Day Ninety-Two (92): Goodbyes For The Moment

Day NinetyTwo (92): Monday, May 31st, 2010

92) Ancient Magicians Possessed Mystical Knowledge

Magic is known to have existed in the Hellenistic society of Greeks and Romans and mentions of magic in the Bible suggest that it was known within early Christian societies as well. The word “hermetic” is used to convey relevance to Hermes Trismegistus (known also as the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes) or the writings that have been ascribed to him, including alchemical, theosophical, astrological, and mystical doctrines

Whether or not an ancient hermetic magician was cognizant of the workings of the Law of Attraction, he or she was assuredly engaged in practices with resolute intention and desire to draw forth a specific situation, event, and circumstance. Then as today, magicians utilized devices and objects in their spells for good or for curses.

I put Lori back on Amtrak today . . . and felt a twinge and thought how nice it was having a teenage daughter for a few days.

After Rocky Horror on Sunday, early morning…we had a bit of a lazy day; I mean, we slept in as much as we could. We arrived home on Sunday at 3:00 am or thereabouts.

Lori was, once again, dreading the train ride back…still not confident with this new form of travel for her.

She and I have a lot in common in this, in a way — My first plane ride was at the age of 21, moving to New York. And my first train ride, if memory serves me well, wasn’t until my 20s. Thus, Lori experienced it much sooner than I did! LOL!

Of course, I remember my reaction being less intense — I was more excited about it than nervous. I was older, nevertheless.

Since Pennsylvania Station, the train station in New York, is underneath Madison Square Garden (#4) — Lori was thrilled that Justin Bieber will be there, Madison Square Garden, in August to perform. We took some photographs around the area, talking about Justin Bieber; and we purchased some t-shirts.

Oh, we both wore our hats . . . Yesterday, Sunday, we hung out in my Jackson Heights (Queens) neighborhood, doing what girls do best: SHOPPING! On 37th Street, in Queens, there are a bunch of great $1.00 stores. Most of the time the prices are above $1.00 and sometimes they are actually $1.00.

Our hats were only $1.99 each!

Lori was nervous, getting on the train alone, again — and a woman, who saw me standing there (thinking I was her mother sending her off alone) told me, “we’re going to Lancaster, PA, too; we’ll look after her!” I was relieved for Lori, who mostly didn’t want to ride alone.

It was cute how, more than once . . .people thought I was her mother; at Wicked, at the train station today! I sort of felt like the “fun Mom” and was sad when she was off on the train.

As I left Penn Station to go home, I felt a new feeling … perhaps similar to a mother sending her child off to do something independent … and embraced this feeling thinking, “I’d really like to be a mother.”

Yes, this was a fun little weekend and if I become a mother, to adopted children, there certainly will be days that are not always as fun as these were. Yet, I’d like to experience it forever — being a Mom.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


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