Day Ninety (90): Wicked Again!

Day Ninety (90): Saturday, May 29th, 2010

90) Asian Shamans Touch The Spirit World

The ancient peoples of Tibet, Siberia, Laos, and elsewhere practiced shamanism, often within the context of their particular cultural belief system. As intermediaries between the world of matter and spirit, shamans were able to control malevolent spirits by accessing the spirit world, effect healings, and interpret dreams. Their special knowledge of the workings of the unseen world (alignment, surely, with the Law of Attraction) empowered them to deal with the invisible spirits or forces of misfortune that might be hurting those in their village and bring out the manifestation of peace, health, and positive change for the greater good.

Big day for my “little sister”, Lori and I . . .

We both still felt a bit queasy, but it was easing. And since her visit would only be these few days — we needed to accomplish a lot of fun for the day.

Lori was really nervous about “getting on another train” — meaning the subway. I knew, once she got used to it, it would be fine.

I also had decided, for our fun day . . . I’d take Lori to the Rocky Horror Picture Show! LOL!

First, though, a day in Manhattan (New York City). Our first order of business … seeing some famous sights. I decided Central Park was the place to be his lovely weekend.

Lori and I walked around Central Park . . . me taking pictures, Lori posing.

Lori took a few of me, too. She’s a good photographer!!!

We came upon many park performers from jugglers to a fairy giving handfuls of fairy dust. We enjoyed a show of hip hop dancers and I videotaped with my camera, as well.

Erica met us at Columbus Circle . . . and after a break at the Time Warner Center. We headed to the Gershwin Theatre to get in line for the “Wicked Lottery”. Erica, Lori and I were first and when they opened the door at 5:30pm we got the first three papers to enter.

Half an hour later, as they pulled out the lucky name of those who won the front row seats . . . I heard, at the last-minute, Erica’s name!!! Erica wasn’t going to see the show; thus, I gave her our money and she purchased the two front row seats for Lori and I.

Tickets in hand for the 8:00 pm show . . . Lori & I walked Erica to the subway and made our goodbyes. We went to dinner and then to the greatest show ever!!!

It was my 7th time seeing the show and I knew Lori would love it.

Somewhere in this time, Michael Bordwell, my friend from theatre, decided he and his friend, would meet us at the Chelsea Cinema’s tonight for Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since that was planned, I informed Lori, no matter how tired we are . . .we were going to see the midnight film.

Wicked lets out rather late . . . and, of course, we both loved it. We headed quickly to 23rd Street to meet with Mike and Andi for the midnight movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa




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