Open Letter To Tim Curry

My friend, Dori Hartley, a wonderful talented woman who has done it all! She has acted, sings and made recordings, writes (for Huffington Post) and used to hang out in The Village (Greenwich Village, NY) with Tim Curry!1980s_DoriHARTLEY 002

It was recently published that Mr. Curry suffered a massive stroke in July 2012 and is recovering well. Since May 2013, we have heard no more reports or how he is doing.

Since Dori has not been in recent contact with her friend, Tim, she posted this lovely letter to him. Please share this and even leave your own message for him.

I have shared this article (Open Letter to Tim Curry) with my associates who, should Mr. Curry not find this himself, he is sure to see it.

2013_05 Recovering--001

Click on the above photo for the article, and a place to leave your own wishes.

The Tim Curry Handbook – Everything you need to know about Tim Curry – Emily Smith – eBook – OverDrive® Search

The Tim Curry Handbook – Everything you need to know about Tim Curry – Emily Smith – eBook – OverDrive® Search.

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Found a place to read the book on-line. It is not written by Emily Smith; unless she wrote the update on Wikipedia. Basically it is just a copy from Wikipedia. And it gives no real history — some basic things we already knew, and which Mr. Curry has chosen to share.

The Book
The Book


Of course, knowing that Mr. Curry is so private . . . I didn’t expect anything “official” as far as a book about him. I did order a copy of the “book”, which anyone of us with internet could’ve written . . .er, copied . . . and someone gained $14.00 USD from me. I enjoy having a good collection, if anything, for the photos.

Although all the information in this big book is available on-line (i.e. Wikipedia) and other resources of his work. But, you know what, bless Emily Smith for putting nearly 600 pages of cast lists from most of Tim’s work together for us. It would take forever to read this and pages and pages of printing to keep this info. Book is worth it.

Now, if you want info on Tim Curry as a child, teen and up to now — personal stuff — it is not here, nor in book form anywhere!

Unlocking Your Psychic Gifts: Protection

Been hearing from young people who are finding themselves overwhelmed when utilizing their gifts. So, here is a reblog of my article about protection . . . you must protect yourself from too much energy from ghosts and spirits when you’re just living your life.

Angela Theresa: Renaissance Woman

Chapter One: Protection

When one begins any journey, she must take all possible precautions she can; to protect herself from any disaster seen, unseen or probable. You go hiking in the Arizona Mountains; you should know to take several jugs of water. A few for your car, several for you and any other living creature with you; be it friends, family or your Golden Retriever, Spencer. If, like me, you grew up in Arizona, you also learn to bring along a couple of bags of Doritos. Should you dehydrate (i.e. heatstroke), in order to replace water, you need to eat something salty and dry (i.e. Saltines, too) and then drink water so you do not immediately pee it out. Basic desert survival as taught in Arizona schools when I was growing up.

Every year, tourists visit Arizona, forget the water, remember the beer, and are later found dead or near-dead…

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