Day Fifty-Three (53): Buddha’s Example

Day Fifty-Three (53): Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Due to circumstances beyond my control; college homework, life, plays, etc. I have fallen behind, as you note on my daily blog. Thus, many of these days will just be the quotes from the following person and her book:

From her book 365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction

53) Look To The Buddha’s Example2008_MalibuCA05

The Buddha, a holy being who lived approximately five hundred years before Jesus, was the son of King Suddhodana, ruler of the Shakya people, in ancient India. One day he left the royal palace and first witnessed human suffering when he met an old man who life and health were waning, an invalid, and a begging ascetic.

Desiring to find a way to defeat suffering, poverty, and infirmity, Siddhartha renounced his life, left his wife and son, and became an ascetic. Through meditation and the breathing technique he observing the in/out breaths (anapana-sati), he discovered the Middle Way, a spiritual path without extreme asceticism or sensual indulgences. He had followed his desire to its end. By achieving enlightenment, he defeated suffering, poverty, and infirmity.


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