Day One-Hundred Eight (108): Back to Brooklyn . . .

Day OneHundred Eight (108): Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

108) Choose To Pursue Wealth or Poverty

People in religious orders may take a vow of poverty but not a vow to acquire wealth and material possessions. Poverty has somehow always equated with deeply held spiritual aspiration whereas the pursuit of wealth often has been perceived as a selfish desire for things of the flesh instead of the spirit. The Law of Attraction, as you have already learned, is indifferent; it gives you whatever you think and feel you deserve. When you give yourself over to increase in your life, you are giving fuller expression to the abundance of the Divine Intelligence within you. However, if you seek poverty, the Law of Attraction will make it so. Proponents of the Law of Attraction say it is up to you to choose.

According to my notes . . . did the City Sights tour, as usual and was taken to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn tour could and should be much more interesting, if you ask me. Yes, I make it as interesting as possible. I just think it would be more fun, for City Sight and the tourists if we drove to place like Coney Island and stopped, as a bus, to grab a hot dog; or work out something with Nathan’s or the ice cream shop at the Fulton Ferry Landing — to bring something onto the bus?!

Anyway, my past includes two stints in Brooklyn. I lived in Bensonhurst in 1985-1986 with my roommate Betsy. And for the life of me I cannot remember her real last name. I called her “Betsy Ross” and it may have been her real name. I know she attended FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and was originally from Rhode Island. It may be been “Betsey”. Not sure, though.

The second time I live in Brooklyn was 1988 when I was dating Vinny Saladino. Vinny and his mother lived in the Marboro Projects. But his cousin, Patty, had a house in Bensonhurst. Patty and her husband lived in the main part of this three-story house. They had converted the upstairs 2nd and 3rd floor (attic) into apartments and rented them out. I lived in the attic apartment with Arleen Fackina.

Arleen and I had our ups and downs, and it’s a story for a long time. Only about a year or less ago, I “unfriended” her on facebook and really, although I’d be civil (and miss the woman she used to be) — cannot speak to her. In the passing years, Arleen has become cold, bitter and negative — at least, about my life — and really, about hers. She always had strange, old-fashioned, limiting and depressing ideas about life — I decided to focus on more positive people. She was one of quite a few negative people I have been unfriending or blocking (I didn’t block her as she isn’t that terrible).

To get back to positivity, joy, etc. in one’s life . . . means, often, letting that which is toxic and/or just negative (including people) . . . move away from your life.

No, I’m not perfect, I have my days . . . some of them shared here. And letting go of what one knows, or is used to, can be very much a death experience. As Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted, “You have to die before you can live.” And in death there is mourning.

Of course, when it comes to letting go of a way of life — long-term relationships, being the one who always jokes about being broke or a starving artist (that’s me) — at first, is not exactly just quick. The ego can often take years to actually kill or restrain enough to dissipate its hold on one’s personality. Sometimes it just slips into a coma, only to reawaken at the first sign of weakness on your part. The ego may only go into remission for years and stay there — still, it is part of the journey to contain it and move it into our true nature — positivity.

There is enough for everyone!

There’s room for all people to succeed and prosper!

We just must believe and feel it!

Love, Light & Laughter,



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