The contest is over. Thus, I’d really like to up my readership . . . of this and my future writing! Please, come read my fiction story. Thank you in advance!

Angela Theresa: Renaissance Woman

Would love for all of you to read my fiction bookit’s a short story for now. I would like to either1) make it into a novel, and/or 2) write a screenplay based on this story.

This short story is in a contestand I would love all you to read it, give me your feedback in a constructive way and, if you feel it is worthy, vote it a favorite. I am not sure the “favorite” votes count in the contestwhich is done by an independent jurynevertheless, I enjoy knowing you enjoy it.

You must join the website to read and give feedback on it. It is a great website where you can read lots of great new books and put your own up, too!

Love, Light & Laughter,

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