In Case You Were Concerned: The World Will Go On

As a psychic (a person who accurately sees the future: which I am) and one who speaks to dead people (I’m also a medium) — I know that, yes, some people will leave the world on Saturday, May 21st at midnight because of reasons that are NOT associated with any rapture(s). Some people it will 1) be their time, 2) or some wacko decides the rapture prediction is true and whacks him or herself off, 3) some wackos will believe all the hype and before their suicide, they’ll take out a few family, friends and strangers [coward afraid to die alone], or some folks will 4) get into an accident and pass on from injuries.

As for the so-called rapture, of course. Two words . . .all right, a few words, mostly dirty words, come to mind. Thus, let’s skip those . . .I might go to hell!

See what freedom of speech does! Gives the people crazier than me;  yes, coming from one who speaks to dead people and sees the future (for a long freakin’ time, too), there are those crazier. This gives them an outlet to 1) gain fame, 2) get crazier people then them to donate $$$ (which the leader will utilize for his own mansion when it doesn’t happen) and 3) to try to convince himself (probably) he’s not the craziest person still walking on the planet.

Of course, he and his followers (99% of the time, I think, it’s been a man, too), give people like me a reason to laugh. And laughter cures all things! Thank you for the laughter, whack jobs!

The other reason is, for 99% of my clients — nah, make that 100% of my clients — I see you all living well past May 21, 2011. Sadly, we will also still have all these so-called “saved” followers of ‘he doesn’t deserve me to write his name (the guy who predicts this crap) hanging around and throwing us another date, I’m sure.

I think they should pick 11/11/11. More fun that way! Of course, we still have 12/12/12 or the “twelfth of never”. Much better. As for the Mayan date 12/21/2012 — again, I see 98% of my clients in the world way beyond that date, as well. We have so much time, folks!

Three separate psychics and myself (at the age of 12) predicted I would live to be 110 [I said 112-years-old]. Thus, if the three different psychics [who did not know each other or the other premonitions of me living to be older than god] — we have until, at least, September 28, 2073 (my 110th birthday). Or we have until, at least, July 4, 2076.

At the age of 12-years-old, on July 4th, 1976, my mother grounded me and I missed the Bicentennial fireworks. I swore to her, that day, in a fit of rage that I would “show her” and live to see the Tricentennial. Thus, I’m going to be around a helluva long time! And that means so are most of you!

Party on!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa