The Tim Curry Handbook – Everything you need to know about Tim Curry – Emily Smith – eBook – OverDrive® Search

The Tim Curry Handbook – Everything you need to know about Tim Curry – Emily Smith – eBook – OverDrive® Search.

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Found a place to read the book on-line. It is not written by Emily Smith; unless she wrote the update on Wikipedia. Basically it is just a copy from Wikipedia. And it gives no real history — some basic things we already knew, and which Mr. Curry has chosen to share.

The Book
The Book


Of course, knowing that Mr. Curry is so private . . . I didn’t expect anything “official” as far as a book about him. I did order a copy of the “book”, which anyone of us with internet could’ve written . . .er, copied . . . and someone gained $14.00 USD from me. I enjoy having a good collection, if anything, for the photos.

Although all the information in this big book is available on-line (i.e. Wikipedia) and other resources of his work. But, you know what, bless Emily Smith for putting nearly 600 pages of cast lists from most of Tim’s work together for us. It would take forever to read this and pages and pages of printing to keep this info. Book is worth it.

Now, if you want info on Tim Curry as a child, teen and up to now — personal stuff — it is not here, nor in book form anywhere!

New Book: “Beyond Tears” by Angela Theresa Egic

Would love for all of you to read my fiction bookit’s a short story for now. I would like to either 1) make it into a novel, and/or 2) write a screenplay based on this story.

This short story is in a contestand I would love all you to read it, give me your feedback in a constructive way and, if you feel it is worthy, vote it a favorite. I am not sure the “favorite” votes count in the contestwhich is done by an independent jurynevertheless, I enjoy knowing you enjoy it.

You must join the website to read and give feedback on it. It is a great website where you can read lots of great new books and put your own up, too!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Unlocking Your Gifts: Make Me The Next Top Author

The Next Top Author Contest

My dear friends . . . you can help me become a top author! In fact, I will be posting excerpts from my book here.

The better news, though:

If you vote for me, just by clicking on the link that reads: The Next Top Author Contest. You will receive a FREE question answered by me via email! That’s right! Just in time for Valentine’s Day — a question answered by a Psychic/Medium, one of the best in NYC or the United States!!! [And she’s humble, too].


Master Manifestor: 2011 Off To A Great Start

In the past few years, I’ve been utilizing “Law of Attraction” and intention . . .


January 2011

Some amazing things have happened for me this month, this year and just this week . . . beside me, on my cork board, I have a photograph of one of my favorite actors in the world: British actor, Alan Rickman.



The Subway Poster

Also, I’m was trying to enter a contest to win a trip around the world in 80 days. Here is my video. Unfortunately, the upload on the site isn’t working for my video. I will find a way to submit it, though! What do you think?


Well, in the past years, I had put out the wish to meet him in person, and see him live on stage.


Nevertheless, a few days ago, maybe a week — I saw a poster of Alan Rickman on the subway, right? I took a picture of it (the poster), I liked it so much! He excites me. I didn’t realize that the poster was an advertisement for a stage play, I thought it was a film.


It is a play, live on stage, at BAM (Brooklyn)! Someone made me aware of that two days ago . . . Alan Rickman is in NY, live on stage!


Conari Press

I have my ticket and will manifest this dream this coming week. Hopefully, both of them, by meeting Mr. Rickman at the stage door. From my typing to God’s ears!


My Name In Print

I’m working on writing and publishing my book . . . I read the first two chapters, today, of my book Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write.


Today, I was checking my email . . . and I see the subject line: WIN A BOOK CONTRACT!


Divine timing . . . exactly as I was thinking about it and I manifested a contest. Wow!


What’s more, it is with Conari Press.


Back in  1992, I read a book called Random Acts of Kindness, the publisher: Conari Press! It gets better.


In the book, on the back page of the just published book, they asked for submissions of stories of kindness.


I’ve won writing awards growing up, so I wrote two stories of kindness to them and send them off. I forgot about them.


A few months later, or a year later, 1993 . . . I receive a package in the mail with two books in it. The books are More Random Acts of Kindness. It came with a letter.


When I read: “Dear Ms. Egic (my legal name), Thank you for your submission . . . ” I immediately thought it was a rejection letter.


I read on: “...we received over 1000 stories and could only choose 25 to publish.


I knew I had been rejected . . . ” . . . and we chose yours as one of the 25! Congratulations!”


Conari Press was the first book who published my work in a national book! And now, I get an email from them about winning a book contract . . . divine creation as I am about to write my book.


Also, working on my entry to win a trip around the world for 80 Days from Cathay Airlines. Although, having trouble uploading the video to them.

Day Seventy (70): Mother’s Day: To My Incredible Mom – Verna

Day Seventy (70): Sunday, May 9th, 2010

70) Lessons From Buddhism

Buddhism teaches that suffering arises when people are attached to their desires. In Buddhism, whether good or bad happens, it is not God or the Creator causing those things but karma. Every thought, word, and act has a consequence, according to Buddhists. A person must let go of attachment, be still and observant, and discover what is real and what is not.

Some say that the way to happiness and harmony is to simply observe whatever thoughts arise, whatever circumstances and situations life brings to you, and whatever happens, whether good or bad, avoid all reaction and attachment. In other words, be a witness to life’s joys and agonies, without responding, reacting, or getting entangled. This way to peace has resonance in Buddhism.

From 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Fredy & I had a good cry today . . . we watched Bicentennial Man.

Although some people panned this film . . . it is very, very moving. I saw it when it came out. This was Fredy’s first time watching it. It is so sad and beautiful.  

My screenplay, Sometimes Gay Mean Happy, which I’m transposing into a play was supposed to be read today. I postponed the reading a few days ago as many people are celebrating Mother’s Day today.

I had a cast set, but people kept canceling. I am very picky about my actors. The reading is for the group I’m involved with Source Writers at Manhattan Theatre Source. I’m also on the Production Team for the group. We are going to produce two full-length plays a year from the Source Writers group.

Many of the members of the group have been produced and won awards, too. Of course, some of my goals, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Verna Collins Sanford now.

My mother never gets on the computer . . . doesn’t know how, yet. I would have to teach her and she’d have to buy one now.

Anyway, I love my mother, now she is 78-years-old and still crazy. Her story is incredible and I am working on a book about her adventures. She was born during the Great Depression on December 23rd, 1931, in Ohio. She grew up in Ashland, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio area’s. One of the first of her 14 siblings (she was 4th) to graduate high school.

I’ve started a book on a website about her adventures in the Army in the 1950s and will expand on it soon.

The Wackiest WAC

Click here and you will see the book . . .

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa