Day Seventy-Nine (79): Rainy Days and Monday’s (even on Tuesday)

Day Seventy-Nine (79): Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

79) Dreams And The Fall of Babylon

Daniel had predicted the fall of Babylon and the breaking up of the mighty empire into smaller and weaker kingdoms. Nebuchadnezzar’s worst fears manifested within seventy years as the Persians invaded Babylon. Persia then fell into the hands of the Greeks led by Alexander the Great. Some might say that the Law of Attraction was simply bringing to Nebuchadnezzar what his fears and nightly dreams had attracted. Dreams can be incubated to elucidate some problem you may be encountering in a deliberate manifestation effort or to ensure that you are on course to achieve a goal. Likewise, dreams have been known to reveal illness, foretell births and deaths, and reveal breakthroughs in self-help and spiritual work.

Since I don’t remember much about this day . . . except it was raining and I made note that I didn’t feel well. I wanted to share a beautiful video with you.

Yes, I am a happy person . . . still, I long to share the journey with a significant other. I know it is already so. I believe my life partner, in the form of a soul mate is looking for me, too.

It is only a matter of lining up our energies and we will come together.

Of course, I am happy in my life. I am alone, yet, not lonely. I find pleasure with my theatre life, my friends. In fact, as I have always believed…the right guy will add to me life.

I certainly have a great life! I’m holding out for my hero to add to me life . . .

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


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