Day Seventy-Two (72): Perception Is The Key

Day SeventyTwo (72): Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

72) Only A Matter Of Perception?

Some critics say that the Law of Attraction is nothing more than oversimplification of the Hindu and Buddhist idea of detachment or viewing life with equanimity, or an even mindedness. Hindu and Buddhist philosophies teach detachment and the avoidance of judging experiences as either good or bad so as not to be impacted by them; however, the Law of Attraction practitioners assert that it is, in fact, your thoughts that draw life experiences to you. You are not altering your relationship to or perception of an event. Instead, you are making it possible for it to take place through your emotions and thoughts.


Friends Lost And Gained:

In my lifetime, I’ve cut off people in my life when it was time. Those who no longer were a positive influence in my life. In recent years, it’s been facebook. I’ve had to block and/or unfriend quite a few.

And in my business as an intuitive reader and medium, which, by its nature, can attract those who are a bit strange — I’ve had to do some purging there, as well.

And wow, the Tim Curry fans . . .some have become my best friends and others have proven to me their goal to attempt to discredit or destroy me. This is the strangest one of all, to me. We enjoy the work, the admiration and our love for  a talented person — and why would another fan want to bring down another fan?

I am not quick to cut off people; but I have had to . . . when someone gets so negative it is bringing me down, I feel it’s time. Particularly since I warn people. If a friend is doing something that truly bothers me or offends me, I give them the benefit of the doubt and explain how it is NOT acceptable to me.

I don’t, however, ask people to do anything they don’t want to do. Nevertheless, if the behavior toward me does offend me (not easy, as I am not easily offended) and they do not wish to stop — I merely remove myself from the situation. I cannot be offended by someone if they are not in my life. Simple.

This very logical step, on my part . . . to remove myself and not ask others to do any changing they do not wish to do has gotten me called so many names: I’ve been called everything from delusional to narcissistic — just because I don’t want to stay where I am being hurt! LOL!

There’s more I would like to say about this, and in a future post, I will. It is late, I’m two to three weeks behind on my daily blog and want to catch up.


Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa




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