Day Sixty-Nine (69): A Lazy Day in Queens

Day SixtyNine (69): Saturday, May 8th, 2010

69) Outer Reality Mirrors What Is Within

The Law of Attraction, according to its proponents, mirrors your interior world, manifesting in your life experience your thoughts because the law is always working whether you are conscious of it or not. This idea, argue the law’s critics, suggest that a person who has been a victim of adverse circumstances has brought calamity upon herself. Whether she fell prey to identity theft, was laid off or recently fired from her job, involved in a car crash, bitten by a poisonous snake or attacked by a bobcat while running on a woodland trail, she became a victim. Critics assert that Law of Attraction believers fault the individual for such misfortunes. How, skeptics ask, does an unsuspecting, perhaps vulnerable person draw upon herself such calamity?

Laziness or rejuvenation . . .

On days when I don’t have to go to the theatre for rehearsal or do the tour guiding thing . . . I hardly leave my apartment. No doubt, I may have homework to catch up on or get to playing on the computer.

The comes up, though. Am I lazy? Do I lack enthusiasm? Am I depressed? Not always sure . . . it’s not like me to be agoraphobic. I wonder, if I didn’t have theatre or the tour guide job, would I ever leave my apartment?

Yes, I leave, of course . . . to shop or drop off and pick up laundry. Otherwise, though, I’ve become something of a homebody.

What bothers me most is I have a whole day at the apartment and a million and one things to do here. 1) Go through my boxes, 2) clean my room or 3) defrost the freezer. Things I need to do.

We will move on to happier thoughts and law of attraction:

Considering I am doing this a couple of week beyond the actual date … Fredy was visiting at this time and we spent the day in the apartment watching tv, mostly. Thus, I wasn’t alone, really.

Fredy set up the video phone on my computer and used it a lot to contact friends and his relatives in Guatemala. He is isolated over there in Lancaster, PA being without a job and living in the mission and with friends.

Because I am behind, I will post this and few more photographs . . . and get up some more days.

On another note, I recall that today is my high school best friend, Karen Zuppiger Groves, birthday. I believe she turns 47-years-old today. I have her email somewhere and need to say “Happy Belated Birthday“.

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa



3 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Nine (69): A Lazy Day in Queens

  1. Hey Ang

    I am still alive and well. how are you doing? I finally finished my masters have been teaching small people how to read. Thinking about moving to Idaho, really do not like Arizona. Email me if you get a cahncce.




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