Day One Hundred Six (106): Show Pictures: TestoGENIUS

Day OneHundred Six (106): Monday, June 14th, 2010

106) Christians Debate The Law of Attraction

Many Christians are divided on whether or not the Law of Attraction aligns with Christian beliefs. Those against the Law assert that when people believe that they create their lives and everything in them, they diminish or eliminate God as Creator and practice self-deification. The claim that you can have ultimate knowledge and become godlike is what the serpent promised Eve in the Garden of Eden when tempting her to defy God’s command to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve apparently formed a strong desire to have what the serpent promised her.

The boys rehearsed with Bridgette today, I was off to Manhattan Theatre Source to drop off our music; and to take photographs of the other cast members.

Not too much of a big deal . . . I photographed John Watts and Michael Bordwell, who are doing monologues in the TestoGENIUS Festival. The same festival my play, CHILDLESS MAN, is in with my boys!

It was enjoyable taking photographs — Jenny Green has emailed and asked to do it, for publicity purposes.

Of course, didn’t know then, the photographs would never be used. I will use them here, now.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


Day Twenty-Six (26): Photography, Bachelor’s Degree & Radio Show

Day TwentySix (26): Friday, March 26, 2010

26) Chi: Harmony and Balance

The Chinese use the word “chi” (pronounced chee) to mean the natural, supernatural, and spiritual energy of the physical universe and the human body and mind. An imbalance of chi in a person’s body or life brings upon him or her disharmony and disease. Practitioners of acupuncture, chi gong, and other disciplines embracing the concept of chi as a subtle force underlying and permeating all things (like prana) say that restoring the balance of the flow of the chi is what restores balance, health, and harmony. When balance is restored, the things a person desires become manifest through their thought energy.

Today, the Art Institute On-Line called me back, again. I had filled out a form on-line about getting a Bachelor Degree in Photography. So, the call, well, Sara totally had me apply and enroll. Of course, I have to see if I qualify for a student loan or grant! Preferably a grant! I’ll know on Monday . . .

Strangely, or not so strangely, I’ve talked about this before … I am sure? Right? If I made $5,000 to $10,000 a year at all the things I do; I’d be making a good living and enjoying what I do! Photography is one of them. And clients look at degree’s as giving you more clout.

Tonight was my BlogTalk Radio Show . . . the first time in a long time. I started my 12-Week Program, in a scaled down way tonight on this show.

The show, Clarifying — went well. At least, I feel it did! Not sure I have enough listeners, though. I am now very interested in being a co-hose to Psychic Tee ( on her BlogTALK Radio Show. Pump me up more clients, listeners!

Also, before the show, nevertheless, I had a session with one of my regular clients. A phone client who is about to be very big in the music business! Trust me!

So, this morning, I hope . . . after I do some very important work: I hope to put up Week #1 here for all of you to start working Law of Attraction (LOA) into your life.

My LOA is working very well. I hesitate to be too detailed on one matter, which seems to be manifesting very quickly as this person or person(s) involved will read this. And it could sort of curtail it all.

I will state that I feel like two miracles occurred today.

* The opportunity for me to get a degree and money for this . . .

* Communication with someone I care about a lot . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa