Psychic Insights: [Real-Life Crimes] Etan Patz — 1979

DISCLAIMER: Yesterday, when I originally posted this story — from the pages of my memories, and my drawings, from some 30-something years of keeping to myself. Well, I contacted Mr. Patz so that if any of the information I picked up years ago would be of interest or ring some sort of bell; I just wanted him to know. This was not wise. I offended him. And I, in no way, wish to add to the pain of the Patz family. They have been living with this tragedy for 30-something years.

Thus, first, my public apology for contacting Mr. Patz. I really should have left him to his privacy. And apologies for anything I published or said that has and/or will offend you.

Mr. Patz (Stan) contacted me, same day, and said he preferred I take down the whole article; and corrected me on information (from my cloudy memory) which I quoted incorrectly.

I wrote him back to let him know, I’d like to keep the article posted and remove the parts that offended him most — the YouTube links bothered him [and I understand why — they have sales ads] and me misquoting him, also understandable.

Mr. Patz informed me there has never been a lead, reference or even a thought of Etan being in Syracuse, NY. So, there you have it — it is just my dreams, impressions that picked up Syracuse.

As a psychic, this case, which happened when I was just a teen [living my high school life far away – Phoenix, AZ], really developed my psychic crime-solving gift. I have only told a few friends about my early images of how Etan Patz was killed, his age at his death and where his body might be.

In those years, I had never been in New York City – my first time would be 1984 – this case moved me. Soon after it was public, I had dreams of being in a car, with other children, on the West Side Highway [at that time I didn’t know it was the West Side Highway, either]. I just dreamt of being on a semi-circular roadway looking through a window at a big city…surrounded by water and bridges. Although, I am not sure it is related to Etan Patz.

One night, all those years ago around 1981 (the year I graduating high school), I had a dream [this was also more recognition of my medium gifts]:

In my dream, I found myself sitting on a ratty old couch in a messy old single room apartment. Sitting beside where about four to six children, boys and girls. When I “awoke” in this drab, dirty room I immediately stood up to face all these children – ages 6 to 12 – and asked them who they were and why they were here. All of them were very silent and had the large hungry eyes of starving children in Third World countries. Their clothes were tattered and their demeanor that of abused children – no tears, just large, sad eyes. Not one of them spoke.

I kept questioning, wondering why no one would answer me. Then, one of them, about 8-years-old, sitting between the other children was familiar to my eyes.

You’re Etan Patz!”

The boy nodded that he was, indeed, Etan.

I looked at the other children and it came to me, “Oh my God, you’re all dead, aren’t you?”

The children nodded.

For whatever reason, they were unable to speak to me out loud. I found they could hear my questions in their mind and would answer with their yes and no head nods.

I looked at Etan and said, “This is where you all are? This apartment?”

Etan gave me the affirmative.

“Can you tell me where ‘this apartment’ is located?”

Etan stood up and walked to the front door. Right beside the door was a light switch. Etan pointed to it and it turned into a moving, virtual reality map – similar to today’s touch screen computers [this was 1981, though] – and I could see maps moving quickly until it landed on New York. Etan pointed at a name on the map. I expected New York City, but it was different.

Etan pointed harder at the name on the map, which I had trouble reading: I didn’t know New York names and places well, at that time, at least. I saw the word Sycamore. Etan disagreed with his head nod.

I asked him, “It sounds like Sycamore, right?”

He seemed disappointed, it was the only way I could read the word,at that time.

“Etan, is your body in this apartment? I want to tell your parents.”

Etan told me no . . . with his head. And again pointed on the light switch. The picture went from the map of this place I was calling Sycamore, NY – like a film. I saw two brick buildings, white, a few stories high, side by side, same size, same look. In front of it were some fields of grass/dirt and one tree [perhaps, a sycamore tree?].

Etan pointed to about the third story window, to show me where this apartment was from the outside of the building. Then, for where his body was, he pointed to the field area, very near the one tree.

I asked him how old he was when he was killed. He was 8-years-old, although he disappeared at age 6. I picked up more information telepathically from Etan and the other children.

The man who killed them lived in the building in which they were [in my dream]. Etan confirmed [in my dream]:

  • Etan was familiar with the man when he intercepted him in New York. 

  • The man abused boys, mostly, yet would hurt girls, too.


I promised to remember the information given when I woke up – I had realized it was a dream.

So, when I woke up, I asked Etan Patz to draw through my hands about all the information.

I have had these drawings for years and was always scared to share it with anyone:

  1. I was a teenager and who would believe me

  2. It would be awful if law enforcement dug up a campus and found nothing just based on my impressions

  3. I would be accused of being an opportunist.

Yesterday, number three happened. Etan’s father thought I was just seeking instant fame and/or God knows what. I’m not, at least, not about this situation. If my impressions can find Etan Patz, fine. And if my impressions do lead to him, I don’t care if they ever say my name or not. As for money, I don’t ask for money for missing children cases; nevertheless, if a reward or business compensation [where businesses are involved] is offered, I would accept monetary compensation should my impressions directly lead to the recovery of a child and/or solving a crime.

>> Yes, I am in the Psychic/Medium business, as well. Since I cannot take on every case, I will help when and where I can [with missing children only]. As I did for the Maine Police Department in finding a missing child (deceased). My name was never mentioned, I never visited Maine or Canada (where I told them they’d find the missing child — and they did), and I have not received one bit of money from that case. << 

Still, this is NOT my goal or purpose in posting or sharing my findings [financial gain or fame — although, I am, with my blog, advertising my gifts for profit]. I am sharing these [drawing and insights] for FREE so a missing child can come home and/or a crime can be solved.

Thus, I kept them [the drawings, psychic impressions & dreams] all these years and now it’s time, with a place (my blog) for me to finally share them.

THE DRAWINGS: They are drawn from a child’s hand, Etan Patz, as I, basically, in 1981, channeled him to draw them for me. I have found, since I have actually helped in a couple of cases with the police in recent years, I can draw pictures based on what I pick up from dead children.

BACK TO THE STORY: Years later, when I moved to New York to attend college (1984) – I learned my mistake with Sycamore. Because I hadn’t heard of it, a friend whom I showed him the drawings, told me it is in Syracuse, NY.

The information from my friend:

  • It is the college campus and the buildings were part of the college there.

  • The room I described, he told me, was what the dorm rooms look like inside.

  • The building was where the staff would live.

The field has since been built-up and I didn’t hear of them finding bodies or remains.

Although, Etan told me he is buried near this building(s). 

My friend told me that these buildings, the original college buildings, were torn down.

It wasn’t the case, though, in 1981, when I drew these pictures.

If these impressions and drawings help solve the crime, I would be glad to work, even anonymously, with anyone out there working on the case.

Coming up, in another blog postings, my drawings from the Jon Benet Ramsey case and the recent case of Lauren Spierer (which I should post next so they can, possibly, find her).

I did contact and they informed me they do not take psychic impressions on cases.

Ethan Patz: Missing Boy Case Reopened 31 Years Later – ABC News

  Train tracks which bisect the city are two blocks from the dorms.

Even though this is a house, it is sort of how I saw the building(s) in my dream. This photograph and the above caption was taken in Syracuse, NY.






The other photo, from Syracuse, NY (near the dorms) is a pretty good image of the field I saw where the children are buried [should my dream have any truth in it]. I saw only one tree and remember, my dream took place in 1981.

Day Thirteen (13): Rainy Day Date w/Richard Simmons

Day Thirteen (13): Saturday, March 13, 2010

13) Kindness Begets Kindness

Thinking good thoughts instead of dark or evil ones is a way of doing good. When you silently bless others, that is a good thing and good is attracted back into your life. You’ve no doubt heard that phrase, “what goes around comes around.” It comes back to magnetic attraction. When you pray and do good deeds (acts of kindness like putting money in expired parking meter where a stranger’s car is parked, your thoughts and actions bear the fruit of goodness. Consider for a moment what kinds of thoughts and feeling, mental images, words, and deeds are you sending out? What is in your life that you don’t like? What would you change? What do you desire?

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

It was better today my weight finally broke a bit to lower than it has been all week. Yet, until it sustains a few days; I cannot trust it.

I had barely any food in the house tonight. And it rained and rained in NYC, thus, I didn’t feel much like going out to shop. Money is a little on the side of testing my law of attraction . . . which means, it’s low. Nevertheless, a friend whom I give free readings all the time is supposed to have sent me a check for a bit of money.

Since I wake up in late afternoon, and go to sleep at the early morning hours . . . it was early evening when I put in my

My Ideal Figure

newly arrive Dance Your Pants Off, Richard Simmons video and did just that. It was fun!!!

Before that, due to not wanting to go out in the rain . . . I ordered out lunch/dinner and had my favorite rotisserie chicken (leg/thigh) and white rice from the Italian/Spanish place near the subway exit of the #7 Train (90th Street/Elmhurst Avenue).

Then, when I thought I would go shopping . . . tv got me addicted: Watch COPS and my favorite, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED. I want to work for them, with my gifts. I have this idea,  just to do it. Go to the website and email my impressions each week. And give them a note, that for any case that is solved by my psychic tips >> if there’s a reward, I would accept it. Otherwise, if my psychic tips solves a missing person case or whatever; I do not require compensation.

i.e. Tonight they had this case about a 15 or 16-year-old girl who disappeared and then was murdered in 1985. A young man was accused and spent many years in jail for the crime. A group that re-investigates cases where there’s DNA and/or a person continues (even after convicted; particularly on circumstantial evidence) to claim their innocence. Well, the DNA proved this man was NOT the guilty party.

It’s the Kim Simon case, out of  Oneida County: A witness, once ignored, said she saw Kim Simon with a group of mostly men who were involved with Satanic cults, etc. out near where her body was found. I was getting immediate pictures from the crime:

A question the police have asked: Another witness saw Kim Simon get in a pick-up truck and it drove off.

Another fact: A jail house informant said that the wrongfully accused man confessed to him. Well, it was later discovered that the informant was one of the five men involved with the Satanic cult.

My pick-ups on the case:

* The driver of the pick-up was either the “jail house” informant, or the “leader” of the Satanic group.

* One of the five (at least, five was mentioned or I have picked this up) is dead, now.

The rest of them, well, two of them now live near-by and I’m feeling one is a minister or high leader in a Christian church.

I am also getting a tie to Tennessee.

Hmmm, I should send this in . . .

Eventually, very late, I braved the rainy weather and went to our 24-hour Associated grocery store for supplies.

Abraham, the Ivory Coast immigrant, who works as security at night . . . once again, asked me out on a date of African food. He wants to buy a car and take me to Harlem for the “date”. I keep telling him, I will ask my boyfriend, if it’s all right.

Abraham is much, much too young for me . . . only 29-years-old or younger (maybe?). He is still living his life as a very young man . . . a bachelor pad (so he tells me) . . . and working at a grocery store as security. Not to sound snobby: I need a more established man, really.

Also, there is not much in common with such a young man and myself. He has no theatre background or strong interests. He does enjoy movies. Otherwise, the many conversation we’ve had is about all the women in our neighborhood, married one’s too, who want him!

That said, every night, I “feel” my life partner holding me and telling me how much he loves me. I tell him, in my mind and flowdreaming, how much I adore him and glad we found one another!

Remember, law of attraction believes what you feel to be true and manifests it!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa