Day Eighty-Two (82): The Greatest Love Of All

Day EightyTwo (82): Friday, May 21st, 2010

82) How Alexander Became Great

In a discussion of the Law of Attraction, two words of Greek origin stand out: eudaimonia, meaning “human excellence and flourishing,” and anasa, meaning “new beginnings.” In ancient Greek history, a man named Alexander the Great epitomized the use of focused intention for beginning a new goal and a strong belief in one’s personal excellence to manifest great things.

Before he died, Alexander managed to conquer the vast majority of the ancient world that was known to the Greeks of that time. He remained undefeated in battle. He clearly knew what goal he wanted to manifest in life and through the power of his thoughts, the intensity of his desire, and the Law of Attraction working with his thoughts and feelings, he became a formidable foe against his enemies.



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