bring up the possibility (sort of a warning) to the roommate, he starts screaming about he has six months, etc. Nevertheless, we have no written contract and he hasn’t paid in two or three months.

My aim is to get close to source and create my very own apartment in Manhattan!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day Forty-Two (42): Peaceful, Easy Feeling w/Mozz & The Village

Day FortyTwo (42): Sunday, April 11th, 2010

42) Love Promotes Creativity

Some artists, who have not yet experienced success, may feel a love for their craft but do not have the optimism, confidence, and sense of expectancy that they can create something unique and exceptional. Perhaps their love for their craft is not as strong as their sense of defeatism or failure, which can sabotage their efforts. And yet, others use their pain and suffering as images in their work. Love pulls them into their work and passion serves as the catalyst that ignites their vision for what they desire to manifest. Such artists may become highly successful, turning out magnificent and unique works as their gifts to the world.

Today, as is the custom of my people . . . theatre people; I went to the theatre! Manhattan Theatre Source for the Source Writers meeting.

This time I did manage to arrive early enough for my favorite meal: Lunch at the BBQ Restaurant across from MTS on 8th Street.

Who would’ve guessed that some 25 years ago, when I was hanging out on 8th Street . . . attending The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 8th Street Playhouse; that this many years later, I’d be “hanging out on 8th Street” for theatre. Which, in the 1980s, was my goal — THEATRE.

Of course, I thought, by now, it would be the Broadway stage.

I digress . . . so, we heard some short pieces by Alaina Hammond and one short piece by Maria Micheles.

Both Alaina and Maria are brilliant writers: Alaina, nevertheless, does go off on tangents. I do enjoy her writing, very much, despite a tangent or two. As a group, we chose one of Alaina’s plays for the Estrogenius Festival; I believe, we also chose from two of Maria’s [not easy with both of them being excellent at their craft]. After the reading, Alaina reminded us that she is a genius. Maria is a different soul…more laid back, at least, on the surface and strong as needed.

After this, Mozz was in the lobby and we decided, on this beautiful Sunday . . . to go to a coffee shop and chat. We ended up at “Gizzi’s” and had a great conversation about letting go. How the Universe gives us messages . . . first time, it whispers; the 2nd time, the Universe speaks louder and the third time, the Universe gives you a quick kick in the ass!

This is very relevent as a few days later would prove to me. Mozz wasn’t letting go of some emotional situations and he was mugged; lost his phone and a journal dedicated to these emotional issues. A very loud message to let go . . .

Of course, we create these situations with our thoughts. Because, I know, I was talking to Mozz about my things (my storage), which I need to go through and purge. Or else the Universe is going to purge it for me . . . particularly if I keep thinking about it.

Famous last words, huh . . . luckily, the Universe gave me a break and only purged my computer files.

Oh, Mozz’s new blog:

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



Day Forty-One (41): Tim Curry, Fans and Me

Day FortyOne (41): Saturday, April 10th, 2010

41) Love Is A Magnetizer

Love can serve as a powerful magnetizer for manifesting. Here’s the way it works. Because of the hormones that are released in your body when you are in love, your thoughts become highly magnetized. When you first fall in love, you may feel crazy and even somewhat obsessive. All you can think about is your beloved. The other person, may, in fact, be thinking of you in the exact moment that you are thinking of him or her.

Whether altruistic, romantic, or compassionate, love seeks expression. Passionate love is the driving force behind the magnificent works of art, architecture, literature, and music as well as procreation. Many of us became the expression of our parents’ love for each other. Love can draw into your life a romantic partner, meaningful work, pets, and friends.

What I remember most about this day . . . and only now. A long AIM (America-OnLine Messenger) conversation with an Tim Curry fan in England.

It was a pleasant conversation, funny, if I recall correctly and a nice change.

I was telling this fan how Tim Curry likes to steal my words. Yes, it is strange, on those few occasions in the past few years when I do get a chance to write. And it’s rare nowadays. Tim will do an interview a short time later and use “my word”. A word that is unusual and I used in my note to him.

For example: A few years ago, about four or five now, he was doing SPAMALOT in Chicago, IL. And in an interview (before I wrote him), he said it was his last musical and/or stage production ever. I laughed because, I know, as a theatre junkie myself . . . until we are lying in a coffin, we are never done with theatre.

So, I wrote him a card . . .congratulating him on the show, etc. Tim had also mentioned he was tired of traveling around so much. And that is understandable. And he had a house in Los Angeles, CA. Well, I wrote, knowing full well the truth about Tim and I (we both spent our lives moving around a lot) . . . I said (this is not verbatim), “You can tell the world you won’t do another show. But, you and I, both know that once that bug has bitten, and since we both have the wanderlust; you are lying to yourself!”

The operative word. I haven’t heard Tim use it much, or at all . . .until after he received my note! There was an interview, not too long later; and guess what word Tim used in his conversation?!!!

That was not the first time . . . it happened years before, also. And some day soon, I have to write it all down. Anyway, Tracee (the fan in England) and I decided on a new word; which I will utilize soon in a note to him. I have not contacted Tim, really at all, since 2007. Not for lack of wanting to . . . but due to my life being too busy.

This is all I remember about Saturday . . . due to the crazy week I’ve had.

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa