Day Sixty-One (61): Chinatown/Little Italy

Day Sixty-One (61): Friday, April 30th, 2010

61) Taking Advantage of Easy Targets?

The disenfranchised, poor, aged, infirmed, and gullible, critics say, have always been targets for schemes that make their lives easier. When thoughts about $100,000 and a Bentley or a miracle cure don’t materialize, disappointment doesn’t begin to describe the feelings of the person who had believed in the promise of the Law of Attraction. Yet believers of the law have faith that it is always working to bring into your life the fruits of your thinking.

It’s unlikely that you would attraction into your life the parallel of an isolated thought about something frightening. However, the more you experience the fear and allow it to build around a specific idea or image, the more likely you are to attract it.

EdithOHARA01 Kamal, still in town, invited me to meet him at 13th Street Repertory Theatre. I was very happy to here he was there . . . visiting the wonderful proprietor, our longtime friend, EdithConnieN Michael01 O’Hara (she celebrated her 93rd Birthday this last February). Along with Kamal was a friend from my past, Connie Giordano (from Robin Hood @13th Street).

I was still too busy copying and working on the scripts for GOOD  CLEAN FUN. This Sunday, we’re having a reading of it. I may do it as Playground. My friend, Sherry Goldberg, wrote it. It was produced, originally, in Arizona in about 1990. I was back living in Arizona, at the time, and attended a party. The Director cast me in the play at the party … without an audition! More on this later, though . . .

Any way, Kamal said he and his friends were going to a place in Chinatown called “Joe’s Shanghai” – and he’d love for me to join them. After I was finished, it was late and my text to Kamal said he was still there. Nevertheless, Chinatown JoesSHANGHAIby train would take ages, due to my location in the West Village . . . and walking would take ages. It was raining. Yes, I had my umbrella, but it was pouring. I had to take a cab, and it was a bit expensive. Still, Kamal and his friends, I knew would treat me to a very good time.

It had been years since I’ve actually been to Chinatown, I mean, to eat. On tour, I go through there every Tuesday-Thursday! I remembered, though, being there on Pell Street and Canal Street – being on the same block with Suzanne Melia, Kathy Loy and other friends I was hanging out with in the 1990s. Wow! Over fourteen years ago . . . left me a little melancholy.JoesSHANGHAI001

There was a huge table of Kamal’s many friends . . . several from the other night; whom I spent an entire night with, too. And a couple of new people. I set beside my friend; the one pregnant with the twins and on my other side, for the first time since 1995 – Connie Giordano!!! And beside her, her friend, Mike. Sort of a mini-reunion from Robin Hood. Mike and I would party with the Robin Hood cast in those days.

New-York-Little-Italy-NYC After a long dinner, we all walked out of the area on this hot, hot night and toward Soho. When we crossed a #1 Train, just past Little Italy (on Mulberry Street) – I said my goodbyes and went home to attempt to do my college homework; which I sort of blew off to hang with Kamal. Like a young college student, huh? Blowing off homework, due tonight, to party with friends!!! LOL!


Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


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