Day Fifty-Seven (57): Patience Is A Virtue I Do Not Have!

Day FiftySeven (57): Monday, April 26th, 2010

57) Patience Is A Virtue

Sometimes when you really want something specific in your life, the waiting can trigger frustration and doubt that it is ever coming. Those times are periods when you must learn to trust that the universe is doing its work. Your desire is known. Your intent has been proclaimed. Part of working with the Law of Attraction is letting go of the need to control the timeframe during which your desire manifests in your life. You have the capacity to let go of that compulsion and as the noted psychologist Carl Rogers once observed, “You can’t push the river.”

My title tells it all . . . patience is not something I feel I have. Yes, there are many times I had no choice but to be patient. In fact, it has always annoyed me, when stuck in a subway tunnel between stations, the overhead announcement says, “Thank you for your patience . . . ” Well, sweety, I ain’t patient — I just don’t have any choice!

Yes, I could go running through the subway cars screaming “Get me off this thing!” Ultimately, though, all that would get me would be a few nights or weeks at Bellevue Mental Facility; or a night in jail.

Anyway, I had to say that . . . onward and upward.


Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa


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