Day Sixty (60): Proof, Fans and Labels

Day Sixty (60): Thursday, April 29th, 2010

60) Can It Be Proven?

At best, detractors say, the Law of Attraction overstates a promise that just thinking about something brings it to you. Further, critics argue, irrefutable proof that you can gain whatever you dream about or long for, is not a tenable hypothesis  that can be proven through scientific method. Instead, they point out, savvy marketing, attention-grabbing buzz words and catchy phrases along with the promise of getting something for (almost) nothing seems to have caught the imagination of Americans and the media.
Her book: 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction

That made me think of something I’ve wanted to address for some time now.

For years, since 1982ish, I’ve been a fan of a certain actor. From my history and my fearless attitude, you all know who it is! Still, let me go back a bit, to another story of being a fan.

When I was 14-years-old, I fell hard for a young man in Tiger Beat magazine. His name is Shaun Cassidy. He was all I imagined in a boyfriend and the person whom I saw myself dating. I wanted Shaun Cassidy to be my first real boyfriend. He was perfect for me: four years older, successful and hot. Tiger Beat/Teen Beat and a few other magazines were my lifeline (long before computers) — I collected 100s of posters, magazine articles, etc. I learned all I could about SC, and Tiger Beat made that easy. They published tell-all magazines and regular articles where the star would write down his favorite things and/or history.

One was very informative and as I have a photographic memory (even more so at that time), I memorized, for life, apparently . . . information on the young SC. By age 16-years-old, I packed up my posters, magazines, etc. and was onto other pursuits. I still had an admiration for Mr. Cassidy; but no longer the passion I seemed to have earlier.

Years passed, Shaun Cassidy disappeared (in a way) and went behind the scenes (writing, producing) and I moved on through different phases of growing up. Then, in 1982, I fell hard again with him — Mr. Tim Curry.

Yet, let’s talk about my photographic memory. In approximately 1993, there was Broadway show called BLOOD BROTHERS starring none other than Shaun Cassidy and David Cassidy! And another favorite actor/singer I loved since childhood, Petula Clark. My good friend, Michael Doyle, took me to the show for my birthday. What a blast from the past!!!

After the show, as I always do, I had to do the “stage door” thing and chat with the actors. It’s my thing as I pursue my own Broadway career. Mind you, it had been years and years since I really thought about Shaun Cassidy and what he had once meant to me.

There was a rather large crowd of middle-aged women, to see David Cassidy, no doubt and maybe a few of us younger one’s who were more oriented toward Shaun. A woman near-by me started yelling out questions to Shaun, who wasn’t really answering (but signing autographs). It went something like this:

WOMAN: Hey Shaun, when is your birthday?

ME: September 27, 1958

WOMAN: Shaun, what time were you born?

ME: 4:05 p.m

WOMAN: Shaun, where were you born?

ME: Los Angeles, California!

SHAUN: (looking up wide-eyed; pointing at me) You’re scaring me!

ME: (laughing) I’m scaring me, too! I even remember your favorite song, at least, in 1977! Born To Be Wild!

Shaun gave me a look.

ME: Shaun, I assure you it’s just my photographic memory from childhood. I enjoy your work, BUT I have moved on!

No sure if he believed me or not.

Anyway, I digress . . . In my years as a dedicated and yes, obsessed, fan of Tim Curry I have been called a plethora of names and accused of crimes (by other fans, not by anyone of authority) due to jealousy.

I want to clear up some under-educated people and the scare tactics used by the media. There are huge differences between a “fan” and a “stalker”.

In fact, I have been stalked by Tim Curry fans.

Here’s the definitions:



  • S: (n) prowler, sneak, stalker (someone who prowls or sneaks about; usually with unlawful intentions)

The difference: Ardent follower/admirer vs. sneaks about, usually with unlawful intentions.

I do not and don’t want to, in any way, hurt or doing anything unlawful toward any other human being! My intentions toward Tim Curry are those of a fan. Yes, I wish to be a friend as I feel we’d be great friends. There was a time I also sought a romantic relationship with him (I mean sought in my mind and hoped, if we met, that he’d ask me out).

Nevertheless, when we did meet, he was great, cool, kind, funny and as friendly as I expected, dreamt and hoped. He didn’t ask me out; as many men I am attracted to do not. Thus, I moved on or away from that particular hope, for the time.

There’s always hope, of course; until we are all gone.

My story is . . . people are much too quick to label. Stalking is illegal and also a disorder of the mind. I may be a little strange, bizarre and there are those who will say I’m a bit touched. But violent, dangerous to society or myself, I am not.

I wish no harm to Tim Curry whether he dates or doesn’t, whether he dates me or doesn’t or if I never see him again, in person. Tim has always been good to me and always will, I am sure.

Just because I am in the same field as he is, acting/singing, and know people in show business . . . dear TC fans . . . doesn’t make me a stalker because I was able to get closer to Tim than you. It also doesn’t give you the right to label me a criminal or stalk me in order to accuse me of such criminal activity. And unless you are hired by Mr. Curry or his representatives, and you are a trained professional and treating me personally, STOP!

And I do want to note . . .it has been years since some “fans” have stalked me (and yes, they did stalk me — even though, most of them had never met me) and tried to hurt my reputation in show business (a long story for another time). It has been dormant for some time. Perhaps because 1) I’ve not committed any acts of stalking, 2) they are not professionals and 3) they are committing the very crime they accuse me of.

Stalkers like to get rid of any competition . . . to get to their goal.

My take: I am not your competition. If you want Mr. Curry, he is yours! I enjoy talking to him when I do. I would love to have dinner with him, or several and I’d love to be in a film or two with him or act on stage with him (Broadway or West End). If these things never happen . . . well, they don’t. It’s a dream, a goal and yet my life is lovely and wonderful now.

I’ve met and spoken with Mr. Curry on many occasions. It’s enough dream fulfillment for several lifetimes. I have no regrets and I am happy! And I love you Tim Curry . . . you inspire me, encourage me and I thank you, profusely for all the conversations and good thoughts.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa

aka “Curry’s Angel” 





2 thoughts on “Day Sixty (60): Proof, Fans and Labels

  1. Hi, Angela!

    This brought such a HUGE smile to my face! I am a Shaun fan. Like you, I had the Shaun wallpaper and was going to marry him. And at 14, I moved onto Eddie Van Halen. Still, Shaun would always have a special place in my heart (One never forgets their ‘first love’, right?). I’m not obsessed. I do know obsessed fans of Shauns wish he is actually aware of and steers clear of. I get teased by my husband at times, but it’s a healthy admiration. I turned my husband onto The Agency, American Gothic and Invasion to my husband. “Gotta admit, that man can write!” he says with a shake of his head.

    Thanks for making me smile…

    PS… I LOVED Tim as Pennywise in It!


    1. Hello there! Yes, he certainly can write . . . yes, most of my obsessions are healthy. Well, besides my obsession with food … that one has caused problems.


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