Celebrate 1/11/11!

Hello my friends . . .

It is time to celebrate the new and positive 2011 vibration.

As a helping friend, writer, intuitive and medium . . .let me, first, calm you all down and assure you . . . we will be surviving well after 2012. The Mayan calendar prediction is anything but true. I’ve received, through the years, particularly lately, questions regarding our continuation after December 2012.

Yes, we will be here.

Vision Boards for prosperity

Certainly world’s will end between now and then . . . and all that means are, people will die (as they do), physically, and families and friends will be devastated . . . and many will be born as they are this minute.

No, there will be no one day of enlightenment where those who are not enlightened will lift at least, not in our lifetime. Thus, that 2012 prediction is also bogus . . . bull . . . and gives many doomsday types reason’s to sell books, etc.

Early this morning . . . Wendy Weatherby close friend from Virginia (), Erica Hawkins (Tour Guide best buddy) and I made vision boards for the 2011 prosperity year. Here’s a photo of Erica with her boards!

I know this for many reasons . . .

  1. Since my early childhood, on three or more separate occasions, I was told and continue to be told — I will live to be 110-years-old! Thus, we are guaranteed survival until September 2073.

  2. I do 100s of readings each year I see my clients, friends and family members surviving well into the 2020s thru 2080s, etc. We have to be here for me to see it!

  3. So far, in my years of life, in just this lifetime, I have survived many end of the world predictions!

As of today, the awful Mercury in Retrograde is complete … although, we will have some effects until January 17th. Thus, if you feel some pull, backward motion no worries, it is really on its way out.

This is a great numerological year with three times for the highest of luck: Today 1/1/11, Tuesday, 1/11/11 and all the way in November 11/11/11Enjoy all the days of this auspicious year and lets keep in touch!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa




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