Day Seventy-One (71): Consider The Possibilities

Dav SeventyOne (71): Monday, May 10th, 2010

71) Ask Critics To Consider The Possibilities

Just as the Law of Attraction ideas began to gain widespread attention, critics emerged from various corridors to voice concerns and divergent points of view. Those believing in the power of the universal law found themselves defending their belief in the powerful working of the law. They advised those who doubted to at least try to set aside their opposition and be open to the possibility that the law could work wonders in their lives. Their basic premise, they would tell skeptics, was that if positive thinking and a grateful attitude attracts the things you want, then the flip side of that idea is that negative thinking will draw to you the things you don’t want.

Since I am almost a month behind in my daily blog . . . from my memory, I will tell you, at this time, Fredy was still visiting.

Life in our apartment has been hectic. We have one that hasn’t paid for some time . . . a few months and the electric hasn’t been paid for a while because of it.

During Fredy’ s visit, my roommate (the non-paying one) tried to move him in permanently. Promising me he knew someone who would give him a job, etc. The thing is: I cannot afford another person, particularly with one that doesn’t pay!

At another point, Abdul asked me why Fredy and I broke up. Long story for another time . . . but there are people who are not compatible as more than friends. Let’s just say there was violence and other abuse. As friends, Fredy and I get along much better.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa



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