What About Dick

Love to read about Tim Curry.

Nat's TV or Not TV

I went to see Eric Idle’s new play “What About Dick” at its world premiere last night, at the extremely lovely Orpheum theater on Broadway (L.A.’s Broadway, not The Great White Way). I don’t go to the professional theatre often, perhaps once a year, but I couldn’t resist this. I mean, the cast! The chance to see Russell Brand and Tim Curry on stage together; would any bit of stage remain unchewed? Tracey Ullman? Jane Leeves? Billy Connelly? Eddie Izzard? Eric Idle himself? Not one of them wouldn’t seem a good excuse to go see them on a stage… all of them at once? It’s practically every good funny person with an accent. And being there at the launch of what might be a major new work? That would be cool points.

Was it worth it? Yes. Do I recommend it, well…

First off, it’s not really a play, well…

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