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Renthead: Meeting Wilson Jermaine Heredia

It happened Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2010

Now, this story really begins much earlier. In fact, it is sort of full circle, or nearly full circle.

My history and story with musicals; in this case, RENT (the musical), and the cast of the original Broadway musical.

Years ago, when RENT was a workshop and there was a casting call . . . in the late 80s. I recall reading and/or hearing about the audition here in New York.

At that time, I was a skinny (anorexic thin, actually), aspiring stage star. I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Regularly performing as ‘Frank N. Furter’ with my Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast in Brooklyn; attending auditions I would find in the Backstage newspaper.


I’m sure I blew off the auditions for RENT. Only thing I remember from the time(s) was thinking, “A musical about paying rent? Clever!” And having read the breakdown, perhaps, at that time, I would’ve only fit the role of Maureen. I know, in those days, even though I was in my early to mid 20s, I was still being cast as 16 to 19-year-olds [I looked really young]. It made me a good age for ‘Mimi’ . . . certainly I was skinny enough, but, I am as white as the driven snow. The only thing about me that is even remotely hispanic would be brown eyes!

God knows, as a teen and into my early 20s, I dreamt of wearingMax Factor’s TV #4make-up to help me be a candidate to play ‘Maria’ in WEST SIDE STORY!

Strangely, I remember someone, who was a lot like the real-life version of ‘Angel’, a good friend–at the time.

1986_Miss Andrew

He/She called himself ‘Miss Andrew’ . . . was one of my best friends . . . in my shadowcast [as ‘Columbia’]. I remember, early in our friendship, Miss Andrew said to me, “You’d be great as Mimi in that new musical, RENT.”

Miss Andrew knows his stuff, as far as theatre goes … thus, it must’ve been very early on in the developing of RENT: Andrew wouldn’t expect red-headed/white me to play a hispanic girl, even then, when I was skinny enough to play a drug addict with AIDS.

To complete the circle . . . to this day: I swear that Jonathan Larson, previous to writing RENT, must’ve been hanging out with all of us at “8th Street Playhouse’ and ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW in the 80s. It would be years and years before I actually saw RENT; still, I feel like I knew every character in one way or another. They were me and my buddies at RHPS, etc. We lost many, early on, to AIDS, too; others still living today with it on inhibitors, etc., etc.

I dated quite a few guys who were either, filmmakers ala’ ‘Mark’ and many musicians, ‘Roger’. And like ‘Maureen’, I experimented a bit. Not quite to the point the character did — as I never had a full-fledged affair with a woman. A couple of make-out sessions above the waist was as far as my lesbian experiences went, in my early 20s.

Otherwise, to this day, I generally date 1) gay men, 2) commitment-phobic men or 3) possessive men. If I date at all. It’s been awhile! Another story for another time!

1984_Nick Atonna & I

I digress … In 1993-1997, years later, I was highly involved with Manhattan’s 13th Street Repertory Theatre. During a production of Tobin James Mueller’s musical, Frankenspell, I dated a bit. One guy, whom I had one date with only, was Simcha Borenstein. It was just dinner, thus, really, not a date — it was either his birthday or mine; we were friends and not too interested in each other romantically. Anyway, I think it was his birthday and I didn’t want him to celebrate alone … he was sort of shy, or seemingly so. Thus, we had dinner.

At that time, we talked a lot about theatre, etc. and have kept in touch, a bit, since that time (facebook). Simcha is married now and like me, still does theatre. Anyway, about four years ago (2006 or thereabouts), had dinner with him and his wife. Simcha is close friends with Anthony Rapp!!! They went to school together!

1996_Simcha & I

In 2007, I finally saw RENT on Broadway and fell in love, becoming a big Renthead. I also saw WICKED. Although, I had fallen in love with the Original Broadway recording of WICKED and had a mad lust/love and respect for Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. In fact, I still do!!! I’d go gay for Idina Menzel [really, it’s a joke! Maybe . . .].

Time passes again, I hear Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal [I’d do anything for him!] are coming back to Broadway in the show. On their last Broadway performance, a few days before, desperate to see them perform, I go to Craigslist and find one ticket for sale — face value!!! The girl cannot go due to a job conflict.

In the meantime, this is 2008 . . . my roommate tells me that she is friends with Adam Pascal. They worked on a film together called GOYBAND. More small world coincidence. At the Broadway Flea Market earlier that year — I met Anthony and we spoke about Simcha, out mutual friend.

So, I go to the show, and despite crowds in the 1000s (it seemed), I get near enough to Adam to yell out, “Georgie [sic: my roommate from GOYBAND] says ‘hey’, Adam!”

Adam looks up, all sweet and wonderful, and says to me.

Oh, send her my love and a big kiss!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to him, close enough to get that kiss for her!

Then, later in 2008, I move to Hollywood, California for eight months, right? I join a meet-up group. The organizer of our “law of attraction” Beverly Hills, CA meet-up group, Marc, I learn…plays tennis regularly with . . . TAYE DIGGS!!! Idina Menzel’s husband!!! Unfortunately, Marc never introduced me to Taye and Idina. Still, closer than ever.

Wilson Jermaine Heredia

And then, just this last October . . . back in New York since November 2008: I go to the Broadway Flea Market and win free tickets to an Off Broadway play called TALES FROM THE TUNNEL. I meet the director at the flea market.On October 2nd, 2010, my good friend Jordan Auslander, another friend, Joseph and I go to see this play. I am in awe, happy and thrilled to see “Wilson Jermaine Heredia” as one of the ensemble cast!!! Wow! Full circle!And earlier that day, I was jamming to my iPod and listening to ‘I’ll Cover You’ from the film, RENT!After the show, a few of us were hanging around [bathroom etc.] inside the theatre. I went over to greet the actors and hoping to say hey to Wilson. And out he comes from backstage!”Wilson, I was listening to you today! Small world!”

Wilson smiles, “Thank you!” as he gives me the tightest, best hug ever!!!

It caught me a little off-guard, in a great way,  as I didn’t expect him to be so down-to-earth and friendly! He held really tight and wow — he has a great body [Wilson obviously works out]! Also, we must remember, I have a thing for hispanic men. So, I was in heaven!!

As we came out of the hug, he started to introduce himself and went to shake my hand.

Thank you for coming, I’m Wilson Jermaine . . .

I had to cut him off, “I know who you are! Remember, I was listening to you today?” As I introduced myself, “Hello, I’m Angela Theresa Collins. I won tickets at the Broadway Flea Market.”

Then, of course, he was off . . .

I was sort of overly excited and forgot to ask for a photograph together. At least, a cell phone shot. Still, I had a great experience!

Hmmm, I wonder if Wilson dates older women? Wilson, how about it?! I’d be a cougar for him, most definitely.

How about it, Wilson?

That night, I looked him up on facebook and found him; only later to learn it was an imposter. Nevertheless, I finally found the real one — a day or two later. He’s really down-to-earth and talented and even plays a little accordion!!! LOL!

Oh yeah, I also saw Jesse L. Martin live at the 25th Anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Las Vegas, NV. And I’ve tweeted to Tracie Thoms on twitter; although she has yet to respond! 😉

Life really is good! Soon, I’ll do another piece on all my favorite celebrities I’ve met or communicated with . . . most recently, had a short tweet from Betty Buckley! It was the night of the eclipse. My 2nd or 3rd tweet from her; after I responded to her.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

Best Compliment Award: From Dori Hartley

Originally meant to post this in October . . .

Dori Hartley 2010

Since I didn’t, here is a wonderful compliment I received from Dori Hartley . . . whom many of us know from her infamy of being the first ‘Frank N. Furter’ when Rocky Horror Picture Show was becoming a cult classic back in the late 70s, early 80s in New York City — and in the United States.

If you pick up, or find a copy of a book called CREATURES OF THE NIGHT by Sal Piro, you will find her story and many others. Afterwards, if you find a copy of CREATURES OF THE NIGHT II by Sal Piro; well, you’ll find my photograph(s) and a little about me, the infamous, Curry’s Angel.

Of course, since I wasn’t the first or never became a regular ‘Frank N. Furter’ at the actual 8th Street Playhouse — my fame is fading some. Nevertheless, I’ve had some years of what I call Rocky Horror fame. As you read the article below, about me and my association with Rocky Horror and all that entails — you will see my wish was “to be the next Dori Hartley“. In many ways it came true and ran full circle.

Besides getting to meet Dori, a few times (at RHPS conventions); in the past few years, via facebook and the RHPS family we all formed, I am happy she calls me a friend. We are not the best of friends [in the sense of knowing each other extremely well], or have we ever chatted, in person, for hours, or on the phone (as friends would do) — nevertheless, we have exchanged private emails and via facebook and, I believe, if we do, or had opportunity to hang out or chat on the phone, it would be for hours! It would also be fun, informative and really interesting!

To Me From Dori

Yet, we are quite sympatico and deep inside, I know, we understand one another as much as two, very unique women of similar age can. We are, for lack of a better word, contemporaries. We’ve had some common experiences, both of us have strong opinions [on which we agree, and many we would not agree], yet, respect each other enough to live and let live on things of which we’d, no doubt, disagree.

Also, like Dori, I did meet Tim Curry, as was also my goal.

Here is her wonderful note to me [I vote it the best compliment of 2010, and perhaps of the whole decade, so far!]. If nothing else, as noted in her note, Dori gets me, even when she doesn’t!

Angela You’re an original and I’m pretty sure you’ve taken your share of guff in your time.

I love your spirit and your independence. You’re as mad as a hatter and I have to let you know that I am YOUR fan – for your originality, your ability to stick with what YOU believe, and your ‘oh yeah? you think I care?’ attitude.

I totally respect you because you are uniquely you, all the time.

And Dori, I am your fan . . . for sure!

Now, my story:

The Story of “Curry’s Angel

It Was Great When It All Began

Me: Age 16

A long, long time ago (1979) in a galaxy far, far away (Phoenix, Arizona) my journey into Rocky Horror began, and almost ended at the same time! Being the 16-year-old Christian child that I was, I expected a fun film where we teenagers, who enjoyed acting, were able to do so. What I found was underage teens emulating sexual behavior, cursing like truck-drivers and men dressing like women! I was afraid to go to the bathroom because my two escorts, two other teen girls and their mothers, told me “don’t go to the bathroom because there is only one!” At the time, not really realizing that most of the guys wouldn’t even care if they saw me (or any other women) naked – thoughts of rape and molestation ran through my mind. My moral, Christian upbringing was being shaken at the foundation. In the next month, having seen the film Footloose, no doubt; I talked about starting a petition against The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I didn’t try very hard, but I told a couple teachers that it was immoral and should be banned! Little did I know what would happen two short years later…

At the age of 18, my mind was opened up… a lot. I was finding my chosen faith of Born Again Christianity much too limiting. My beliefs left no place in God’s world for my Jewish friends, my homosexual friends and my friends raised without organized religion. So, I asked the same friend, Traci Dubow, who escorted me in 1979, if she’d be willing to re-initiate the new me into the R.H.P.S.

That fateful night I fell in… love (or is it lust) with, as I put it, “that man in the fishnets and corset” and wanted to be part of it all. I was obsessed, trying to find every book written on the film and on Tim Curry – and I found them everywhere! In that same year, I read Sal Piro’s Creatures of the Night and read about Dori Hartley. I told all my new Rocky Horror friends that “Angela Theresa Egic is going to be the next Dori Hartley of Rocky Horror!” This was also around the year I was officially titled “Curry’s Angel“.

Since I am an actress, my first cast in Arizona was pretty impressed with my virgin performance at Rocky Horror and invited me back for the next week to audition to be a permanent Janet. I did that and then the cast was fired! I took over and began a cast of volunteer audience members. We had no costumes and most of us were still new to the film, but we all acted and performed our hearts out. Admittedly I was getting them into shape and we were doing pretty well for our inexperience… then BOOM!! Some big guy showed up, with entourage in tow. He had been doing the R.H. circuit for several years and he took over. He made me the understudy Magenta, Janet and a real occasional Columbia. But he did let me in the show free for the next year as a cast member. His name was Max Medina and his wife who became the regular Janet, also named Angela. To keep confusion down I began signing our cast list as The Next Mrs. Curry. Max was constantly telling me I wasn’t a true R.H. fan, but a Tim Curry fan. One night, Max, frustrated at my endless “Curry lines” during the film, shouted at me.”Angela! Who do you think you are, Tim Curry’s angel or something?!!” (I’d like to note this was before angels became all the rage, too).I responded, “Yeah, Max, I am his angel! That’s why my mother named me Angela!!”Soon after two other cast members and I began our 70’s tribute as “Curry’s Angels” with us two Angela’s and our Columbia – I was Jaclyn Shit, then the other Angela, with the hair was Farrah Fucked Up and Kate Jackass. I kept the “Curry’s Angel” name, obviously. I was the biggest Tim Curry fan of our group!

From My Tim Curry Scrapbook

And that’s how I became Curry’s Angel in 1983 – which leads me back to my becoming the next Dori Hartley. The ways I most wanted to be like Dori was to become famous in the R.H. circuit and to actually know Tim Curry!! At this time I didn’t have the “balls” to consider even playing “Frank N. Furter” in a cast. I was pretty content with Janet and Magenta.Thus, the first thing I did on my road to R.H. fame was to write the fan club president, Sal Piro. I ordered a “Tim Curry Fearless shirt” and wrote him a note of how much I adore Tim Curry and the show. He wrote me back!! Little “Curry’s Angel” got a little from someone Dori Hartley was close friends with!!! Sal told me the medium t-shirt I ordered was gone and he only had a small one left… did I want it? I said “Yes” even though I like my shirts big.

The next few years many things happened.

Actual AADA ID

 Most importantly, in 1984, I was accepted to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in New York City.

I arrived in NY on October 12, 1984, only two weeks after my 21st birthday. My goals: to go to 8th Street Playhouse, meet and become friends with Sal Piro, join the cast and meet Tim Curry and become friends with him too! This, or course, would make me quite famous in the R.H. community!

My first visit to the 8th Street Playhouse was rather interesting, a whole different crowd from the Phoenix group. Met Sal before the show and asked about being in the cast, he said he did need a female Magenta. Culture shock city for me! But I had yet to get together a full costume, and that was an 8th Street requirement. By the time I got things together Sal had a full cast and didn’t seem too interested in either knowing me or casting me. I was this annoying Tim Curry fan always sitting in the third row trying to out-scream the resident 8th Street cast Tim fanatic, Michelle Rehfeld.

2009_Sal, Michelle & I

I boasted to everyone there how I was going to know Tim Curry and he was going to know me. They all thought I was just another young, fly-by-night, Rocky Horror fan, never to be seen again. But this Girl from Arizona who called herself Curry’s Angel never went away! Eventually, I became a regular audience member of 8th Street, and as much as I annoyed a lot of the cast, I slowly began to fit it. They stopped calling me “the Girl from Arizona” and started to accept that I was indeed “Curry’s Angel“.

1997_Fearless T-Shirt

Later, living in Brooklyn… there was a theatre, The Marlboro, which showed R.H.P.S. on Saturday midnights only. I approached the manager of that theater and several of the 8th Street regulars and asked if we could be the resident cast of Brooklyn. The manager agreed and gave us a date that we could try it out. And as true and dedicated fans of the 8th Street cast, we still went into NYC on Friday nights, and for anniversaries. Our show was only on Saturday nights.

In the two or three years that the show was in Brooklyn, several of our cast members became 8th Street regulars. In fact, some of our originally Brooklyn cast are still involved with the fan club and the NYC Cast!

1987_Meeting The Man

To make a long story short (too late)… On August 28, 1987 at about 6:00 p.m., in New York City – I met Tim Curry! He [Tim Curry] was in rehearsal for the Broadway touring cast of Me and My Girl. I tracked him down through my friend who worked in “the Broadway Circuit” and met him…by myself, and I made quite an impression! It would take several more pages to explain what happened with me and Tim and why, to this day, he knows me by name and calls me his angel when we do see each other. The interesting part, Tim and I never discussed R.H.P.S. the whole 20 minutes we chatted during that first meeting. It just didn’t come up.

I retired a couple of weeks after the meeting. In 1992, I volunteered to use my years of RHPS experience to do a column, in a now defunct fanzine by Mad Man Mike called When Madness Takes Its Toll. When Mike decided to end his fanzine I started my own [now defunct]. I premiered it at the “1993 Mini-Con” in Washington, DC. I titled mine The Unconventional Conventionalists R.H. Newsletter.

RHPS 10th Anniversary

Since 1992, I’ve been in full retirement from the performing aspect of the RHPS. I’ve attended many RHPS conventions and seen Mr. Curry several more times through the years. In fact, I’ve met, sometimes hung out, with a lot of the original film cast of RHPS.

And Sal Piro has had me involved in some convention and a Halloween TV special on cable! I’ve also appeared as “Curry’s Angel” at the 10th Anniversary in NYC and the 15th Anniversary in Los Angeles.

2009_Jamie Donnelly & I

In 2008, via a friend in Hollywood, CA, I also had the pleasure of meeting the original “Trixie/Magenta” from the Broadway Roxy cast of Rocky Horror Show; the lovely Jamie Donnelly!

Currently, I live in New York doing stage acting and still pursuing a career as a Broadway actor/singer and writer. I am working on my first book about developing your psychic gifts; I also work as an Intuitive/Medium.


Comments also welcome here! Keep reading as I will have updates about my books, my intuitive work and my stage work.

Happy New Year!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa 

November 2010

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Day Eighty-Six (86): Spiritual Power

Day Eighty-Six (86): Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

86) Psychics And Shamans Tap Into Spiritual Power

Psychics and shamans have traditionally been people who claim to sense the unseen, see into the future (divination), work with the supernatural in lower or higher realms of existence, or have the ability to influence unseen energies or spirits through spells, incantations, magic dream work, music, ecstatic trances, and sacred dance. Ancient peoples called psychics and shamans by other names, medicine man/woman, priest/priestess, or sorcerer/sorceress, necromancer, and magician, for example, depending upon their particular cultures. Often shamans occupied places of high position within a village or culture.

Many people have asked me how my psychic/intuitive gifts work? Where do they come from? Are they inherited? Briefly here, I will attempt to explain for those who want to know.

First, let me say, I honestly believe 98% of the population have psychic gifts. Perhaps it is 100%, nevertheless, I’ve met a couple who — whether it be lack of education, socially or tradition, or other factors — seem devoid of any inner guidance system at all; thus, I say 98%.

Psychic gifts manifest is various ways and by many different names. For example, knowing who is calling on the telephone before it rings, or without looking at the caller ID. Or much more major intuitive messages such as the dozens or hundreds of stories of September 11th, 2001 — when many people decided to not go to work at the World Trade Center, or travel to New York. In fact, that’s my story!

From May 2000 through May 2004, I lived in Los Angeles, California. At the beginning of September 2001, my live-in boyfriend, Fredy Adolfo Gonzalez De Leon, had received his workers compensation after a two or so year battle. It was approximately $35,000.00.

We were living in a motel and had, with the money, finally planned to move to our own apartment. Fredy was tired of hearing me talk about New York and how much I loved it. He also was interested in seeing New York and Washington DC. Particularly the Pentagon and in New York, The World Trade Center.

September 9th, 2001 Fredy and I were sitting in our hotel room and contemplating our move . . . and having a little fun on some of the money. We had a rough year together, financially. Fredy and I had been together from September 9, 2000. So, he told me that anniversary morning that he wanted us to go to New York the next day. He would buy us the tickets that day, the 9th, and we could leave for New York on September 10th.

I missed New York terribly and really had been talking, for months about the money and going back “home” for a visit. So, yes, I was interested in this spur of the moment plan. Yet, I had gained a lot of weight since my departure from NYC in 1997 and two weeks before, in Burbank, CA, I had just joined Weight Watchers. I thought about the amazing offer for a couple of hours, felt queasy (actually) and then, I told Fredy.

Not now, I’m too fat and don’t want my friends to see me fat. We’ll do it later in the year.”

Fredy said fine and reminded me he had made the offer.

On the morning of September 11th, I awoke to the newscast of the first tower being hit. Fredy was watching it. I asked him why he was watching such an awful movie . . . and he pointed out it was LIVE!!! I was crying and was saying, this is planned, someone is going to hit the other tower. As I said it to Fredy, the 2nd plane flew into the 2nd tower!

Another strange note about that . . . I lived in New York from 1984 to 1989 and again from 1992-1997. I had recurrent dreams, nightmares, really, for all those years of being in an upper floor of the WTC, and seeing fire and I would be holding onto the carpet as the building swayed uncontrollably toward the water and the other buildings.

Since 9/11/2001, those dreams have ceased.

As for my family history:

My mother tells stories, one in particular, about her father, Norman Collins, reading the stars.

My mother was very young, obviously and was standing outside in her home of Ashland, Kentucky with her father. He was reading the stars to her.

He said to Mom, “In six weeks the President will die in the White House.”

Six weeks later, President Roosevelt died in the White House.

My mother, of course, calls her gifts “intuitive” and they have always made me insane. Why? Well, as a child, my mother would always share her feelings, out loud, to my friends, family and strangers! I found it embarrassing and sometimes just plain cruel. Mind you, my mother is about honesty. And she doesn’t mince her words! Nor does she have any tact. What pissed me off the most . . . she was usually right on the money!!!

I’d bring a friend home, on occasion (if I was too embarrassed) and my mother would take one look at him or her and say, out loud, “That girl is not your friend.”

I’d be insulted and my friend would be, too. More often than not, I would try to defy my mother’s prediction and continue to hang out with the friend. And lo and behold, a month or more later, the friend would betray me in some way. Mom was always right on the money.

Of course, Mom gave me positive statements, too with “I like him, he’s a good guy.” She adored my high school boyfriend, Vincent Townsend. He and I were together for three years.

Mom is now 78-years-old and still says embarrassing things. There are stories that would make most of you freak out, blush or run and hide in some rural commune. Although, if you have met my mother or you do . . . trust me, everyone, in the long run, loves her! I guess a Southern accent makes the insults seem funny or less biting. Still, my mother does, after a long dose, tend to get on peoples’ nerves. You think I talk a lot?! Meet Verna, or as her nieces and nephews call her “Aunt Dolly”!

I come from a long line of drunks, talkers and nut cases. Don’t say a thing to me about that! You cannot be crazy if you know you are, right? I know I am . . .

How does my gift(s) work? I would say, basically, I see pictures and movies in my head. They tend to be accurate and right on the money. Perhaps, as my mother’s instincts tell her. Although, generally, I am more tactful (I hope!).

I am also clairaudient and clairvoyant. I hear words in my head . . .they are like my own thoughts, yet different. Thus, I can distinguish from my own words and those from a higher place. And yes, I see dead people and spirits . . . all the time, walking around like everyone else. [I borrowed that from SIXTH SENSE]. I would say, though, as I got older, it’s more like I sense them in a mental vision.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, I see them, too. Nevertheless, not exactly like GHOST WHISPERER clear. They would be more faded looking . . . somewhat see-through.

For now, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. More later . . .

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa 

Day Fifty-Five (55): Happy Birthday, Fredy Gonzalez De Leon

Day Fifty-Five (55): Saturday, April 24th, 2010

55) Replace Negative Self-Talk

The twelve-step programs that are often key to the recovery of substance abusers advocate that people must take responsibility for their actions but they can find help anytime by trusting in a higher power. Those who suffer addiction must learn to let go of negative self-talk as it defeats the good they are trying to manifest in their lives. Self-talk is the perpetual driver of behavior. It tells half-truths and untruths. Replacing negative self-talk with the statement reworded into a positive affirmation can literally change a life.

Although, I do not recall the events of this day now (some weeks later): It is my ex-boyfriend, now friends’ birthday. Fredy Adolfo Gonzelez De Leon turns 47-years-old today. His story, which I’m working on in a play version [for a Father’s Day theatre piece called TESTOGENIUS in NYC] is moving. The story of him and I, in brief:

We met a couple of times in 2000. We met via a girl I met on the streets of Burbank, California. A woman named Lisa who loved Madonna and karaoke (she is hard-of-hearing — HOH). She had a roommate in her trailer in 2000; a deaf man named Fredy.

Lisa Madonna’s boyfriend was getting out of jail soon and she needed Fredy to leave. So, I was living in a motel in Burbank at the time and was seeking a roommate (only). We discussed it a little bit.

One afternoon, about three month after meeting Fredy a couple of times . . . Lisa, Fredy and I met and walked aroung Burbank. It was apparent there was some attraction between Fredy and I. That night, a bunch of us, including Lisa, Fredy and some of my hearing friends went out to karaoke.

Fredy was sitting there, the only deaf person, nursing a beer and very, very bored. I remembered how to sign all the dirty words and began signing them to him. He was intriqued and smiled at me a lot. . . wrote me some nice notes on a napkin, including “I love you“. I laughed it off, but it was apparent we were both attracted. We kept holding hands in the car.

The next day, September 2000, Fredy and I met up, alone, to see about an apartment (two bedrooms) and one thing lead to another. The day after that, since Fredy needed to move and was collecting worker’s comp; I invited my new lover to move into the motel with me until we could find a place. He did!

We stayed together for the next six years and went through a lot in California, moved to Pennsylvania and now, ten years later . . . we are friends.

I do recall calling him today on VP (videophone) and wishing him a happy day  . . . or he may have called me first. I wanted to bring him here, to New York, to visit; but didn’t get the money together in time.

Currently, he lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and lost his job months ago; he resides in a homeless mission in Lancaster, PA. He has no ID, it was stolen when he lived in a tent . . . I wish I were richer and could help him more. At this point, that is not possible; at least, not at the level he needs help.

My roommates will not let him move in here . . . as he’d be willing to work hard, off the books, anywhere.

Again, a long story for another time. I promised to bring him here in a week or two, for a visit.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa 

Day Forty-Six (46): Steak and California Friend Visits

Day FortySix (46): Thursday, April 15th, 2010

46) Put Yourself Out There

Up to this point, you have been using energy in your thinking, imagining, visualizing, and making lists. Now you decide to put yourself into situations where you might actually meet him. You attend a speed-dating event with a friend, sign up for a month on an Internet matchmaking site, frequent bookshops and grocery stores, and take a cooking class. You start taking your dog on extended walks, believing that at any moment he may soon walk toward you. You tell your friends and family members you are ready for him to show up and believe he’s near.

My friend, Cyndi Donovan, is arriving today . . . she’s here, from Los Angeles, to attend the last get together for ONE LIVE TO LIVE fans; and do a couple of modeling shoots.

Of course, I had the tours today . . . after taking off sick yesterday. I cannot remember why, but, after my shift, I went up to the City Sights office and ran right into Erica Hawkins, my buddy. We decided, along with Floyd (another Tour Guide) to have lunch/dinner together.

Luckily, I was off after the third tour . . . and it was only about 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m.

About the time we decided on and arrived at “Tad’s” . . . Cyndi was texting me that she was arriving at JFK airport.

Because I spent a little time with Erica and Floyd; Cyndi arrived at my apartment before me and no one home. I headed back as soon as I could.

Half-way there, on my #7 train . . . Cyndi texted me to see if my roommate was home and how close I was. I called Michele, and she must’ve went right past Cyndi!!! Michele went down and brough Cyndi in the apartment.

The rest of the evening, we caught up; Cyndi and I. She was, understandably, tired and hadn’t slept all night. I went to do homework and found out that my computer was dead.

PANIC set in and was hoping it would clear by morning . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa