Bidding Farewell To A Friend: Glenn Herndon

This was my friend, Glenn Herndon.

As you can see, he left us on July 9th, 2010. He was a friend from my past, really. I cannot say I knew him well…but what I did know was lovely.

He was talented, kind and one of the best damn ‘Frank N. Furter’s’ in Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast 8th Street Playhouse history. He put on his costume at for anniversaries and such.

He is greatly missed.

The photo here, with his date of birth and death were lovingly posted on his brothers, Rodney Herndon’s, facebook. Thus, I copied this photograph from his page.

Here is a photo I have him in full costume. Wasn’t he brilliant? This photo was taken by L.A. Dennis Miller at the 10th Anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1985. It was at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.


I miss you, Glenn . . . Enjoy the Other Side!


2 thoughts on “Bidding Farewell To A Friend: Glenn Herndon

  1. i was in sweet charity with Glenn in 2000. He was BIg Daddy aka rhythem of life guy.
    He was a true talent and he will be missed. Love and prayers to his family.


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