Curry Chronicles: You Must Be His Daughter — Part II

DISCLAIMER: These are my experiences, shared by me, as they happened to me. People in these true event(s), may not remember them in the same way. Certain facts can be agreed upon by all parties, nevertheless. I met Tim Curry, in New York, on August 28, 1987. Beyond that, I do not, in any way, suggest, hold or express that anyone else experienced this event in any paranormal, psychic or unusual way. That is how my experience of the event(s) happened, though.


TC reminded me of something deep in my soul . . . a soul mate, yes, but more than that! A long-lost love, friend, brother, father, a voice in my very soul, a guide, a comfort and the spirit which accompanied me through lifetime after lifetime in so many ways. Crazy maybe, certainly it couldn’t hurt to meet him, to befriend him or to date him.

The psychic informed me of several past lives: TC had been my brother in one lifetime, my husband in another. These lives seemed to bring out memories in me. I wondered; would I remind TC, too? Would he feel a spark with me, too? Or was all this just my wishful thinking?

I had this dream that night:

I was walking, coming up on the Marriott Marquis. There were billboards on the front of the hotel, all photographs from Me and My Girl. People where everywhere. Of course, that is the way it is in New York.

Standing still, in front of one of the photos of Jim Dale (the Broadway star, at the time, playing the lead in Me and My Girl) was a man. His back was to me as he looked at the photos. I recognized it was Tim Curry, anyway.

I moved closer, through the crowd toward the back of TC. Suddenly, I was aware I was dreaming.

As I reached TC, put out my hand to tap him on the shoulder, he turned around and said, brightly,Hello, my angel! I’m here!”

Here?” I repeated, “…at the Marriott?”

He grinned, “I’m here.”

We did this back and forth a few times.

I woke up feeling energized, truly connected.

It was time to meet the man!

The next day, awake and happy, I just knew it was time: I went to find my friend Perry.

Perry had been working, as an usher, at Cats since it opened.

My intuition was so strong now; I knew that had changed after years.

Not too long before, Dream Girls are re-opened in NY. My instincts told me:

1)    Tim Curry had seen Dream Girls

2)    Perry had moved to usher at Dream Girls

3)    Perry had seen Tim Curry there, tried to contact me.

NOTE: Perry Dell ’Aquila and I met at AADA. In 1987, I hadn’t kept in good contact. I would stop by Cats from time to time, still, I had moved and he didn’t have my new phone number. It has been awhile since I stopped by Cats.

As I walked past the Winter Garden Theater and to Dream Girls, knowing Perry had moved – I went to the stage door of the Dream Girls theater.

Is Perry here?” I asked a crew member.

He told me, “He went on break, probably be back soon.”

Any minute!” I just knew it.

As I went to the front of the theater, Perry was walking toward me, a huge smile on his face!

Perry started, “I was trying to call you on Thursday night! You already know, right?”

Perry is well aware of my intuitive nature, and ties to TC. “Yeah, Tim was here, at the show.”

Then, I heard what happened! TC didn’t see the show. He was in the lobby all evening with his niece! She had taken ill right before the show and told her uncle to stay and watch the show. But, Tim, being a good loving uncle wasn’t going to leave her alone in the lobby.

Perry also told me, he nearly called my name upon seeing Tim and his niece. Apparently, I look just like his niece!

It makes sense, since in 1985, at a Rocky Horror 10th Anniversary convention, I was asked several times if it was “true” that I am “Tim Curry’s niece”!

To this day, I have no clue who may have started this rumor. It certainly wasn’t me! My feelings for TC were not familial. Definitely not! Of course, I was a bit skeeved out watching Clue. TC does look remarkably similar to my mother’s brother, Curly, in the film. I am not, in any way, attracted to my Uncle Curly!

I asked Perry, about his sighting of TC and his niece. “Where would the cast for a Broadway tour be rehearsing?” Certainly, Perry would know.

He gave me two possible addresses, saying the use one of the two. One was a downtown address; the other was called The Minskoff Rehearsal Studios.

Minskoff’s address: 1515 Broadway!!!

Remember, those big glass doors with the escalator inside going to the movie theaters? Minskoff Rehearsal Studios is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Marriott Marquis MM.

August 28, 1987: I’m going up one of those escalators at 1515 Broadway, to an elevator to—what? The third floor! The security guard, on the third floor, observed me enter the acting rehearsal studio lobby. He said nothing, went back to reading his book.

I suspect my appearance much like any other young actor coming to rehearse. Tim was there, somewhere, too.

Like an angel calling in the mist, I heard his voice, singing . . . from just down the hall!

I went to a near-by bench, to sit down and wait for TC to finish his rehearsal.

Hearing TC’s voice coming down this corridor, this elderly man and woman came out of an archway which leads to a hallway. The hallway where TC’s voice was floating into my ears and soul.

The woman, in a thick English, laugh-like voice, bellowed, “Oh darling! You must be here to see Tim Curry?!”

She hugged me! The kind man, also with a thick English accent, jollily, “Yes, he will be here shortly!

Seeing as I wasn’t wearing any badges, shirts or pins, which showed my obsession with TC, I wondered how they knew and asked, “How did you know?!”

The woman curiously said, “You look just like him! You must be his daughter!”

My only response, “He has a daughter?!”

The man said, “We thought you were!” with a bit of seriousness, “You’re going to scare him, then!”

Scare him? Why would I scare TC? I was very well-mannered, I thought.

The couple explained to me that fact I looked just like him would scare him as he would think the same thing . . . I look too much like him.

I asked the most important question at that point, “Is there any other way Tim can leave this building?”

My thought was he’d skip out another exit.

As if I stepped into a Monty Python film, the older gentleman replied, “Only if he jumps out the window!”

I laughed nervously.

Day Ninety-Five (95): They Keep Pulling Me Back In . . .

Day NinetyFive (95): Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

95) Intent Can Bring About Radical Transformation

Alchemy blurs the lines between science and philosophy, between the magical and the spiritual. But always, in the end, alchemy is about change/transformation. When a person desires to undertake personal growth work, he or she in some ways joins the ranks of ancient practitioners of magic or spiritual shamanism, for that person holds a deep desire to evolve and attempts to manifest the result through desire, intent, and action. Such transformation can bring a sea change in his or her relationships with others, for as psychologists point out: it only takes one person to shift a paradigm. In relationships, that means when the individual changes, everyone around that person necessarily has to change too.

It was too hot after all day on the tour bus and then theatre hours. I asked to leave early from the theatre, just too damn hot.

I grew up “hot” . . . in Phoenix, AZ which we lovingly refer to as ‘Hell‘!

Just wanted to get this off my chest. Actually, I could use a few inches off my chest–but breast reduction is another story.

When I moved to New York — the girl from Arizona; where, on a good day, we reach 120 degrees; I ran across the infamous “but it’s a dry heat” excuse.

Do you who are not educated in the ways of our people … those who are hot and bothered most of their lives in places like Phoenix (Hell), Arizona or worse — Yuma, AZ. This is EXACTLY, no exaggeration, what DRY HEAT feels like.

Right now, go to your kitchen . . . turn your oven on to 120 degrees. Come back in ten or twenty minutes: Crawl inside your oven and sit there for eight to ten hours! That’s dry heat!

And just like you feel, crammed up inside an oven, burning up, cooking your own internal organs and cooking yourself to burning — that’s what dry heat of 120 degrees feels like if you breathe, walk or exert yourself in any way, whatsoever.

In Arizona schools, grade school, we learn desert survival and what to do for heat stroke! And kids constantly get heat stroke. They go out to play, in the 120 degree heat, and pass out and sometimes, die. As do elderly people. In fact, statistically, about 5 tourists a year lose their life in Arizona due to heat stroke! Generally, elderly people; still, 5 too many.

Yes, here on the East Coast, the humidity feels crappy . . . but, generally, you won’t drop dead on the street. Your body is like 80 or 90% water and where there’s humidity you are hydrated, to some degree … where there is dry heat, your 80 or 90% of you dries up and you croak!

In Arizona, we had daily heat alerts, too. And our malls are open late, so you don’t have to go out in the sun. The swimming pools, if you get in them at midnight, are like bathtubs! You don’t need to heat your pools in Arizona, that’s for sure.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Day Sixty-Six (66): Shanghaied To Brooklyn — TWICE!

Day SixtySix (66): Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

66) Infinite Potential Is Available For All

Detractors say that the potential to acquire money and material things exists for a few but not everyone. MOney is to be made by those who know how to capitalize on the Law of Attraction topic. The Law of Attraction teachers and coaches say that the law is always working and once you know how to work deliberately with it, you can draw whatever you want from the storehouse of the universe. You have the potential to manifest one dollar or a million dollars. You could establish a hospital, fund an orphanage, or build a social club for senior citizens. Anything you want to create is possible provided you have desire, intention, and persistance. You already have the means–your thoughts–assert proponents of the law. Your potential for manifesting is limitless.

Went to work today . . . again and I was shanghaied! After my second tour to Battery Park, I was sent to South Street Seaport to do a Brooklyn tour.

Brooklyn tours aren’t my strong point . . . and I didn’t bring my guide books. I remembered some of the Brooklyn info., yet, without my little book it was difficult to remember it all.

The good part of the Brooklyn tour . . . and I ended up doing two in a row . . . once you do the 2nd one, you get to go back to Times Square and home for the day.

Thus, it is almost better to be shanghaied to Brooklyn. I just must remember to carry my guide books.


Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day Sixty-Five (65): The Truth and NYC

Day Sixty-Five (65): Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

65) What Hill’s Detractors Said

In his books, Hill wrote about his belief in the power of autosuggestion as a law of nature and suggested that our thoughts are like vibrations in the ether that are either negatively or positively charged by our emotions. The subconscious mind, according to Hill, must be influenced by emotionally charged thought mixed with faith if such thought is to bear results. Detractors believed that Hill’s thinking was flawed. They asserted that it was foolhardy to believe desire could turn into its tangible equivalent. Further, they argued that it is impossible to create something out of nothing.

Today began, as usual, my work week (NYC Tour Guide w/City Sights). Generally, I’m fine the first day of the work week. It’s just went I get there with little or no breaks, I get irritated.

The exception was, today was really good . . . good tips and there was enough time to go to the bathroom; well, they let me go between tours.

After my third tour, and I was off to go home . . . one of my bosses, there, told me a story and offended me terribly:

I am not easily offended . . .

He said a woman tourist got off my bus and complained that “the tour guide said the Empire State Building was built in the 1980s in 20 days!”

The tourist went on to explain she loves New York, but the tour guide was bad to give such false information. I calmly said, “Well, it wasn’t me . . . because, my tour is scripted, really. I ALWAYS talk about the 13 months it took to build the Empire State Building in 1930/1931.

My boss kept insisting she was talking about me. I became very defensive because, as I stated,  I DO NOT CHANGE MY SCRIPT!

Because I was told this woman was going to complain to the company about me. I had to defend myself because I didn’t make any mistakes! I went up to the office and talked to Gwen, in the City Sights office. Then, I went to talk to Troop, at the site, and told him my truth.

Troop and another tour guide or two . . . said to not worry about it. That they were just pushing my buttons. I realized, on my way back, that the tourist was probably NOT listening.

Here is my script (as we turn onto 34th Street from 8th Avenue, going East):

Now, you are seeing the tallest building in New York since the World Trade Center tragedy. The Empire State Building, which was built in 1930 to 1931. It took 13 months to complete; which, as far as buildings go is very quick.

It was the Great Depression and many men were out of work. They hired over 4000 men to complete the steel structured building. It took 13 short months, one year and one month.

Later on, as we get closer to the building:

In the 1980s (the only mention I make about that era) a man tried to commit suicide from the Empire State Building. It was a particularly windy day and he was blown back to another balcony unharmed. He had a new lease on life as he was taken to the Bellevue Mental Hospital.

We turn the corner on 5th Avenue and go into another area: Little Korea (at this point, I’ve talked a lot about Great Depression and how the Empire State Building was called the Empty State Bldg“):

Over to the right you a sign reading: I heart NY t-shirts — 10 for $10.00. They will last you 10 days. If you wash them carefully, they might last 20 days!

Thus, apparently, if the tourist was talking about me . . . she only listened to my tour when I mentioned the attempted suicide, and then stopped listening. Then, she listened AGAIN when I was talking about t-shirts and had long stopped talking about the Empire State Building.

Remember: She claimed the Tour Guide said “the Empire State Building was built in the 1980s and it took 20 days.”

My note to tourists: LISTEN TO THE WHOLE TOUR!

I have seen tourists talking on the cell phone, sleeping and then later, complaining to me, what I didn’t mention or did mention. Only because they are NOT paying attention!!!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa




Day Fifty-Two (52): Beings Of Light

Day FiftyTwo (52): Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

52) Beings of Light and Truth Appear When They Are NLOA_Key01eeded

According to Hindu thought, all of creation expands and contracts in cycles. Certain cycles are characterized by lightness and darkness. When darkness is  upon the earth, holy beings such as the Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus appear on Earth as light bearers to lead humankind out of the darkness, depravity, and despair back to light and truth. Some people believe that great and holy beings are always present and anonymously working to manifest good for the well2010_04 ChristineST Pierre01-being of all.

  Today is Christine St. Pierre’s birthday . . . she told us all she is 27-years-old, again! We had plans to celebrate tonight at an Italian restaurant with Eileen Murphy, Chantel Catapano and myself.


But, my job messed me up . . . bad. I was all prepared to join my friends to celebrate Christine and all. As I came off of my 3rd tour at 3:30 p.m. there were no other guides available. Problem! Big problem. Not only on this first day of spring, officially, was I sniffling, sneezy and wheezy…I had worn something a big nicer for the dinner.

We waited nearly half an hour for another tour guide; they kept swearing there were none (which I hardly believe) and I was pissed off. Finally, my tour took off, which would make me late for dinner – if at all. When we arrived at 42nd Street a downtown tour with ONE person passed us. They could have, if they had any heart, taken the one person off that tour and put them on mine and sent me home!!! There was another tour guide . . .

1996_AZ RainStorm01 In the middle of our tour, of course, it began to rain. Our bus had a bottom section; but the bus filled up with tourists and a bunch of us had to sit on top. I was soaked from head to toe and everything underneath!

By the time we came back it was 6:30 pm (dinner was planned for 6:00pm); I was soaked through and needed to go buy dry clothes (pants, undies, socks, everything). I called Christine, and I was sniffly . . . from my endless sneezing today. Since they didn’t want to hold dinner more. It was decided. I went home to get dry clothes I already own.

Bad day, but I did work, hard, for ten hours without a break!

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa


Day Forty-Six (46): Steak and California Friend Visits

Day FortySix (46): Thursday, April 15th, 2010

46) Put Yourself Out There

Up to this point, you have been using energy in your thinking, imagining, visualizing, and making lists. Now you decide to put yourself into situations where you might actually meet him. You attend a speed-dating event with a friend, sign up for a month on an Internet matchmaking site, frequent bookshops and grocery stores, and take a cooking class. You start taking your dog on extended walks, believing that at any moment he may soon walk toward you. You tell your friends and family members you are ready for him to show up and believe he’s near.

My friend, Cyndi Donovan, is arriving today . . . she’s here, from Los Angeles, to attend the last get together for ONE LIVE TO LIVE fans; and do a couple of modeling shoots.

Of course, I had the tours today . . . after taking off sick yesterday. I cannot remember why, but, after my shift, I went up to the City Sights office and ran right into Erica Hawkins, my buddy. We decided, along with Floyd (another Tour Guide) to have lunch/dinner together.

Luckily, I was off after the third tour . . . and it was only about 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m.

About the time we decided on and arrived at “Tad’s” . . . Cyndi was texting me that she was arriving at JFK airport.

Because I spent a little time with Erica and Floyd; Cyndi arrived at my apartment before me and no one home. I headed back as soon as I could.

Half-way there, on my #7 train . . . Cyndi texted me to see if my roommate was home and how close I was. I called Michele, and she must’ve went right past Cyndi!!! Michele went down and brough Cyndi in the apartment.

The rest of the evening, we caught up; Cyndi and I. She was, understandably, tired and hadn’t slept all night. I went to do homework and found out that my computer was dead.

PANIC set in and was hoping it would clear by morning . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



Day Forty (40): Hot Boss Fantasies and English Rain

Day Forty (40): Friday, April 9th, 2010

40) Love Is Essential

Humans require love to flourish. Love energizes thoughts, empowers individuals to dream and follow their bliss, and enables their efforts to manifest. In his best-selling book, Think And Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill explained that it is by our predominate thoughts that we thrive. Many people might agree that when thoughts are of love, they leave a deep “imprint” in our psyches and hearts. We become powerful creators when we learn to transmute negative thoughts into positive ones, for example, anger into appreciation, and then magnetize our thoughts with love.

Last night, Tim texted and asked me to come in today. Sort of a hassle . . . it was raining this morning. And rainy days are not fun days in tour busses.

I was happier to discover we had the covered or half-covered busses out today! And the last time, sadly, I’d see “muffin” as Erica and I call him.

On one of my tours, I met this really cool young girls from England. And they were very excited to hear my English accent. In fact, she gave me a compliment. She said my English accent was “too posh” to be like hers. She is a stand-up comedian, she said on YouTube. I gave her my card and I hope she does email.

I told her and her friend how much I love English men. These girls, by the way, are of an Indian background (India) and raised in England. Her father had an Indian accent, actually. They were so impressed with me they promised to find me an English man. When I told them to make sure he is “old” — they were shocked to hear my age!

Met up with Erica after work, as she done with her day, too . . .only three tours since I was called in.

Erica met me after I had already had dinner, by myself, at Cosmic Diner. I needed to mail my past due taxes today and needed to get near the post office (open until 11 p.m) on 34th Street. Although, she was in the mood for Dallas BBQ, so, once again, I went there . . . 

We ended up at Tick Tock Diner, on 34th Street after I dropped off my 2002/2003 taxes at the James A. Farley United States Post Office. I was getting sick all day, though. Sore throat and bad stomach problems. We stopped at Duane Reade for some remedy for my very upset stomach.

At the diner, we went through some fun scenarios about our hot boss . . . which are for a more private place. Let’s just say coat rooms, tuxedos and subway stairwells will always bring pleasant memories of fantasies!!! LOL!

Still not feeling well, though . . . and went home to pass out; since I am off tomorrow. I woke up and had very bad heartburn. I feel young and then I get these awful symptoms! Aging sucks . . . 

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa

Day Thirty-Eight (38): Four Tours And I Need A Funeral

Day ThirtyEight (38): Wednesday, April 7, 2010

38) Find A Potent Symbol With Personal Meaning

Perhaps there is some object that has deep personal meaning for you that you wanted long ago and still do not have. Perhaps there is a certain symbol that always reminds you of that object. If, one day, you find yourself cutting out a magazine picture, and discover that it’s of a lipstick red, Porsche convertible, just know your subconscious still wants that car. Go for it. The magazine picture will be a good reminder for you to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest it.

It was hot, hot, hot today! Almost record heat for this date . . . which was 89 degrees (in 1929). Today New York reached 88 degrees.

And guess who got to be on top of an open bus for nine hours, nearly straight . . . in the heat and the sun? Yes, that would be me!!!

It was brutal . . . I had come back from my third tour, in a row and they asked me to get on a fourth! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Before my 3rd tour was over . . . I was feeling a bit of heat stroke: weak, stomach ache and nausea. Then, still with a headache, dehydrated, stomach still aching and wishing I could throw-up or lie down; I am sent on a 4th. I was often nearly passing out, dizzy and too hot.

My poor tourists were probably upset at how quiet (yeah, me, quiet) I was . . . just not in a mood to do one more tour.

Thus, my title this day . . . when I got on the bus for my 4th tour, I texted my boss and told him to hire some Tour Guides as this is the 3rd week in a row I’ve done four in one day.

Worked nine hours, today . . . with no real breaks!!!

The good news, or is it bad news: I had a reading @ 7:00 p.m. with a client (Psychic/Intuitive Medium Reading). I was off a bit early, I mean, for the client. And I hadn’t really eaten normally all day. So, I went on over to Theatre Row Diner and ordered dinner before my client arrived.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring her phone number and I wanted the $25.00 for the half hour reading; which, really, ended up being 1 hour 1/2!

My client arrived on time . . . but, wow, was I pooped, tired and just generally weak. Although, the reading perked me up a bit.

After a day like this . . . though. I needed a rest and my throat was so sore. Not sure, and am trying to manifest health; I may be coming down with something. Probably just allergies, though.

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa



Day Thirty-Seven (37): No Weight Loss For The Wicked

Day ThirtySeven (37): Tuesday, April 6, 2010

37) Symbols Can Represent Transcendental Consciousness

Symbols have the power to alter consciousness if they are used for such purpose. For example, perhaps you desire to use a symbol to represent a metaphysical truth or a transcendent state of mind. Consider the Hindu symbol fo AUM as a point of reflection. It is believed to be the sound of the cosmic vibration of the universe. The yin/yang symbol that represents the opposite principles of masculine and feminine in Chinese philosophy means for some people harmony, balance, and universal fellowship. A dragon or bear image suggests strength and fortitude.

Back to the tour bus today . . .

Waking up at 6:00 am does come very early in the morning for me, of course. Especially as a person who, for months, had been going to bed at 4:00 am and waking up at noon. Nevertheless, I’ve been managing to do it.

Because I am behind a few days, I have lost some details of the day. I did my first homework last night and it was sort of cool. And became a bit obsessed with reading everyone else’s bio. We also are asked to participate and comment on others; which is rather cool, too.

I’m probably the oldest student in my on-line class. There are few in my age range, still, I think I’m the oldest chronologically.

Did the tours today . . . only three, was it and like every Tuesday; relatively easy.

Now, tonight is my “Weight Watcher’s” night; yet, I cannot bring myself to go when I know I’ve gained weight. I mean, even though I weigh at home and I am up to the usual 220 lbs. It just freaks me out to go to the meeting and have their scale say I gained! Sure, I started, in July at 231.4 lbs. And I just should be further down by now. Damn!

God forbid, I should gain the freshman fifteen. No, no . . .block that out!

I did get to stay home and see American Idol, though! Love that!


Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa


Day Thirty-Four (34): Spontaneous Combustion #40 Ends . . .

Day ThirtyFour (34): Saturday, April 3, 2010

34) Think Of the Six Steps As Exercise

You can ramp up the energy of your thought, turning it into a high-energy idea or concept, just as you can build muscle in your body. It just takes practice and frequent repetition of the six basic steps. There are many other things you can do as well to intensify the energy about your intention.

Even if you skip a day or two of focused thinking about your intention to manifest your desire, your desire is still there. Over time the thought energy around your intention may weaken, but if the desire is still strong, the object, situation, or relationship can still come into your life experience but simply may take longer to manifest.

Another closing . . .

Of course, Spontaneous Combustion is always quick. Do we bond? Hmmm, we can . . .and I knew quite a few of the people in it, anyway!

Nevertheless, I didn’t get a lot of rest: As I stated, I had to be at 50th Street/8th Avenue at 10:00 a.m. to be a Tour Guide, as I am! This time, I got to see my boss, Tim, more regularly until I went on tour. Some people think he’s too gruff. And it is true, he doesn’t smile a lot. But, his job is very stressful.

Certainly, I was more certain of my lines and our scenes; so no panic, this time. I did make it clear to Tim I had a show tonight, though; and too late a tour would be bad. Of course, wouldn’t you know it! On my third, and final tour — Troop sent me to Battery Park; and put me with the slowest driver in our company! Don’t get me wrong — slow, usually, is 100% better than our speed demon drivers; because I have bruises on my knees, hands and other parts that ram the bus seats from those kamikaze drivers.

 This time, though, I nearly begged the driver to speed up. He would approach green lights so fuckin’ slow, I wanted to hit the fuel and over-ride the slow poke! My God, I had a show to get too and I didn’t need a four-hour last tour. The West Side Highway was packed.

We arrive at Battery Park and there’s already another empty bus. So, they send me and the slow poke to SoHo. I get so frustrated with his slow ass driving, I make him turn just above Canal Street and skip SoHo. I swear . . . it was going to be another Thursday night. 

I regretted the joke I made to Clint last night . . . “I’ll see you at 8:05 p.m. for the show!” Because now, my words had created my reality. I truly was chanting “I should have been a writer this time . . . I should have been a writer this time . . .” and cursing the only slow and courteous driver this side of Boston! Any other day, I’d be appreciative of such a safe driver. This time, no, I wanted and needed speed.

We finished the whole tour at 6 p.m. ish . . . leaving me a half an hour for food; which was fine. Great crowd this last tour and pretty good tips. Still, good to talk to and interested in the tour. I enjoy tourists who actually listen to my tour! And especially the one’s who laugh at my jokes.

I get nice compliments, too . . . that my tour is so “informative” and “good”. Which is wonderful to hear. Now, if only, they would leave their appreciation in $10 and $20 bills! I did have one the other day do that! I make a joke, well, not so much a joke in front of Trinity Church.

“Alexander Hamilton is buried here. His face is on our $10.00 bill in America. His is my favorite picture to see in my tip jar!”

I’m quick to add that I don’t usually see $10.00 bills . . . most of the tips are $1.00 bills and such. “But, I like to see $10.00 bills!” Thus, either Wednesday or Thursday, a woman handed me a $10.00 and said, “Here is your picture of Alexander Hamilton; we both thank you!”

Energy was better today . . . as we approached our last performance.

Since I was told I definitely had tomorrow off — Benjamin had sent the cast the idea of a cast party of at a karaoke place. Nevertheless, the place charges about $3.00 a song; which is much too high for most theatre type people. Particularly with us volunteering to act at MTS.

Many of us, though, ended up at Johnny Rocket’s (8th Street) for milkshakes. One of our wonderful playwrights, John McLaughlin, treated us to our celebration there! He’s a great guy and his talented son, Jack. Unless I have that backwards?

After a long stay at Johnny Rocket’s; Clint, Joe and two of their friends and I went to Washington Square Diner. Being the only female, again . . . I had to joke about running around with my all-male entourage. What’s new?!

Clint, Joe and I ended up on #6 train . . . me to Grand Central and to the #7 train. I got off at 74th Street/Roosevelt and took a car service home. As Joe asked, I dropped him a message on Facebook — I made it home safely.

My friend, Mozz, can now be round here . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa