Since the case has been re-opened, here is my take on it.

Angela Theresa: Renaissance Woman

DISCLAIMER: Yesterday, when I originally posted this story — from the pages of my memories, and my drawings, from some 30-something years of keeping to myself. Well, I contacted Mr. Patz so that if any of the information I picked up years ago would be of interest or ring some sort of bell; I just wanted him to know. This was not wise. I offended him. And I, in no way, wish to add to the pain of the Patz family. They have been living with this tragedy for 30-something years.

Thus, first, my public apology for contacting Mr. Patz. I really should have left him to his privacy. And apologies for anything I published or said that has and/or will offend you.

Mr. Patz (Stan) contacted me, same day, and said he preferred I take down the whole article; and corrected me on information (from my cloudy memory) which I…

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  1. There have been some people commenting on my original today.
    Please get this right. Us psychic’s are people — we cannot afford, nor have the training or skills to “investigate or find remains” ourselves (as someone suggested I should do).

    First of all, I may live hundreds or thousands of miles away.
    Two: It is illegal to dig up campuses, building or city blocks
    Three: I do not have access to dogs or trucks to dig up cement (which is what they’re doing now in Soho)
    Four: Etan Patz case happened when I was a child of 14-years-old, living 3000 miles away, going to school myself!

    When I did share my visions with Mr. Patz (Etan’s father), he told me to go away and told me to remove my blog, and information, that he said was untrue. Thus, what right do I have to hurt the parents of this child more than I have — by not removing my blog? And how would I do that (investigate/find the remains) with no support from police, truck operators, the city of NY or Syracuse University (where I said the bodies are buried beneath a building)? Who will pay my bail if I tried? Or my burial expenses if I break my arms and legs trying to break apart cement?!

    And I may be right about one part of this — In Soho they are digging up a cement area, where they feel the body is buried.


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