Psychic Insights [Real-Life Crimes]: Lauren Spierer, JonBenet Ramsey

DISCLAIMER:  These psychic impressions and drawings are purely for helping solve these crimes [and entertainment purposes]. If they help and anyone wants to research them, or ask me more questions regarding them [if you or someone you know is actually working on the cases] – I can be reached here or facebook.

 SOLVING CRIMES: Lauren Spierer – 2011

Lauren Spierer, a student at Indiana University, spent last Thursday night partying with her friend Corey Rossman at Kilroy’s Sports Bar. They arrived at her apartment at 2:30 a.m. the next morning. Surveillance cameras show them leaving 10 minutes later.

She disappeared from the face of the earth on June 3rd, 2011.


Here’s what I have been getting on this case:

  • Two men in a pick-up truck.

  • Both men have something to do with mines [i.e. coal or underground mines of some sort]

  • The men, or one of them, lives near and/or knows about an old mine shaft, or entrance to an actual mine.

  • They wrapped her in a carpet or thick blanket and place her in the opening.

  • Lauren is head up in this mine entrance.

  • She may have been alive, at first when placed there [not 100% on that one]

  • The mine entrance is near the home of one or both of these men

  • The mine entrance has wood boards marking it, although overgrown with tree branches.

    The men may have tried to cover the entrance with brush.

  • I get some dampness associated, like it has rained or water has settled at the bottom of this area.

  • The mine entrance seems closed, no longer used and/or filled in below Lauren’s body.

  • Kids play here.

  • Three to four trees surround it and one tree feels out-of-place, i.e., a palm tree, which doesn’t belong.

Here’s a drawing of the area:


SOLVING CRIMES: JonBenet Ramsey – 1996


This case hit me similar to the Etan Patz case … via a dream. Certainly this sad story happened in my adulthood and when we had more DNA evidence, etc.

She was found dead, in the basement, the day after a Christmas Party and the day after Christmas.

What I got from the case, just from my psychic vision was similar to what investigators have said:

  • She was familiar with the person.

The dream I had was on purpose. One night, a few years ago, perhaps in 2006, the 10th Anniversary, I asked the soul of JonBenet to show who actually killed her.

The dream: As I fell asleep with that thought, I dreamt I was the child. At least, I saw the dream through the eyes of the child and had my own mature thoughts.

So, the party has finished and this man, a friend of her parents, is still in the house. He may have even fallen asleep on the couch. When I am in the dream, the family is off to bed and Mr. Ramsey is telling JonBenet to come up to bed. She is running through the house and saying something to the guest – who has awoke. I think I hear someone telling him to wake up and go home.

He, the person, is groggy. JonBenet says something about showing him what she made or something, before he goes and tells this man – whom I, Angela Theresa, see looking a lot like “Mr. Clean” – JonBenet takes Mr. Cleans hand and leads him through the house.

At some point, I feel like everyone is in bed. And JonBenet is alone in the house with Mr. Clean. Not sure why he hasn’t left or if he came back in (broke in?). JonBenet is running, once again, through the house laughing, like it’s a game, and Mr. Cleans eyes get fierce.

I wake up about this time and draw the picture of him, gathering more psychic details, when I wake up and here’s the drawing.


44 thoughts on “Psychic Insights [Real-Life Crimes]: Lauren Spierer, JonBenet Ramsey

  1. What’s in the Back of the Truck?

    Around the time that Lauren Spierer disappeared a truck was photographed by security cameras as it was heading westbound on 10th Street. The photograph shows Lauren and her assailant in the back of the truck although for many people it is difficult to see.

    The picture has been colorized so that anyone can clearly see Lauren Spierer and her assailant in the picture. That this is an accurate representation of the original photograph is illustrated by images that morph between black-and-white and colorized.

    Watch the morphing images here:


    1. Not sure if it’s her or not, very blurry shot, if you ask me. I still think she will be found near, in or around a mine shaft entrance.


  2. I did a little searching based on what you have said about Lauren. There apprarently are many mines around Bloomington, IN. Not only that, I found one that is only 5 miles away from a family with the last name of Rosenbaum…I wonder if there is any relation to Jay. (I only mention because I know he is a person of interest and you state one of the men lives nearby or knows of a mine entrance) It is in a wooded area just southwest of the intersection of Mt Zion and Harmony Road in Bloomington, IN. I found the mine opening on this website The map showing the distance from the intersection to the Rosenbaum household is here I wish there was a way to get someone out there to search for her if you are correct in what you are getting. Isn’t there an email address or something I could send screenshots of the map and things to? What do you think? A long stretch or something worth mentioning?


    1. Thank you for your research. I am not sure, either. I have, in the past, not long ago, contacted someone regarding Etan Patz. Yes, a much older case and researched to exhaustion. I was not met with a great response. Not a terrible one, either — an understandable one. Thus, I think it’s always worth checking out. I’m not sure what response will be received. Nevertheless, this is a fresh case and it is totally worth checking and getting the info. to someone who will listen. Let me know, I will gladly contact them, too if they accept psychic impressions. I tried AMW and they do not take reports from psychics.


    2. JY:
      I went back to the mine website; I am having a hard time navigating it; it may be just my computer going on the blink. I went to maps at Google and found the intersection you referred to but without a coordinates I have no idea where to look. Help me out(:-)


      1. I’m not in the world of coordinates. I know little about geography. I know there are “unnatural” trees there — perhaps palm trees mixed with pine trees.


    1. I’m not sure you were addressing this to me or Angela but I am very interested in what you have found. Can you send me more detailed information about the map? I went to the map but did not find the location you indicated. Perhaps you can cut and paste to a Word Doc or send it as a PDF. I applaud your efforts. I would like to continue our conversation off site; wouold that be alright?
      Send to:


  3. Actually there is a stone quary a few miles outside of town; that’s as close to mining as your going to get. The best thing to do is contact the Geology department in Bloomington, explain that you are working behind the scenes on this case and ask if they can pin point any old mines for you. Also check with The Indiana Room and ask for the history of mining in and around the Bloomington area, old and new.Then contact the people who were involved in the search for Lauren and see how many volunteers you can muster. The police is not going to pay much attention to this source of information; psychics, mediums, and remote viewers. This is the last place they would look if they look at all. ON THE OTHER hand, if you actually find something they will start paying attention. Just my opinion.


    1. Thank you, Harry. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do all the work that requires as I do have my job(s) in NYC. I just wanted to share my information, as I did for the Maine Police Department. If there is someone who wants to utilize my information and search — or is able to bring me to the site [although, I don’t seek income from helping finding missing people, I do accept income and/or reward (if my information leads to solving the case and if a reward is offered). Yet, I don’t hold my information for money. If there’s no money, I offer my info. free (only for these types of cases) and do it from my home]. If I became part of the investigation — if police wanted me to visit the site (as stated before), I would need to be compensated as I couldn’t get there on my own.


  4. What was your experience with the Maine police department. I’ve spoken off record with a number of police officers and they don’t know of any of their fellow officers in or out of the department who has used this kind of information; even my question was met with rolled eyes.


    1. It wasn’t done directly. I have a friend who is from Maine, heard about the case and forwarded (herself, as she has friends in the Maine Police Department in her town)–she forwarded my impressions, via her family member, to a certain investigation (a missing 2-year-old). The child was found EXACTLY where I said, picked-up and in the condition I said she would. [Not once did I visit the area and nor did any police officer speak to me–it was done through my friend.]


  5. You can write to the Spierer family; they are still in Bloomington IN and have a P.O.Box set up for any information you might hPeople should address their mail to:

    Find Lauren, P.O. Box 1226, Bloomington, IN 47402-1226.ave.

    They are more apt to take you seriously. I’d send it if I were you.


    1. I will email only. I did send the info. to the Bloomington Police Department via email. If the Spierer family has internet — I welcome them to contact me. I’m not chasing this down becuz, I do not wish to interfere with others choices whether to utilize a psychic or not. Some people do not wish to do that.


      1. whether you email or mail a letter it’s the same thing just emailing is much faster. It won’t meant the you’re chasing them down. Just like with emailing, in which they can choose to utilize your psychic information, or not to by deleting, so can they just tear up your letter


      2. Not sure what you mean, Bonnie. Still, unless I am asked directly . . . I prefer not to waste the time of investigators. I have emailed, though and sent in things in the past. I mean, once I’ve done that — emailed them, I do not pursue it any further unless they contact me. And they have not. I did contact the police and FBI on a few cases. I recently was called back on the missing Austistic boy, here in New York — I have picked up Hispanic men (illegal, I think) who work construction. They have not harmed him, although, I had some feelings they travel with him to other states . . . Texas, perhaps.

        I believe he is still alive.


  6. I had a dream also about two men in white extended cab pickup truck. They grabbed her threw here onto floor in back seat. I saw blue zip ties on her arms and duct tape on her mouth one man had curly grey hair other seemed spanish. I felt she was scared but alive when i woke up. She threw something out right before they drove off with her. I also felt jr knew the men in truck they worked at or near his appt building.


  7. Do you suppose the ‘mine’ could be ‘cave’ or ‘caving’ in the literal name?

    There is a place in the country south west of Bloomington a few files that had a name of ‘caving’ in it.

    Also, there is another clairvoyant I’ve contacted that picked up on something similar but within the ‘name’.

    Why don’t you take a look at these photos to see if anything comes to you-


    1. I know mines and caves can be the same thing, of course. Nevertheless, I am picking up it was and/or is old mines. It has to do with mining — not caves/caving. Unless, of course, at some point the “mine” ‘caved in’ — killing the miners.


  8. I lost my cousin 1 year ago in May. I cant believe it has been that long it feels like yesterday. His girl friend at the time was the only witness and Its possible she may be the one responsible. Can you help me?


      1. I understand that part . . . he had a girlfriend, was he under 18-years-old. Is there an active investigation? When I say child — I do not mean “someone’s child” — I mean cases that involve an actual child under 18-years-old.

        And all I am getting is that he was not murdered. I get suicide. He murdered himself, from what I can pick-up. This is why a reading is required to see more details.

        And if there is no active investigation — the police have not contacted me (which I would do for free if you were law enforcement and there is an active investigation) — thus, details given to you will not help if his case is considered solved.


      2. What kind of things would you be able to tell me. Is it possible for you to see what happened. I dont want to sound skeptical…I am still finding my own beliefs.


    1. You can send me an email at: Give me your name, email address and a phone number. I will send you an invoice via PayPal (you can pay, though, with any credit card or with a PayPal account).

      Once it is paid, I will contact you to set up a date/time for our reading.
      Love, Light & Laughter


  9. I just read your insight on what may of happened to Jonbenet Ramsey. I am pretty sure though that the family attended a party at a friends place. The Ramseys say that Jonbenet was asleep when they carried her to bed. It’s possible that it could be someone from that party.


    1. I recently visited Jonbenet’s grave. I had the camcorder running on my I-phone and I said, “You were so young. Only six years old. What happened to you?” Right after you can hear a male voice say, “Mervin” and then after that, you can hear a child’s voice say, “Yeah, Mervin hit me real hard in the head.” Mervin is the housekeeper, Linda’s, husband. And then a little later, you can hear another voice, that of a woman say, “Mervin did it.” Not sure who the male voice is, but the child is Jonbenet, and I’m pretty sure the woman is her Mother, Patsy who is buried next to her.


      1. Yes, it could very well be “Mervin”. I did not get a name. Although, as far as I understand she did not have head trauma. Jonbenet died of strangulation with some kind of instrument.


      2. She did have head trauma, which she would’ve eventually died of had someone not strangled her to death.


  10. Whoa! This blog is great! I really like studying your posts. Keep up the good work! You realize, many people are hunting around for this info, you are helping them greatly.


  11. Not all counties in Indiana have coal mines, but the ones that do are all west of Bloomington, north and south. The old, and new ones being mined can run for miles under the ground! Therefore, the Indiana government is compiling a map of all coal mines that they can find abandoned, because of their danger of collapsing and the environmental hazards associated with them.
    I was wondering if you can think of a county name and maybe the Coal companies name? If you can come up with names, I will look them up and see if they match the mines. If they do, then I will find the mine myself and take pictures for you.
    I live in the area and would love to find Lauren, for her family. Her poor Mother still has an apartment in Bloomington and comes here very often.
    Please, let me know if any names pop up for you?
    Sincerely, Penny.


  12. I also want to add, that Bloomington, Bedford and many areas around here, are well know for mining limestone. Indiana limestone is the best in the world. Could it be a limestone mine?
    Remember too, that both coal and limestone mines will usually have large openings or enough to have a rail cart go in and out.


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