Tim Curry: Over The Top — April 1997

Whenever I’m about to see Tim Curry in person; I begin seeing [in some cases — hearing] signs. It would take a novel to tell you all of them and it has been over twenty years; many [of these signs] would leave a few jaws hanging in disbelief.

 The events of Tuesday, April 22nd, 1997:

I was sitting at the bus stop. My thoughts on seeing Tim Curry the next day.

TVTix informed tickets holders that most likely “no one will get in“. Nevertheless, I was confident I could find my way into the shoot.

There’s another woman waiting for the same bus.

Just then, a man walks towards us, smiling, and says to the woman.

“The angels have been kissing us the last couple of days!”

Later, chatting with new friend, Sharon, I notice she has these beautiful cascading cotton/satin curtains on her walls. I asked her where she got them, she tells me about a play she directed [some years ago]. Apparently, the curtains were part of the set, the play: “about an artist who saw and spoke with angels!”

On the bus back home, on the border of Hollywood to Pasadena; I noticed a billboard on a church, it read:

Our Lady, Queen of Angels.

It confirmed, tomorrow, I would be seeing Tim Curry.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 1997:


The Blue Rose called me at 8:30 am this morning to make sure I was awake to go see Tim Curry. I needed to get ready early because I knew I needed to be there by 2:00 pm, latest.

Several nights ago I dreamt I was in the first showing of the new TV series pilot OVER THE TOP (starring Tim Curry and Annie Potts).

In real life, this was the order of business:

The first taping was a VIP dress rehearsal — only friends and relatives of the stars. A free studio audience of the general public was scheduled for later that afternoon.

In the dream, Tim had given me a pass for the VIP taping. Coincidentally, The Blue Rose, Diane Mastriano, dreamt the same thing a couple of nights ago — before I told her my dream. Since I felt the dream was precognitive, I heeded its advice. Also, considering many of my dreams, regarding Tim Curry, have been uncannily precognitive.

In real-time, this day: I caught my bus at 12:30 pm, practically guaranteeing my arrival at 2:00 pm. It was a long ride, nearly two hours to Culver City from Arcadia.

A pregnant woman sat beside me and we began conversing. She just happened to work at “Culver City Studios”, directly across the street from “Sony” — where, of course, OVER THE TOP was being shot. She gave me directions about what gate to go to, etc. once off the bus. The woman exited the bus several stops before.


It was just after 2:00 pm when I arrived. I saw a line of people at another gate, further down from where I was entering. “Tim Curry fans,” I thought to myself. Nevertheless, I entered at this first gate as I was positive I’d get in.

At the guard shack, I approached a woman guard.

“Hi, I’m a friend of Tim Curry. Don’t know if I’m on a list or anything, it’s a bit of a surprise.”

The stoic guard asked me, “What’s your name?”

Obediently I told her and she wrote down both my first and last name; and started turning pages on a clipboard. Pages with handwritten names on it. As I glanced over the guard, under TC’s page, I noted he had one guest name — which I couldn’t read from where I was standing . . . just outside the little door of the guard shack.

As the guard dialed an extension, looking at my name she had just written, I babbled away. I could tell, despite my babbling, the guard, asking for “Tim Curry, please,” was being transferred from sound stage to sound stage or dressing room (?) a few times.

“Tell Tim I’m alone. If he doesn’t want me in . . . “

What seemed like hours later, the guard reached TC.

“Angela Egic. Tim Curry?” The guard asked as if she never heard his name before.

An eternity later, apparently, she was on hold. Someone must’ve else picked up the other line, from what it sounded like on this side. It was TC!

Still with her serious scowl, she repeated my name. “Do you know her?”

Without telling me his answer, she checked my name and turned to two male guards, and music to my ears, she announces, “She’s a guest of Tim Curry. She’s a go!”


I contained my excitement, though. The guards escorted me onto the lot, pointing me toward another gate, from inside this time, though. Then told me to go to Studio #12. We were at Studio #2.

I strolled down the lot feeling like a star, going by actors and crew on my say to Studio #12. I was elated to be entering as a VIP and most importantly — a guest of Tim Curry!”

Even just being on the lot and later, the soundstage, I felt a sense of destiny. It was who I am, who I am supposed to be!

Show business is my calling — since my earliest childhood, and all was right with this scenario, this world today.

As I was entering at Gate #2, my on-line friend and fellow TC fanatic, Carrie Margulies, arrived with her parents. Her father is a screenwriter for DUCKMAN, which was the reason they had the VIP drive-on pass. Carrie hung out with me when we arrived at Gate #12 and were asked to line-up just outside the soundstage. There were only about six or eight of us, at first.

I was first in line and Carrie with me. The burly guard there, at the door, referred to us as “the VIP’s”. The tall, imposing guard asked my name, as it didn’t seem to be on his list. When I told him my name and that I had just arrived, he smiled and wrote down it down.

He was more like a big Teddy Bear! He took out his walkie-talkie and called the stoic female guard, at the gate. At least, I assumed so.

He asked me again, “You said you’re Tim Curry’s’ guests?”

Looking at Carrie, I beamed and answered confidently, “Yes.”

Another flash of his friendly smile and he put a check by my name as he sent Carrie and I in first to a long studio hallway. An usher, for lack of a better description, asked me who I was with for this taping.

“Tim Curry!”

She, the usher, led Carrie and I to the second row, stage left area of the seats. The seats had masking tape across them, reading: RESERVED: T. CURRY.

The usher ripped up the tape and told Carrie and I to sit right there!

Behind us was friends/family of the other actors. Carrie and I were the only two people in Tim’s own section.

Filling in the rest of the seats were two different high school drama departments.

A comedian, named Robert, was our “warm-up” guy. Between takes (shots), the studio piped in disco and rock music. As they set up scenes, cast did costume changes; I sometimes saw Tim take swigs of bottled water and bites from small sandwiches. Assistants would bring these items to Tim. All the while, Robert told us dumb jokes and offered prizes to audience members who would do different things. Singing, rapping, telling jokes; the prizes were CD singles and/or little tiny pieces of candy.

Tim was wonderful in all his shots, of course; nearly flawless. Once, though, he got tongue-tied [probably due to my fantasies of kissing him] and started the line over again.

In this show: Tim Curry portrays a fictional famous actor (lots of ties to Tim’s real life career) named, Simon Ferguson. Simon, due to his dependence on alcohol lost his career. He has a stint on a soap opera, for now, called Days To Remember. On the soap opera, Simon forgets his lines all the time and is killed off the show. Now homeless, jobless and drunk, Simon shows up at his 1st wife’s (Annie Potts) hotel – he tells some story about being on hiatus from Days To Remember.

The show is really funny, in my opinion. Tim wears some wonderful costumes, as well: a black tuxedo, a white tuxedo and other unusual outfits.

Before shots, Tim would look out, when the crew was setting up and such – he’d smile at the audience or goof around, making us all laugh.

I stared at him a lot, of course. I fantasized about doing a guest spot on Over The Top.

I’d portray an obsessive fan of his character, Simon, right? My character would be a little “touched in the head” [no resemblance to any Tim Curry fans I know.]. She’d be a recurring character. In my first episode I show up and pretend to be his long-lost daughter. As I run into his arms and yell out, “Daddy!” I plant a huge kiss on his lips. “We’re a very close family!”

Simon looks over at Annie Potts character saying, with his eyes, “I’ve never seen her before in my life! Help!”

They eventually figure out my character is an imposter and they cannot get rid of me. I show up a different way each week.

In another episode my character sneaks into Simon’s room, hides under the bed. Whenever they find me, I am kicked out of the hotel. Only to find me later in the pantry or Simon’s closet.

It gets to a point, Simon will open a door or cabinet and there I am! By the time, since my character is always there, Simon and the other characters on the show . . . nonchalantly just say “Oh hey there, Julie! Sorry about the mothballs.”

What do you think? Cute idea, huh?

I’d be Over The Top’s answer to characters such as Christopher Lloyd’s “Jim” on Taxi; or “Kramer” on Seinfeld. They need a recurring female nut case neighbor character on a sit-com, again!

[This was, by the way, a few years before Two And A Half Men’s Melanie Lynskey].

Robert, our comedian, during the shoot gave me a nickname. He called me “Cookie Puss”. This happened at the point when Robert asked the audience, section by section – please note: I was in the section designated for Tim Curry & cast members’ friends and family – to cheer. I happened to be the most obnoxious and the loudest. The nickname was something to do with his 91-year-old New Yorker grandmother who called everyone pussy!

After shooting three hilarious scenes of Over The Top, Robert asks if anyone in the audience wanted to “be discovered”. The person must agree to show off their talent by singing or doing a monologue. I raised my hand, immediately . . . I wanted to sing a song for Tim.

Robert hesitantly came over to me – he said I scared him – I assured him I didn’t bite. Hard. Robert had me stand up in front of the audience there. The only song I could think of, on short notice, with angels in it – with no rehearsal and which I knew all the words, and could sing a cappella in tune – was the Christmas song, Angels We Have Heard On High.

I tried to get Carrie to sing with me, but she was too shy. Thus, I was solo!

Robert asked me why I wanted to sing that song. Matter-of-factly, I chirped, “It’s for Tim!”

Robert, with a curious scowl, asked, “For Tim?”

“Tim will understand.” I assured Robert and the audience.

I was facing the soundstage, keeping an eye out for Tim. Robert turned me around to face the audience, though. I made my announcement into the microphone.

“This is for you, Tim.”

I began my song. The minute I started, though, my nerve grabbed my vocal chords and I had started too low, I feel I went out of tune. The whole verse, after the first bad note, seemed terribly flat to me . . . I was so freaking nervous, yet finished the verse anyway.

As the audience gave me its mercy applause, my face red with nerves; Robert, Carrie or I felt it, told me to turn around, again, toward the soundstage.

There, a few feet below me, on the soundstage, very near to us (audience on a raised platform) . . . TIM CURRY WAS LOOKING UP AT ME . . . LISTENING TO ME SING!

AHHHHHHHHH! Out of tune, I might add . . . ARGHHHHHH!!!!

Tim was grinning, ear-to-ear, all dashing and handsome in a white tuxedo. He was looking up at me on that platform, with the sweetest, most loving smile I’ve seen on a man . . . ethereal almost. Then, Tim Curry bows to me! He was Prince Charming. Then, with that incredible voice of his, Tim said to me, “Thank you, my angel!” and winked at me!

Red as a cherry, I swooned, “You’re welcome, Tim!”

The audience was still clapping . . . I guess they saw Tim there, too.

“Bow, honey.” Tim motioned to me, just then.

I bowed for Tim and he motioned, or said, something about bowing for the audience. I quickly turned and bowed to the audience . . . running to my chair beside Carrie.

There was so much energy running through my body, I thought I might fall down if I hadn’t hurried back to my seat! I felt like Cinderella five-minutes before midnight!

The smile Tim gave me could’ve melted the North Pole and left me a puddle on the floor!

Wow wee! I sang for Tim Curry!!!

Intense stuff.

When the last scene was shot, the guards practically chased us out. I was only in the 2nd row and quickly rant to the edge of the platform to called Tim over to me, once again. As I called his name he came right over to me with a big friendly smile and another “hello” and “thank you.”

Over the edge of the bannister, I handed Tim a card and a beautiful, real-looking plastic rose I bought for him – I couldn’t find an open flower shop to save my life – I added an apology.

“I wanted to bring you a real rose but couldn’t find a flower shop anywhere!”

Tim grinned, “Don’t worry about it. It’s wonderful, angel. Thank you, I’ll put it in my dressing room, right now.”

As I said “thank you” and “goodbye”, I countered with, “Well, Tim, look at the bright side, this rose will last forever!”

He smiled again, made a remark (agreeing with me), sort of hesitated and said, “I’ll see you!”

It wasn’t really a statement and not quite a question, sort of mix of both.

Tim looked back at me and walked off the soundstage, I guess, going to his dressing room. I exited the soundstage and was on the lot. I had another plastic blue rose with me and wanted to give it to Annie Potts.

As luck would have it, Annie Potts came out of the soundstage at the same time as I did. She was with a man, probably her husband, as the two of them had their arms around each other: I went over to her, quickly.

“Annie I’ve always admired your work! I wanted to give you this. It would’ve been a real one but I couldn’t find a flower shop anywhere!”

At first, she didn’t take the rose, I told her, again, it was hers to take.

“I’m a friend of Tim’s; just tell him you got a flower from ‘Curry’s Angel’ – then, you can both have a nice laugh!”

Annie smiled, took my flower, “Oh, really?”

“Yeah!” as I grinned.

It came across, I think, like an insult to me. I wonder if she ever did ask Tim about me.

I went past the other guard shack and outside the lot, where I saw all the Tim Curry fans lined up. They were hoping to get into another shoot that day for Over The Top. Apparently, the producers were going to shoot twice this day.

The next day, I learned that fans did not get into the 2nd shoot. And several nasty rumors began about me and how I managed to get into the 1st shoot. Most of which were not true.

It was a fantastic day!

I’d like to thank all those friends and fans who have always been happy for me, and looked through rumors to become and remain my friends.

NOTE: Be sure to click on the photographs . . . they will link you to Tim Curry fan pages and my personal YouTube videos plus my acting site.


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  1. Thank you for the sensible opinion. Me and my brother were preparing to do some study about that. We got a great book on that matter from our local library and numerous books were not as cognitive as your blog. I am exited to detect such information that I have been searching for a long time. 🙂


  2. Sorry i have not commented till now, i have been reading your blog for a even though now though. It has turn out to be part of my morning routine.


  3. CONGRATS ON MEETING THE MAN HIMSELF!!!!! PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO LIVE IN AUSTRALIA CAN ONLY DREAM OF SUCH A THING.OHHHHHHH I LOVE TIM CURRY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a quick question for you Angela did Tim come across as nice how did you even get in without the security catching you out? how on earth did Tim curry say yes to letting you in? just asking if you will answer that would make my day thanks.

    regards anonymous

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    1. Well, as an actor myself . . . I was myself and looked like I belonged there. At least, if you’re talking about the first time. And, apparently, according to his friends (in the show) I “looked just like Tim” and they probably thought I was his niece or daughter.

      How did I see him a few more times. Because he remembered me and left my name, when I told him I’d be there, with the security to bring me to his dressing room (1992) and other times.


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