Day Fifty-Nine (59): Special 14th Birthday Today…

Day FiftyNine (59): Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

59) Blaming The Victim?

If you break your leg, did you attract that into your life? A plethora of books and DVD’s such as The Secret by Australian author Rhonda Byrne, which was featured twice on Oprah, have ignited a national discussion about the Law of Attraction and the simple premise that you are attracting everything into your life through your thought. Yet some scientists and critics disagree with that concept. They say it blames the patient to suggest that he or she attracted the heart disease, death of a child, or plane crash.

Today is a special birthday . . . a birthday wish I cannot give to the birthday girl.

It was early December 2003. Fredy and I were in Pennsylvania (from California) to meet his daughter, Anika.

Fredy did not know she existed until she was 5-years-old; and we didn’t know she was in foster care until she was nearly 7-years-old. In December 2003, after a lot of phone calls (on my part) all the way to the office of the Governor of Pennsylvania — a meeting with his, then 7-year-old child was arranged.

At another time, I will share the whole story — of a year and a half of seeking bonding and promises made and broken (by officials and others). That said, Anika turned 14-years-old today, only days after her biological father’s 47th birthday. She is happy in her adopted family, from what we know.

Fredy nor I have made contact with her since 2005. He was promised a P.O. Box to reach her once she was adopted. This promise, one of many, was broken by the adoptive parents. Nevertheless, we both know they were, despite broken agreements, were ideal parents.

After Anika was sent “home” to her foster, soon-to-be-adoptive parents; Fredy and I went through our own grieving process. It ended our relationship as a couple and we remain close friends today.

I’ve kept the same email and keep myself, and Fredy, online so that Anika can find him (or me, and I will connect them) when she is 18-years-old; if she so chooses. It would be great if she could reunite with her father, her half-brother and grandmother in Guatemala, too.

I certainly will keep the door open as long as I am able. I will also be friends with Fredy as long as time permits. His family also keeps in touch with me and him. She looks just like Fredy; thus, if she needs to know her history, we will keep it safe for her and available.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Happy 14th Birthday, Anika!

Angela Theresa


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