DELUSIONS: Angels, Punks & Raging Queens Long Forgotten

Angels, Punks & Raging Queens


By Angela Theresa Egic

(my original title)

A few weeks ago, someone I used to call a friend, posted in a public forum that I, Angela TheresaCurry’s AngelCollins-Egic, am just “not that memorable”; also, I apparentlylack charismato boot.

Since I originally penned this article (last week) — a little glitch in my life [an abnormal mammogram and upcoming needle biopsy to see if its benign or malignant] has caused me to think about memory, being remembered, etc. Two and a half years shy of my half-century mark, I’m having the longevity conversation with myself . So, as I chronicle my life, up to now and hopefully well into the next fifty or so years.

The person who said this does need a little introduction, because to most of you, he’s not that memorable, I would think. To most of my readers, he’s unknown, in fact:

 He was born Andrew Martin Arnold but solely uses the stage name of Andrew Martin now. It suits him well.


When we met, back in 1985…I thought he was a 17-year-old girl. Andrew would tell you the same; that he looked like a 17-year-old girl.

For a few of those youthful years, Andrew did start wearing women’s clothing, taking my hand-me-downs, in fact; and marketed his transvestite image. He utilized my talents and Susie “Squeaky” Schwartzberg’s talent to do two cabaret acts at a venue called Jason’s Park Royal. The first one titled: THE LADY AND HIS MUSIC.

He was Miss Andrew, in every sense of the word. A talented, off-the-wall and interesting young gay man.

To some degree, he and I were as close as any two friends could be. Andrew and I met at an 8th Street pizza joint called Bennie’s [worst pizza ever – yet we ate a slice every week]. The day I walked in there, across the street from 8thStreet Playhouse in NYC; on my way to see the NY showing of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: I met these two girls, [I thought]; when the very thin, flat-chested one told me her name was “Andrew”. I was a little taken aback. The shorter one, with a tomboyish charm [yet, was obviously female] was “Barbara”.

Really, they didn’t even look related. Nevertheless, they were: fraternal twins.

Barbara Arnold
 It didn’t take long to figure out that both Andrew and Barbara were talented, intelligent teens. In fact, wise beyond their years! I instantly adored them. Through them, I met some great people, many of whom are still friends today; including Barbara and Andrew. Except, the friendship with Andrew has ended a few times and we are, as of July 2011, not on good terms . . . which is what I’m writing about.

In 1985, though, Andrew, Barbara and I, and a few others became a gang of misfits, at a place where us misfits fit in. There was the “8th Street Gang [Cast]” and “us”. “Us” who wanted to be in the 8th Street cast—all of us talented enough, yet not popular enough – to Sal Piro, at least. Being that Sal is the President of the Official RHPS Fan Club and cast the floorshow (now called shadowcasts) back then. We were still misfits.

We showed up every week, though, at 8th Street Playhouse – Miss Andrew, Barbara Arnold, Susie “Squeaky” Schwartzberg, Phil Dejean, Shawn Rozsa, Mad Man Mike, Andy Grondahl, Hawkeye, A.J. and many more. Since Sal seemed to have blacklisted quite a few of us from being in the popular 8th Street cast…I found us another way!

I moved to Brooklyn and heard about a midnight showing of RHPS on Saturday midnight. When I heard the floorshow [shadowcast] was thrown out, I grabbed my mis-fitted friends and swooped in to have our own show. I wanted to have the best cast! A cast that would have people saying we were “as good as the 8th Street cast” or “better than”!

I just wanted Sal to see how talented we were and have him, finally, offer us a role in the big show in Manhattan; or acknowledge us, at the very least.

We put the show together, quickly. I had every intention of playing ‘Magenta’; no one wanted to play ‘Frank N. Furter’, oddly.  Inspired by an 8th Street idol of mine, Julie Calabrese, I molded myself into ‘Frank N. Furter’. Oh yes, and my other idol, Dori Hartley. [She, Dori, had moved on with her life before I had arrived in New York, though].

Our (really, my) cast, The Low Down Cheap Little Punks, at Brooklyn’s Marboro Theater, became known as one the best casts in the East coast – comparable to Manhattan’s 8th Street Playhouse! At least, as far as I was concerned! Sal Piro eventually took most of my cast into his cast – so, that tells you something. Some of the top cast members of Sal’s 8th Street group, in 1986, got their start in MY CAST!

As time went on, around 1987, when I began working in a talent agency – we represented Sal Piro – Sal and I started a professional, respectful friendship: I’ve attended many Rocky Horror conventions where Sal and I had some great conversations. My favorite was a Las Vegas convention, in the 90s, when Sal introduced me as “one of the most dedicated” fans of RHPS.

Sal also put me in his 2nd RHPS book Creatures of the Night II;invited me to be part of the first television showing of RHPS at FX Studios [I went as Frank N. Furter, of course]; and Sal asked me take his RHPS items to an Albany, NY convention when he couldn’t attend.

In the early years, I was at every convention from the 10th Anniversary (Beacon Theater) – and where my original costume – “Curry’s Angel” brought me Good Morning America and newspaper reporters and photographer’s interviewing me about “who” I was.

Found out, later, one of the friends’ buzzing about me told the reporters that my real name was Angela Curry . . . and that I was Tim Curry’s real-life niece!!!

I hadn’t even met Tim Curry, at that point!

Nevertheless, the next morning, as my interview aired, millions of viewers thought I was, indeed, Tim Curry’s niece as the name ANGELA CURRY was emblazoned at the bottom part of the screen. Coincidentally, when I finally did met TC, it would be revealed how much I resembled his real-life niece. I believe she, Tim Curry’s real-life niece (he has three); one resembles me [I’m older, I believe]; she, my doppleganger Curry niece, has aged much better than me, though.

About three weeks ago – on the Facebook 8th Street Playhouse page – to be told by Miss Andrew that I am “not that memorable” and that I lack “charisma”, really got up my crawl!

We must also remember, after 1987, Andrew disappeared from the RHPS fan base and refused to be part of any of our conventions, get-togethers, etc. until about 2008 or 2009.

In short, while I was involved, actively from 1983 (AZ) to 1984-1987 (NY) and then from 1988-now at conventions, another stint as ‘Frank N. Furter’ in Arizona in the 90s, made a “rock-u-mentary (1990) w/the AZ group, talked to Tim Curry and had many conversations with Sal Piro, Patricia Quinn and Richard O’Brien and too many cast(s) – all the way to England – and had a RHPS newsletter – fans from as far as Italy and France writing me fan mail . . . Really?! Not memorable? No charisma? Me?

Are you talking to me, Andrew? Unmemorable, little ole me?

Andrew claims “more people” remember him from those days. I might agree with him about that, of course. My argument is NOT the numbers; it’s the words about a personality – no charisma, not very memorable. Are those words you say to a friend? A friend so instrumental in so many memories, my own and in his, and many others!

There are people from “those days” who approach me, remember me, actually . . . whom I cannot, for the life of me, remember at all. BUT, friend or foe, I would never be so rude to say to them:  “you’re not very memorable” or “you must’ve lacked charisma”.

Hell, for all I know, they are very memorable and have tons of charisma – I just wasn’t lucky enough to see it and or get to know this great person at the time. My loss.

Which was my point with Andrew Martin, supposedly my friend … he went on to remind me and the group how “everyone remembers him” and “hardly anyone” remembers me. A snob! An ego-maniac.

A very insecure person, envious of my involvement and part of this history. Andrew missed the years between 1987-2007, when we had reunion’s, conventions and were interviewed by German, French and British TV shows and even American specials.

After I blocked him on Facebook – had unfriended him months ago when he posted some rude, jealous and snobby remark on my wall – I actually just feel sorry for him. He is, insecure. He is dysfunctional much more than most of us. I claim to have empathy.

Cabaret>>Click Here

Of course, without proper, professional diagnosis, I can say, from my experience (in life) – I find Andrew shows signs of classic Narcissist Personality Disorder. I had another friend with a professional diagnosis of the disorder – thus, I see the similar signs in Andrew.

This means, I really should be empathetic. Yet, I, too, have my ego and insecurities, as well. I guess we’re all a bit narcissist in the theatre business!

A recent scare, which I’m still dealing with calmly, made me think about . . . well, being remembered, etc. and how we are remembered.

I have no fear of death, itself, yet I don’t want to do it right now. I want to see one hundred years on this earth, I mean, if I’m capable and not crippled up, etc. Yet, as I have had friends pass on – far too many for someone my age – it makes me think about who will remember me? Who will share these memories with me, of me and our times in the 1980s?

with Susie "Squeaky"

If Andrew is right, and I’m not that memorable or charismatic — me being there was all, I don’t know, an illusion.

I thought I finally did fit in. I had found my people – the different, the misfits, the unusual – and now, maybe I am still an alien, the kid easiest to bully, the ugly one, the forgettable one.

Sure, I know it’s not true, really.

Andrew is trying to hurt me to make himself feel better – for his insecurities – yet, he succeeded. As really, no one even stood up for me!

I may understand why, though – Andrew will argue, filibuster – and would’ve pestered anyone who dares speak up for me. Because I spoke up for me and he went on and on until I ended it by blocking him! It just would’ve soothed my ego (of course, not my authentic self as “ego” is the false self) if someone had spoken up for me.

I guess we can say Rocky Horror Picture Show also attracts insecure people all around! Yikes!

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A New Year: September 28th, 2010

It’s a couple of days later . . . nevertheless, Tuesday, September 28th I celebrated my birthday in New York City!

I had my “Annual 29th Birthday Bash” at the lovely restaurant East of Eighth in Manhattan. My wonderful guests were my friends: Christine St. Pierre, Erica Hawkins, Jordan Auslander, Eileen Murphy, the Berg family (Ira, Caroline & Rebekah), my beloved buddy, Mozz Mendez, Joseph Fusco, Jason Brook and Loretta Dalesandro.

After the festivities at the restaurant . . . Christine, Loretta, Mozz, Joseph and I went over to Jordan’s place, which overlooks Chelsea. He lives on the 21st floor with a lovely balcony overlooking Manhattan.

Loretta, Christine and I sat on the balcony and chatted on this beautiful day and evening.

My new friend, Helen Schneider, from Switzerland, was unable to attend as she not feeling well. We made plans to meet tomorrow, before she flies back home to her husband and four children.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa 

Day Fifty-Two (52): Beings Of Light

Day FiftyTwo (52): Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

52) Beings of Light and Truth Appear When They Are NLOA_Key01eeded

According to Hindu thought, all of creation expands and contracts in cycles. Certain cycles are characterized by lightness and darkness. When darkness is  upon the earth, holy beings such as the Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus appear on Earth as light bearers to lead humankind out of the darkness, depravity, and despair back to light and truth. Some people believe that great and holy beings are always present and anonymously working to manifest good for the well2010_04 ChristineST Pierre01-being of all.

  Today is Christine St. Pierre’s birthday . . . she told us all she is 27-years-old, again! We had plans to celebrate tonight at an Italian restaurant with Eileen Murphy, Chantel Catapano and myself.


But, my job messed me up . . . bad. I was all prepared to join my friends to celebrate Christine and all. As I came off of my 3rd tour at 3:30 p.m. there were no other guides available. Problem! Big problem. Not only on this first day of spring, officially, was I sniffling, sneezy and wheezy…I had worn something a big nicer for the dinner.

We waited nearly half an hour for another tour guide; they kept swearing there were none (which I hardly believe) and I was pissed off. Finally, my tour took off, which would make me late for dinner – if at all. When we arrived at 42nd Street a downtown tour with ONE person passed us. They could have, if they had any heart, taken the one person off that tour and put them on mine and sent me home!!! There was another tour guide . . .

1996_AZ RainStorm01 In the middle of our tour, of course, it began to rain. Our bus had a bottom section; but the bus filled up with tourists and a bunch of us had to sit on top. I was soaked from head to toe and everything underneath!

By the time we came back it was 6:30 pm (dinner was planned for 6:00pm); I was soaked through and needed to go buy dry clothes (pants, undies, socks, everything). I called Christine, and I was sniffly . . . from my endless sneezing today. Since they didn’t want to hold dinner more. It was decided. I went home to get dry clothes I already own.

Bad day, but I did work, hard, for ten hours without a break!

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa


Day Forty-Nine (49): Ladies Night Out, Oscar (The Poodle) & The Guys

Day FortyNine (49): Sunday, April 18th, 2010

49) Enter The Realm of Infinite Possibility

Most of us have a materialistic side and go crazy when we see must-have items in our favorite catalogs or in the windows of neighborhood stores. We live in a credit card society where plastic can buy nearly every tangible thing known to humankind. Still, most of us hold off buying big-ticket items like houses and cars until we can afford them. That may mean waiting years, in some cases. But what if we set aside factors such as cost for a moment and considered the possibility of having anything our hearts desired? What if we didn’t have to figure out how to get it and left that up to the universe to arrange? What if our job was simply to go shopping in the storehouse of the universe and reveal to the Source of our desires? What if it were that simple? The Law of Attraction experts say it is.

We, Cyndi and I, decided to have dinner with the girls . . .so, we met up with Christine  and Erica at Dallas BBQ.

At some point, as I had to drop off a DVD . . . I phone Jordan Auslander to join us. Well, lo and behold, Jordan shows up with friends, Mike Bordwell and Terry Prideaux. So, we all ended up sitting together and having fun conversations.

After dinner, Cyndi, Erica and I went over to Jordan’s place with Mike, Jordan and Terry. Before leaving the restaurant, though — I took some pictures of the cutest dog ever, Oscar, outside the restaurant.

We were tired, no doubt and Joseph came over, too. We watched some episodes of the English tv series EXTRAS, about movie “extras”. Very funny stuff . . . 

Love, Light & Laughter . . . 

Angela Theresa

Day Thirty-Nine (39): Hot Boss Hits The Road

Day ThirtyNine (39): Thursday, April 8th, 2010

39) Look To Your Dreams For Symbols

The same is true if you have a recurring dream about, say, searching for a key while traversing the top of a mountain. Such a dream might be pointing to a search for the wisdom key and higher states of consciousness as represented by the mountain. It could also mean the challenges you have faced reaching the top (success in achieving your goals, etc.)

You may find a powerful symbol in the dreamtime to use as a touchstone for your work of consciously manifesting. Working with your dreams can be fun, intriguing, and instructive.

Near the end of my 2nd tour, riding on a dead head w/the driver; Tim Ries, my boss, called and was explaining yesterday to me. You see, it seems, since I work at the corner of 47th Street/Broadway . . . and not 50th Street/8th Avenue, most of my shifts: My first two tours are considered only one tour. Why?

From 47th Street/Broadway, the first and second tour (at least, mine) end at Battery Park and do not continue to South Street Seaport, then to 1st Avenue and back to 47th Street. We end at Battery Park and deadhead, just the driver and myself, back to 47th Street.

And although it is a long day . . . it is considering two 1/2 tours; and thus, one full tour. I’m supposed to do four in a row!!! Nevertheless, as I told Tim, I was particularly tired, was having heat stroke and, even if I do four a day — I need a friggin’ half hour break in between tour 2 and 3, or something!

After my 2nd tour, from 47th . . . Tim had me go over to 50th Street/8th Avenue and do a full tour. This time, though, only three. Tim also informed me, it was his last week as my, our boss. He found another job and this coming Tuesday will be his last day. Disappointing because, well, he’s hot and fun to look at it! Damn!

I told him . . . now we can be friends on facebook! Because, he’s there, and I won’t friend my boss. Now that he won’t be my boss, I can friend him, right? Then, he said . . . “It’s only for family and close friends.” And then muttered something about email.

Oh, who knows, not sure he’ll keep in touch…Tim did provide me, though, with some great fantasies.

Since I was off early . . . and Jordan had contacted me about a DVD I needed to give him from Alejandra. I contacted Christine and we met at Dallas BBQ on 23rd Street. Jordan came later, int he middle of our conversation.

Christine ended it with Craig . . . well, no contact since Easter. And she met a great English man; but he wants to be friends. We did a reading before Jordan arrived.

Afterward, Christine and I went to Chelsea Diner to talk more . . . and as we said, “do a reading”. Which we needed to finish, anyway.

Better day than yesterday, though . . . except I’m still feeling a bit weakened and a sore throat.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa