Day One-Hundred Ten (110): Final Preparations for “Childless Father”

Day OneHundred Ten (110): Friday, June 18th, 2010

110) Divine Power Works Miracles

Jesus served as a spiritual beacon — “I am come a light into the world . . . that whosoever believeth in me should not abide in darkness” (John 12: 46)–and as exemplar of how the power of God works through the human heart and mind. According to the New Testament Gospels, Jesus performed many miracle that seemingly defied the natural laws of the universe. Among other things, he fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fishes, exorcised demons, showed a mastery over nature by cursing the fig tree that then withered, raised the dead on three occasions, and healed sick people.

The boys, Bridgette and I had the last rehearsal today, before opening.

Mauricio is very nervous, nonetheless, as he hasn’t been on stage in quite some time.  Charles has more recent experience, yet, as an actor, is  also nervous. I’m not worried.

I am very excited . . . felt a little bit like this is my debut. Yes, I’ve had plays up on stage in New York. Short ones in our 48-hour festival, Spontaneous Combustion. But, this is a real program. Thus, a little more exciting, in a way.

I’m looking forward, mostly, to the reaction of the audience to my play. That’s the real test.

During all of this, I have learned . . . I enjoy being on this side of the stage, as a playwright and casting director; and although, I adore acting and singing — I could be happy enough writing and casting and even directing. Bridgette was a wonderful director, nevertheless; and I’m glad I didn’t overwhelm myself with all the tasks.

A special thank you to Mozz Mendez, for introducing me to Bridgette!

A special thank you to Bridgette Boucher for being so good with all of us and directing skills!

My most special thank you’s to my boys, Charles Casano and Mauricio Vanegas, for being at rehearsal and putting their heard and soul into their roles. You are truly my brother’s, I just adore you both!

Of course, all of this is in the playbill, as well!

Onto opening night!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Day One Hundred Six (106): Show Pictures: TestoGENIUS

Day OneHundred Six (106): Monday, June 14th, 2010

106) Christians Debate The Law of Attraction

Many Christians are divided on whether or not the Law of Attraction aligns with Christian beliefs. Those against the Law assert that when people believe that they create their lives and everything in them, they diminish or eliminate God as Creator and practice self-deification. The claim that you can have ultimate knowledge and become godlike is what the serpent promised Eve in the Garden of Eden when tempting her to defy God’s command to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve apparently formed a strong desire to have what the serpent promised her.

The boys rehearsed with Bridgette today, I was off to Manhattan Theatre Source to drop off our music; and to take photographs of the other cast members.

Not too much of a big deal . . . I photographed John Watts and Michael Bordwell, who are doing monologues in the TestoGENIUS Festival. The same festival my play, CHILDLESS MAN, is in with my boys!

It was enjoyable taking photographs — Jenny Green has emailed and asked to do it, for publicity purposes.

Of course, didn’t know then, the photographs would never be used. I will use them here, now.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day One Hundred Four (104): My Life Upon Or Near The Wicked Stage

Day One Hundred Four (104): Saturday, June 12th, 2010

104) Project A Powerful Self-Image

Augustine of Hippo was endowed with a great mind and oratory skills, which he used in his service as a bishop in the early Christian church. He successfully manifested a powerful image of himself as an intellectually vibrant and power orator. He made the most of his genetic endowment for intellectual inquiry and oratory and was able to attract the means to further develop them. When Augustine deeply desired to overcome the sensual things of life that kept him from having a more personal relationship with God, he translated his desire into conviction and action. When the Law began to fulfill his desire for that experience, he wrote an intensely personal account of his struggle to come to terms with his sensual nature and to know God.

To be honest, I’ve lost track of these days . . . and have some notes only.

We are wildly rehearsing at this time . . . getting ready to do Fredy’s life story on the stage. The more I work with Bridgette, Charles and Mauricio; the more fond I become of my boys and Bridgette.

Yes, I’m particularly fond of Mauricio . . . he’s playing Fredy, the real Fredy, so to speak because he is deaf. And get this, Mauricio, like Fredy, is a Taurus. Both of them, Fredy and Mauricio, think I’m completely crazy (LOL!) . . . and Mauricio is the same age Fredy was when we met, or close.

Of course, they are two different people in a lot of ways, as well. And I really do love both my actors. My fondness for Mauricio is different from my continuing love and fondness for Fredy. I love Fredy to pieces in a far different way. Charles and Mauricio I feel more like they’re my little brothers and I just want to protect them as a big sister would.

As for other male friends, such as Fredy . . . I did go see another production my good friend, Bill Kozy, was in at another theatre. It was a strange little play where he portrayed a guy on his first date — and Bill’s character was raised on a commune! LOL! It was hilarious, of course.

After Bill’s show, we caught up only a little. Bill is going through some things with his family and aging parents. Luckily, as time went by, everything improved. Nevertheless, Bill was unable to see my show Childless Father.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day One-Hundred Twenty-Nine (129): Playwrighting Wednesday

Day OneHundred Twenty-Nine (129): Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

129) Remember That Prosperity Is For Everyone

Attracting wealth into your life does not mean that you are depleting someone else’s reserve. Law of Attraction teachers and practitioners say that the power that brings something to you out of infinite potential can deliver the same thing to another. There is no corresponding loss to infinite potential. When you give from a place of loving kindness, your gift, some say, returns magnified many times over and sometimes in a different form.

Not too long ago, at Manhattan Theatre Source, we began a Wednesday evening Source Writers Group, for those who couldn’t come on Sunday afternoon. Tonight, for the first time, I attended this meeting. My back really killing me and I was hyped up on Tylenol 3.

In the group, Ed Malin read a piece he wrote, it was interesting . . .with flying and ships and San Francisco. As different as it was, it was entertaining and so visual, at least, in my “movie-like” mind.

That said, Christine met me there. Mozz Mendez, gotta love him, wanted us to see his show, Billy Carver And The Children In Mind. He says it’s his last stage play and he will focus on tv writing for a while.

Mozz is right, though, there’s more money in television or film writing.

Christine and I did our usual session and went to hang out and talk at the diner.

Whatever the case, the pain is very bad…my diagnosis is lumbar strain. What the hell did I do?! Not moving very quickly, or well.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Billy Carver and The Children In Mind (via Adaumbelle’s Quest)

My friend, Mozz Mendez, is the brainchild behind this “hit” . . . go see it! I saw it tonight and it is so worth it!!! Woo Hoo!

Billy Carver and The Children In Mind On Tuesday, July 6,  I saw the very first performance of “Billy Carver and The Children In Mind” at Manhattan’s Theatre Source, written and directed by MontSerrat Mendez, the award-winning writer of “Thoroughly Stupid Things.” This British comedy tells the story of Joannie Roman Redd, a successful writer of the “Billy Carver” series who thinks of giving up her career after the reviews of her latest book suggest she put her stories on the big scre … Read More

via Adaumbelle’s Quest

Day Eighty-Four (84): Author! Author! Or Should I Say: Playwright?

Day Eighty-Four (84): Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

23) Self Mastery Can Achieve Spiritual Results

Rosicrucians believe that the key to gaining the mastery of life lies in your personal power and the source for all power is found within. With such mastery, you attain also strength, peace, and wisdom. The Law of Attraction works to help you achieve that mastery when you are attuned to the source. Harmoniously in tune with the universal spiritual laws, such as the Law of Attraction, you draw to you that which you need to further your spiritual unfolding.

To study the Rosicrucian way requires that a person seeks truth, has an open mind, a positive mental outlook, and clear aspiration for spiritual understanding. In other words, positive thinking and clarity of life goals can greatly impact the results you seek.

Today, in the Source Writers Meet-Up we read all the short plays for the June 21-26, 2010 production TestoGENIUS: A Celebration of Men.

It’s a special festival of plays, born out of the idea of the famous THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. I believe it began with our Writers Forum member John Watts. The guys in the group through around titles such as THE PENIS MONOLOGUES, and had found it was taken. We’ve had other festivals at Manhattan Theatre Source, i.e. for 11 years, ESTROGENIUS; which celebrates women-themed plays and/or women playwrights: And the recent INGENIUS; celebrating some of the work from the Writers Forum. Thus, they came up with TESTOGENIUS and my play is in it.

ESTROGENIUS does the same thing . . . they allow men playwrights as long as the play is about women’s themes.

As I write this, nevertheless, it is already near the end of June (June 24th to be exact) and we in the middle of the production of TESTOGENIUS, which I’ll write even more about soon.

At the reading, on this day . . . which I’m recalling. My hearing actor, Charles Casano, was there to read my piece out loud. Everyone seemed to like it, and a lot of the other pieces were fun and/or serious or a little of both. Mine is pretty serious, nevertheless.

Here’s a breakdown of those that were read and by whom:


THE BIG D by John DiSciasco




SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL by Timothy Nolan




CHILDLESS FATHER by Angela Theresa Egic (me under my legal name): I act under my stage name of Angela Theresa Collins






GET BRUISED by Jonathan Kravetz




Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Day Seventy-Three (73): I Have A Dream

Day Seventy-Three (73): Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

73) Many Renowned Figures Taught The Law

Even as critics’ voices have been rising to confront the basic tenets of the Law of Attraction and verbalize concerns for blaming victims (for attracting disease and negative experiences through their thoughts), producer Byrne and teachers of the law assert that many historical figures, specifically, Buddha, Hermes Trismegistus, Plato, Aristotle, Beethoven, and Isaac Newton knew about the law and secretly taught it. They say other teachers included Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Andrew Carnegie. More recent “teachers” included mythologist Joseph Campbell and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, whose perhaps most famous speech was built around the positive statement, “I have a dream.”

During this week, I’ve been over at Manhattan Theatre Source w/Fredy, working on the play I wrote about his life. Originally titled SAME AS ME, I was asked to cut some vital information and changed the title to CHILDLESS FATHER.

I am planning on lengthening the script, though . . . to a one-act or full-length play about Fredy and add roles, etc. Fredy and I discussed selling some of his art work, too. He needs money for his citizenship and we cannot find a way to raise it quickly.

He is an incredible artist, though . . . and he could make some good money on that. His art is even more incredible because he is deaf and hispanic. Which makes it even more unique.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day Sixty-Two (62): TestoGenius-Men and Theatre

Day SixtyTwo (62): Saturday, May 1st, 2010

62) Not A New Concept

As mentioned in the previous chapters, the concept of the Law of Attraction has resonance with older books containing similar ideas. Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success, by Napoleon Hill; The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles; The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale; and How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie, are just a few titles from other eras that preceded the current offerings of Law of Attraction. The new works often feature a personal growth, self-help, or New Age focus while the aforementioned books targeted a different type of audience with content that was practical and inspirational.

Yesterday, I found out . . . or somewhere around here; my play SAME AS ME (about my ex-boyfriend, Fredy) will be used in the program TestoGENIUS. Basically, plays and monologues about the experience of being a man.

The festival will go up around Father’s Day at Manhattan Theatre Source. This should be lots of fun and technically speaking, my true debut as a playwright.

Now, some of my work has been featured at Manhattan Theatre Source as part of Spontaneous Combustion — we write a short, short play in 24 hours — so, TestoGENIUS is my debut in something a little more planned(?)

Next time, a full-length play of mine or one-act!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Day Fourteen (14): Theatre, Panic Disorder & Friends

Day Fourteen (14): Sunday, March 14, 2010

14) Deliberate Intention Takes Focus

Think of how something looks under a magnifying glass or a microscope. The subject being studied comes into crisp focus and is magnified many times. This is what you do when you work with the Law of Attraction. With deliberate intention, your thoughts necessarily become not only highly focused but more concentrated and energized. You must have the intent of receiving what you wish for and not waver in your belief that the manifestation is already in the works. Dream what may have been for you the impossible dream before you knew about the Law of Attraction. Now you understand that anything you desire will be possible to achieve or have. The Law of Attraction is continually responding to whatever you are thinking and feeling.

>> 365 Way To Live the Law of Attraction by Meera Lester (now I will give the title and author once a month)

Today was a lovely rainy day . . .

I say that because I saw friends and had a very nice time and answers, etc.

Met with my buddy, Erica Hawkins, at Manhattan Theatre Source. We immediately walked over to the newest BBQ Restaurant on 8th Street. I really thought they were the chain Dallas BBQ, but, apparently, as I saw, they are not.

At the dinner, Erica & I got into a conversation about death, well . . .er, after death. It began as a chat about panic disorder, actually. Thus, it’s come up again …

It’s about how I used to be afraid of death . . . and now I’m not. I know the soul lives on and the Other Side is wonderful. It really came out the conversation about a person I talked to on-line; a person who went from Catholicism to Satanism. I just cannot condone, nor agree with something so negative. And, of course, I wrote about this before. Erica & I are on the same page with that.

I also shared with her, though . . . even though, I do not agree with negative religions, etc. . . .I also do not believe in demons or curses. We spoke of this, too! Yes, there are “low energies” in the world; be it ghosts, etc. Yes, there are living people who do evil things. Yet, it is THE PERSON doing the evil. There is no possession per se’. Certainly, a murderer or pedophile is, indeed, evil and possessed by the demon of their own sick mind. BUT, it is not an entity outside of their dark or black soul. And when the evil living person dies . . . they have no more power! They are dissolved into dust (for lack of a better word) and/or immediately reincarnated into some life in some terrible situation.

Us, who are of the light . . . open, cannot become dark. Your soul is light, gray or dark . . . and once you’re 5 or 6-years-old, it is usually obvious which a child is. Even sociopath’s have been said to hurt animals and such as small children; thus, their darkness shows early. The only souls that are “changeable” are gray one’s; still, not really possession. Generally, any of us who are seeking truth; be it getting readings, checking out different religions (usually more positive one’s), asking questions, etc. are of the light, though. A dark soul would never seek readings, etc. They would feel they are justified and correct and do not need to seek further.

Of course, people who refuse to have readings, etc. are NOT dark. It just depends on situations. Generally, dark souls avoid us of the light . . . really they do! Our light is an assault to them. Gray souls are more vulnerable to them. And when a dark soul does pursue us of the light — we figure it out quickly and/or soon. The light always wins over darkness.

Anyway, my belief and why I do not mess with any organized religion is because they worship a god outside of what “God” really is . . . Source. It’s NOT an old man in the sky, or some man wearing robes. Jesus was a man, a highly enlightened man, of course; and yes, he was God. SO ARE WE! Jesus even said it, and said we can do all he did.

Ah, it’s great I was a Sunday School teacher. Jesus words: “You can all I have done and even more!”

I explained this belief to Erica, this way . . . God/Source/The Universe is a huge ball of energy [like a cloud] and we are part of that cloud. We come down here, to Earth, like individual raindrops from the same cloud. Thus, we are GOD!

This is my belief after growing up Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and studying everything from The Book of Mormon, Jewish classes (I once considered converting), The Koran and many, many so-called “New Age” books. I’ve studied Feng Shui, Buddhism (briefly) and all sorts of ideas. I do have friends who are Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish (lots of Jewish friends), New Age, Psychic and even Atheist. I came to my own conclusions from all this studying.

Anyway . . . there’ll be more later.

I believe in miracles, Law of Attraction, reincarnation, Spirit Guides, and angels and more.

What I believe is positive . . . always!

It does not judge or deny anyone for the love of the Source I believe in is unconditional. There are absolutely no conditions of the love from Source. For we are part of Source.

Dr. Wayne Dyer just said: I AM GOD! [synchronicity at work]

I love you Dr. Wayne Dyer!!!

After our discussion, I went to hear John Watts play at Manhattan Theatre Source for our Source Writers Group. It was a sweet play about this stoic, former Accountant, now old bookstore owner who falls in love with a shy girl who loves old movies; especially Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. I could relate!!! I love the intellectual man and I am the movie freak girl. Not necessarily shy, but certainly a cheerful, non-stoic girl!

Speaking of intelligent, lovely men . . . I then went to a new theatre, F.A.C.T., which my friend, Bill Kozy, became involved in. It’s a lot like “Spontaneous Combustion” at MTS. They, also, put together a show in 48-Hours. Let’s call it 48-Hour Theatre.

At this theatre, they do it a little differently than MTS. They hold auditions for the actors and choose eighteen of them; they get known playwrights to write the 10-minute plays and each play gets a director! Just like MTS “Spontaneous Combustion” each 10-minute play starts with the same line.

In this case: “Look what the cat dragged in!”

Very talented cast, I might add!

When I arrived, Bill was right there in the hallway . . . and he and I hugged and chatted for a few minutes; caught up. He seemed quite happy I came to see the show. He introduced me to one of the founders of this group.

Then, it was time to take my seat and Bill to do his play!

The whole cast was excellent . . . and one scene in particular had a really hot guy in it! Oh, two of them . . . I think Bill is really hot, too! LOL! Thus, I truly enjoyed the talent and the eye candy! Thank you, Bill, for inviting me.

Afterward, Bill introduced me to the director of his piece . . . Hopefully, I will get a chance to do this program, too. It’s really good!

Before the show, Bill also confirmed something for me . . . and I told him. He did NOT audition for the show I told you about. Nevertheless, he was called and asked to play a role! He is a big part of the theatre there for the last ten years or so. Again, I told you it was sort of pre-cast; they know who they want to play certain roles; based on people they know already.

That’s pretty common, of course, in community theatre. Bill did not take the role. He’s still too busy to take on big projects. Which is too bad . . . he’s very talented and he should be on stage or screen whenever possible!

Okay, I said too much . . . he may read this! Yikes! I worked with him at MTS a year ago and he really, obviously, impressed me and continues to do so.

Oh, Fredy did get to an interpreter and called me tonight. He was arrested on Monday, for having marijuana; he was held in jail for four hours and released.

Great day . . . !

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa