Day Ninety-One (91): Rocky Horror Virgins

Day NinetyOne (91): Sunday, May 30th, 2010

91) The Rise And Fall Of The Aztec Empire

The Aztecs manifested the greatest and most powerful civilization of the Americas in central Mexico during the fourteenth century. The Aztecs aligned themselves with the Law of Attraction through their determination not only to survive but to prosper and become militarily strong. Their legacy of cities, pyramids, a Sun stone calendar, sacrificial platforms, and other architectural creations say much about their accomplishments and in-depth knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. And yet, the empire of the Aztecs completely disappeared.

Perhaps the element of violence within the Aztec culture through imposition of terror and tribute, ritual human sacrifices to their gods, and emphasis on extreme militarism created a vibration that eventually drew to them the demise of their civilization.

After the adventure of seeing Wicked for my 7th time . . . and Lori’s first, we had to rush to 23rd Street.

Lori was tired, understandably, but it would still it was a long night. Thus, we met up with friend, Michael Bordwell and Andi. I don’t know Andi’s last name, but Mike and Andi were enjoying each others’ company — a date that wasn’t a date, as they told it.

One of the Rocky Horror Shadow Cast members called Mike, Silent Bob, again . . . because well, Mike looks like Silent Bob.

Lori kept ask me what it was all about and why there was “no point” to all of this strangeness.

It is hard to explain, nowadays, how the point of Rocky Horror Picture Show is the fact that it’s pointless! LOL! A place that us who are different can shine and be accepted as not so abnormal.

At some point, Lori left the theatre, because 1) I was yelling in her ear, 2) she didn’t know what the point was and 3) she hated it, really.

Oh, but before that . . .she was called on stage for the VIRGIN CALL. She ended up the contest “Let’s Fake An Orgasm” which she didn’t do, anyway! LOL! She made friends some other “virgins” up there.

At Rocky Horror Picture Show . . . if you’ve never seen the movie at the movie theatre, you are considered a “virgin”. It is our job, as veteran’s of the midnight film, to de-virginize you in some humiliating way.

The really odd thing is . . . the first time I saw Rocky Horror, I HATED IT! I would’ve never believed that two years after I saw it (age 16) and hated it so much; that at age 18, I’d end up one of the biggest fans and performing it for the next four years!

Aww, those where the days.

Of course, after that long, long day of wicked witches and transvestites — Oh my! Lori and I finally made our way back to my place.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa




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