Day One-Hundred Nine (109): Healing Words To Believe

Day OneHundred Nine (109): Thursday, June 17th, 2010

109) Believe And You May Be Healed

It is often difficult to assess whether or not an ill person has experienced a miraculous cure. Certainly doctors can attest to the recovery but explaining such a sudden (sometimes instantaneous) recovery in someone who has been diagnosed with a chronic affliction or terminal disease can be impossible. Still, many people do recover through the power of their faith and unshakable belief that they will become healthy again. When they have such faith and belief of having excellent health, they are setting up a powerful force for attracting recovery through the Law of Attraction. For a healing to be deemed miraculous, the church undertakes a thorough investigation to rule out other possible explanations. When there is no explanation, the person’s cure is deemed a miracle.

Healing and miracles . . . this is a favorite subject!

Yes, I’ve seen and experience a few miracles and/or healings, in my life.

There are two that stand-out and is my story . . . which I still refer to as the time when Tim  Curry and McDonald’s french fries saved my life. In the final analysis, it was my own will to live, to choose, which ultimately saved my life.

Another time, I helped facilitate a healing, for a friend. It’s a very personal story . . . it was my friends’ sister. She had a remarkable, even miraculous recovery, and despite a terminal illness — lived another six years or so!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa



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