Day One Hundred Five (105): Tony Awards

Day One-Hundred Five (105): Sunday, June 13th, 2010

105) Obey Inner Guidance

In his book, Confessions, Augustine wrote that he came to God too late. He expressed regret that he had thrust himself upon the beautiful things that God had created instead of turning within to seek God, the Creator. According to Confessions, it was only after sensing a voice telling him to “take and read,” was Augustine compelled to pick up a Bible where he read and obeyed a passage that instructed him to follow Christ. The Law of Attraction was at work at all times to give Augustine whatever he set his heart upon and felt driven to get–at first, stature as a hedonist and powerful orator and later, as a denunciate of hedonism and devoted follower of Christ.

All I can remember is today was TONY AWARD DAY!

I purposely didn’t schedule a rehearsal today because I wanted to say home and see the Tony Awards. Actually, I was supposed to go to a party, which I paid $25.00 for, but, sadly, yesterday, on my tours … a sort throat started. Today I felt even more like crap and stayed home.

Because I had paid for the party, I was going to try to get there … yet, as the day progressed, I felt more and more like crap and wanted to say home. Thus, I canceled my attendance at the party and asked for a refund.

Despite the fact I did, indeed, feel awful — I loved the Tony’s. As par for the course, it strengthened my resolve to pursue my acting dreams. I just want to be on Broadway, I really must! It’s who I am . . . it’s my purpose . . . my heart . . .my soul.

Love, Light & Stage Lights . . .

Angela Theresa