Day Fifty-Two (52): Beings Of Light

Day FiftyTwo (52): Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

52) Beings of Light and Truth Appear When They Are NLOA_Key01eeded

According to Hindu thought, all of creation expands and contracts in cycles. Certain cycles are characterized by lightness and darkness. When darkness is  upon the earth, holy beings such as the Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus appear on Earth as light bearers to lead humankind out of the darkness, depravity, and despair back to light and truth. Some people believe that great and holy beings are always present and anonymously working to manifest good for the well2010_04 ChristineST Pierre01-being of all.

  Today is Christine St. Pierre’s birthday . . . she told us all she is 27-years-old, again! We had plans to celebrate tonight at an Italian restaurant with Eileen Murphy, Chantel Catapano and myself.


But, my job messed me up . . . bad. I was all prepared to join my friends to celebrate Christine and all. As I came off of my 3rd tour at 3:30 p.m. there were no other guides available. Problem! Big problem. Not only on this first day of spring, officially, was I sniffling, sneezy and wheezy…I had worn something a big nicer for the dinner.

We waited nearly half an hour for another tour guide; they kept swearing there were none (which I hardly believe) and I was pissed off. Finally, my tour took off, which would make me late for dinner – if at all. When we arrived at 42nd Street a downtown tour with ONE person passed us. They could have, if they had any heart, taken the one person off that tour and put them on mine and sent me home!!! There was another tour guide . . .

1996_AZ RainStorm01 In the middle of our tour, of course, it began to rain. Our bus had a bottom section; but the bus filled up with tourists and a bunch of us had to sit on top. I was soaked from head to toe and everything underneath!

By the time we came back it was 6:30 pm (dinner was planned for 6:00pm); I was soaked through and needed to go buy dry clothes (pants, undies, socks, everything). I called Christine, and I was sniffly . . . from my endless sneezing today. Since they didn’t want to hold dinner more. It was decided. I went home to get dry clothes I already own.

Bad day, but I did work, hard, for ten hours without a break!

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa



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