Day Sixty-Six (66): Shanghaied To Brooklyn — TWICE!

Day SixtySix (66): Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

66) Infinite Potential Is Available For All

Detractors say that the potential to acquire money and material things exists for a few but not everyone. MOney is to be made by those who know how to capitalize on the Law of Attraction topic. The Law of Attraction teachers and coaches say that the law is always working and once you know how to work deliberately with it, you can draw whatever you want from the storehouse of the universe. You have the potential to manifest one dollar or a million dollars. You could establish a hospital, fund an orphanage, or build a social club for senior citizens. Anything you want to create is possible provided you have desire, intention, and persistance. You already have the means–your thoughts–assert proponents of the law. Your potential for manifesting is limitless.

Went to work today . . . again and I was shanghaied! After my second tour to Battery Park, I was sent to South Street Seaport to do a Brooklyn tour.

Brooklyn tours aren’t my strong point . . . and I didn’t bring my guide books. I remembered some of the Brooklyn info., yet, without my little book it was difficult to remember it all.

The good part of the Brooklyn tour . . . and I ended up doing two in a row . . . once you do the 2nd one, you get to go back to Times Square and home for the day.

Thus, it is almost better to be shanghaied to Brooklyn. I just must remember to carry my guide books.


Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa



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