Open Letter To Tim Curry

My friend, Dori Hartley, a wonderful talented woman who has done it all! She has acted, sings and made recordings, writes (for Huffington Post) and used to hang out in The Village (Greenwich Village, NY) with Tim Curry!1980s_DoriHARTLEY 002

It was recently published that Mr. Curry suffered a massive stroke in July 2012 and is recovering well. Since May 2013, we have heard no more reports or how he is doing.

Since Dori has not been in recent contact with her friend, Tim, she posted this lovely letter to him. Please share this and even leave your own message for him.

I have shared this article (Open Letter to Tim Curry) with my associates who, should Mr. Curry not find this himself, he is sure to see it.

2013_05 Recovering--001

Click on the above photo for the article, and a place to leave your own wishes.

3 thoughts on “Open Letter To Tim Curry

  1. Tim Curry,

    You have entertained me since I was a very young girl. My brother was stuck babysitting me and didn’t want to miss a midnight showing of RHPS so he took me with him. I loved you then and have loved everything you’ve done since. A very big cheers to you!


  2. Love your pin name…i too am i huge Tim Curry fan due to the RHPS….and guess what I live in Gilbert AZ…i’ve lived in Arizona (east valley) since 1980…frequented Valley Art on Mill to see the RHPS soooo many times… 🙂


    1. Hello Connie, thanks for posting here. I first fell for Tim Curry, interestingly enough, before I knew his name. It was long ago, yes, before ‘Rocky Horror’ at THE SOMBRERO THEATER. You may be too young to remember that was the original site for the film(?)! And before the actual film came on, they had “promo shorts”, which later would be called “music videos” — this was before MTV. And there was “this cute guy” on a taxicab. It was the promo short/video of Tim Curry doing his song, ‘Paradise Garage’. The rest is history.


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