Day One-Hundred Fourteen (114): Buddhist I’ve Known

Day OneHundred Fourteen (114): Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

114) Do No Harm The Buddhist Way

Buddhist philosophy aligns beautifully with the Law of Attraction due to its emphasis on perception, thought, speech, and action. Right thought, for example, means to harm no person or thing through negative thought, including yourself, and to avoid desire and cravings and ill will. Instead, Buddhism emphasizes cultivating thoughts of goodwill, love, joy, and gratitude. Speech should never be critical, harsh, or malevolent, instead, it should be gentle, kind, truthful, and appropriate for time and place. Having a generosity of spirit and gratitude for the blessings you already have are as important in Buddhist practice as they are for deliberately working with the Law of Attraction.

Day One-Hundred Thirteen (113): Miracle Healings & The Mind

OneHundred Thirteen (113): Exercise Mind Over Matter

Certain Hindu yogis, sages, siddhis, and holy persons through the ages who have committed their lives to the pursuit of truth purportedly have been able to travel through time and space at will, shrink or expand in size, abstain from food and water without damage to their physical bodies, control their heartbeat and breath, effect miracle healings, and instantly produce tangible objects through the power of thought. Some sources say that the Law of Attraction finds resonance or has roots in tenets of Hinduism and shares the belief that an underlying unifying force of energy in the cosmos governs all that exists.

Day One-Hundred Twelve (112): Change Yourself to Change The World

Day OneHundred Twelve (112): Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Because I’ve fallen so far behind: I’m typing this on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010. I have decided to condense the entries to once a week and post it with that way – and just publish all the great word from Meera Lester, here, for now.

When I sort of catch up, on Wednesday, September 1st and begin at Day One-Hundred Fifty — my birthday month.

Spiritual well-being for most Hindus comes as a result of living a clean and decent life, observing ahimsa or nonviolence, serving their families, performing dharma or their worldly duties and sadhna or spiritual practices in the right way, and showing respect for all life forms sacred things. Most Hindus are vegetarians. Also, they often place high value on selfless service to others. Respect for elders is culturally ingrained in most Hindus. A famous Hindu by the name of Mohandas Gandhi, the Father of India, once said that we must be the change we seek in the world. Many Hindus seek to create a better world by first turning to the divine within to change themselves before trying to effect change in the world.

From: 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester


Day One-Hundred Eleven (111): The Artist Arrives (for his play)

Day OneHundred Eleven (111): Saturday, June 19th, 2010

111) Sow Love And Reap Joy

The Hindu faith is rooted in ancient Vedic philosophy with its inherent ideas of karmic law or the law of retribution–what you sow, you reap; also, what you send out comes back. These ideas dovetail into the Law of Attraction because what you think about most is what you draw into your life experience. Throughout an average day in your life, are you thinking lovingly of the welfare of others or falling into a pattern of criticizing others for everything that makes you unhappy and stressed out? According to the tenets of Hinduism, your thoughts are as powerful as a spoken word. Words, like your actions, are creating your karma and when the elements are ripe for those words and actions to bear fruit (whether good or bad), they will. 

I went to Pennsylvania Station today to pick up Fredy. I knew he had to be part of the play about his life . . . this is very exciting.

Fredy had already bragged, via video phone, to his family in Guatemala that he’s about to be famous. As his story will be seen by . . . I would love to say millions, but at our little theatre, Manhattan Theatre Source . . . it will only be a few dozen! If we’re lucky, it could be over one hundred! 😉

I arrived early, so I thought, and somehow, Fredy still got past me and I met him at our pre-arranged spot. The step of the James A. Farley United States Post Office on 8th Avenue, just in front of Penn Station.

Because tomorrow is tech, at the theatre, for Fredy — I was looking forward to him meeting Mauricio and Charles. The plan is to leave Fredy at the theatre while I run off to the “women only” graduation of my friend Christine St. Pierre.

For a few weekends now, Christine has been attending a school called “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts“. It’s very cool and is a program, apparently, helping women realize our true confidence, strength and that we are all Goddesses! Woo Hoo!

Thus, I am going to the graduation and celebrate womanhood with many other Goddesses!!!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Day One-Hundred Ten (110): Final Preparations for “Childless Father”

Day OneHundred Ten (110): Friday, June 18th, 2010

110) Divine Power Works Miracles

Jesus served as a spiritual beacon — “I am come a light into the world . . . that whosoever believeth in me should not abide in darkness” (John 12: 46)–and as exemplar of how the power of God works through the human heart and mind. According to the New Testament Gospels, Jesus performed many miracle that seemingly defied the natural laws of the universe. Among other things, he fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fishes, exorcised demons, showed a mastery over nature by cursing the fig tree that then withered, raised the dead on three occasions, and healed sick people.

The boys, Bridgette and I had the last rehearsal today, before opening.

Mauricio is very nervous, nonetheless, as he hasn’t been on stage in quite some time.  Charles has more recent experience, yet, as an actor, is  also nervous. I’m not worried.

I am very excited . . . felt a little bit like this is my debut. Yes, I’ve had plays up on stage in New York. Short ones in our 48-hour festival, Spontaneous Combustion. But, this is a real program. Thus, a little more exciting, in a way.

I’m looking forward, mostly, to the reaction of the audience to my play. That’s the real test.

During all of this, I have learned . . . I enjoy being on this side of the stage, as a playwright and casting director; and although, I adore acting and singing — I could be happy enough writing and casting and even directing. Bridgette was a wonderful director, nevertheless; and I’m glad I didn’t overwhelm myself with all the tasks.

A special thank you to Mozz Mendez, for introducing me to Bridgette!

A special thank you to Bridgette Boucher for being so good with all of us and directing skills!

My most special thank you’s to my boys, Charles Casano and Mauricio Vanegas, for being at rehearsal and putting their heard and soul into their roles. You are truly my brother’s, I just adore you both!

Of course, all of this is in the playbill, as well!

Onto opening night!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Day One-Hundred Nine (109): Healing Words To Believe

Day OneHundred Nine (109): Thursday, June 17th, 2010

109) Believe And You May Be Healed

It is often difficult to assess whether or not an ill person has experienced a miraculous cure. Certainly doctors can attest to the recovery but explaining such a sudden (sometimes instantaneous) recovery in someone who has been diagnosed with a chronic affliction or terminal disease can be impossible. Still, many people do recover through the power of their faith and unshakable belief that they will become healthy again. When they have such faith and belief of having excellent health, they are setting up a powerful force for attracting recovery through the Law of Attraction. For a healing to be deemed miraculous, the church undertakes a thorough investigation to rule out other possible explanations. When there is no explanation, the person’s cure is deemed a miracle.

Healing and miracles . . . this is a favorite subject!

Yes, I’ve seen and experience a few miracles and/or healings, in my life.

There are two that stand-out and is my story . . . which I still refer to as the time when Tim  Curry and McDonald’s french fries saved my life. In the final analysis, it was my own will to live, to choose, which ultimately saved my life.

Another time, I helped facilitate a healing, for a friend. It’s a very personal story . . . it was my friends’ sister. She had a remarkable, even miraculous recovery, and despite a terminal illness — lived another six years or so!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day One-Hundred Eight (108): Back to Brooklyn . . .

Day OneHundred Eight (108): Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

108) Choose To Pursue Wealth or Poverty

People in religious orders may take a vow of poverty but not a vow to acquire wealth and material possessions. Poverty has somehow always equated with deeply held spiritual aspiration whereas the pursuit of wealth often has been perceived as a selfish desire for things of the flesh instead of the spirit. The Law of Attraction, as you have already learned, is indifferent; it gives you whatever you think and feel you deserve. When you give yourself over to increase in your life, you are giving fuller expression to the abundance of the Divine Intelligence within you. However, if you seek poverty, the Law of Attraction will make it so. Proponents of the Law of Attraction say it is up to you to choose.

According to my notes . . . did the City Sights tour, as usual and was taken to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn tour could and should be much more interesting, if you ask me. Yes, I make it as interesting as possible. I just think it would be more fun, for City Sight and the tourists if we drove to place like Coney Island and stopped, as a bus, to grab a hot dog; or work out something with Nathan’s or the ice cream shop at the Fulton Ferry Landing — to bring something onto the bus?!

Anyway, my past includes two stints in Brooklyn. I lived in Bensonhurst in 1985-1986 with my roommate Betsy. And for the life of me I cannot remember her real last name. I called her “Betsy Ross” and it may have been her real name. I know she attended FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and was originally from Rhode Island. It may be been “Betsey”. Not sure, though.

The second time I live in Brooklyn was 1988 when I was dating Vinny Saladino. Vinny and his mother lived in the Marboro Projects. But his cousin, Patty, had a house in Bensonhurst. Patty and her husband lived in the main part of this three-story house. They had converted the upstairs 2nd and 3rd floor (attic) into apartments and rented them out. I lived in the attic apartment with Arleen Fackina.

Arleen and I had our ups and downs, and it’s a story for a long time. Only about a year or less ago, I “unfriended” her on facebook and really, although I’d be civil (and miss the woman she used to be) — cannot speak to her. In the passing years, Arleen has become cold, bitter and negative — at least, about my life — and really, about hers. She always had strange, old-fashioned, limiting and depressing ideas about life — I decided to focus on more positive people. She was one of quite a few negative people I have been unfriending or blocking (I didn’t block her as she isn’t that terrible).

To get back to positivity, joy, etc. in one’s life . . . means, often, letting that which is toxic and/or just negative (including people) . . . move away from your life.

No, I’m not perfect, I have my days . . . some of them shared here. And letting go of what one knows, or is used to, can be very much a death experience. As Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted, “You have to die before you can live.” And in death there is mourning.

Of course, when it comes to letting go of a way of life — long-term relationships, being the one who always jokes about being broke or a starving artist (that’s me) — at first, is not exactly just quick. The ego can often take years to actually kill or restrain enough to dissipate its hold on one’s personality. Sometimes it just slips into a coma, only to reawaken at the first sign of weakness on your part. The ego may only go into remission for years and stay there — still, it is part of the journey to contain it and move it into our true nature — positivity.

There is enough for everyone!

There’s room for all people to succeed and prosper!

We just must believe and feel it!

Love, Light & Laughter,


Day One-Hundred Seven (107): Rehearsing w/Angela

Day OneHundred Seven (107): Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

107) The Law May Be Part of God’s Will

Eve ate the apple and offered some of it to her mate Adam. Some people feel strongly that only God creates and that humans desiring knowledge of universal law and attempting to call upon the Universe to help them manifest or create their lives anew is putting the Universe before God. For some deeply devout Christians, the idea of creating a spiritual or religious life is admirable and credit should be given to the Lord. Others might say that the Lord’s ways are mysterious and the Law of Attraction may be a divine mechanism to give people what they want, including drawing spiritually inspired souls closer to Him.

Right after the usual day of tours . . . I went over to Manhattan Theatre Source to take photographs for TestoGENIUS. This time for other casts besides mine.

Jenny Green, the general manager at MTS, is very good about utilizing my photography skills; at least, she has been asking, for different projects.

The two casts there today were Mike Bordwell, himself and his monologue and the short play he’s directing, titled Big D. A funny little play about two brothers. Also, John Watts was there to rehearse his monologue about his journey from Swansea (Wales) to America (New York) when he was a boy.

Had to rush right home, though, after the photographs to rehearse with my boys, at my place! It was all fun for me — feeling like a real playwright and having “my play” rehearsed at my apartment. Just very cool.

Charles and Mauricio are so ready to go on, I feel . . . they are both nervous about lines and keeping up with one another. Charles has been learning American Sign Language during this time; yet, by no means is he fluent. And Mauricio is not always sure exactly where Charles is, in the script. Bridgette, and I agree, Mauricio really carries the show as he is the one representing Fredy.

All in all, though, it’s going great and I feel they’re ready to open! Woo Hoo!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa