Day Fifty-Six (56): From Movie Stars to Broadway: Anthony Azizi and Tim Curry

Day FiftySix (56): Sunday, April 25th, 2010

56) Seek Out Joy

Joy, according to several dictionary definitions, is the emotion of happiness or delight. It is triggered by the expectation of something good or satisfying. Joy, it has been said, is at the core of our being. A peaceful joyful countenance reflects a corresponding inner life. Seek joy for yourself and others and give the gift of silent blessing to all (especially those experiencing lack in their lives) that they will experience joy and success in every aspect of their lives.
From her book 365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction

Big day today: My friend, Kamal (aka Anthony Azizi), is in New York!!!

Yes, he arrived today and left me two orchestra tickets to his debut at Lincoln Center: Alice Tulley Theatre! Woo Hoo!

Originally, Diane Mastriano was supposed to accompany me. She loves Kamal . . . he’s an actor (in Los Angeles): You’ve seen him on Lost, 24 and many other hits; plus two series, Threat Matrix and Commander In Chief.

Kamal (his real name) and I met in 1995 or so at 13th Repertory Theatre here in NY, right before he got his big break. In fact, we have a Tim Curry story, tie . . .

The play, Three Of A Kind (an original play), was doing performances at 13th Street Repertory in 1995ish. The star of the play, one of them, was Kamal. I was the Stage Manager. Each performance of the show I drew a “fake tattoo” on Kamal. And he has a nice body, I might add . . . the tattoo I drew and was an expert at: The BOSS TATTOO from Rocky Horror Picture Show, on Tim Curry’s luscious arm in the film.

>> I am an expert because, with my non-dominant left hand, I used to draw that tattoo on myself when I played ‘Frank N. Furter’ in a shadow cast, years before.

Kamal doesn’t remember . . . but back then, I told him where the tattoo came from. Anyway, I digress from the story. Kamal invited a few agents, in NY, to see him in Three Of A Kind at 13th Street. Three showed up and two wanted to sign him. He invited, purposely, agents who had ties to film and television in Los Angeles and New York. He signed with one and within a month, he was cast in a feature film: McHALE’S NAVY.

 Well, strangely enough, guess who Kamal, as Anthony Azizi, was cast beside? Yep, he wore a copy of his tattoo for weeks and I talked about him and tattoo for weeks to him — and he ends up in his first film beside: TIM CURRY!!! 

For most this would be unusual . . . for me, well, spooky or whatever you want to call it. For me . . . it’s normal! Yes, my life, to most, is considered bizarre.

Back to now . . . 2010, the 25th of April. Kamal has been in Los Angeles for years, of course. He is married and has twin sons, who are wonderful and beautiful! And now, he is making his debut at Lincoln Center.

Oddly, oh wow . . . the same place where Tim Curry invited me to his dressing room . . . and I had the experience of my life there! [Remind me to tell you all the “Tim Curry towel story” sometime soon]. Tim, in 1992, though was at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center. Anthony “Kamal” Azizi is here at the Alice Tulley Theatre. Close enough, right?!

And Kamal runs into Mr. Curry from time to time in Los Angeles . . . small world and it all ties together, right?

Because my friend, Diane Mastriano,  is tied up, so to speak, with a cast on her foot; she had to give up her opportunity to meet Kamal. A week ago, when Diane got the cast, I asked my tour guide buddy, Erica Hawkins, to join me.

Erica and I planned to meet at Cosmic Diner . . . at 6 p.m. She was working tours today and wasn’t sure if she’d make it until 6:30 p.m. Since the show began at 7:30 p.m., the show Anthony Azizi was co-starring in,  BENEATH THE VEIL by Mary Apick & G. Perkins. Erica showed up at 7:00 p.m and we hurried. I paid for a cab to get us there. I didn’t want to be late.

The show got a late start, nevertheless, due to the Princess of Jordan canceling her appearance. Her mother, the Queen of Jordan, passed on suddenly. This play is about the abuse of women, mostly, in Middle Eastern countries and in America.

My feeling is, they had too many speakers . . . to remind us of the atrocities, and to solicit money for programs to curtail the abuse of women. Certainly, I agree with the programs, etc. Yet, once I saw the play, I felt a short beginning speech would have done the job. The play has plenty of facts in it without three or four speakers telling us, before curtain, about the atrocities.

Is the play good? Anthony asked me this . . . It gets the point across, yes. Is it well-written? It’s all right. Not necessarily Broadway fare. Of course, this was a one-day performance and it’s going to Kennedy Center. As a program, to help the cause; yes, it’s fine. As entertainment — the acting was good.

Honestly, I was impressed most with Kamal and the young girl, I will find her name, who portrayed a 16-year-old Iranian girl. All the actors were good, and could be on Broadway . . . some have and all of them have talent enough to do so!

It’s the play itself which, to me, doesn’t lend to a full-scale production, yet. It could use some re-writes, tightening up and even changes. I didn’t care for the opening with a woman reporter in a hotel reading a book. They could just have the stories, there were many, sort of like they do THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. Just have each story told one at a time . . . and leave out the little bits with the woman on the hotel bed; reading the book. Seemed unnecessary, really; distracting.

After the show, Kamal has said to meet him at the stage door. Yet, something felt incorrect to leave the theatre area. The stage door being outside the theatre. There was talk of a party for this production. I asked around, before leaving the theatre and found my way upstairs to the FREE cocktail party.

Some manager (Usher Manager) said my name would have to be on a list. But, come one, I am friends with the only male star of the show! Besides, when I went up there, there was no one taking names or anything.

I found a place to sit, a beautiful view from up there. And I ended up sitting with a bunch of Kamal’s friends from his Pennsylvania childhood! His Baha’i friends. Kamal was born in Iran and raised in PA and NY. He is a Baha’i. Many Baha’i’s have been massacred in Iran, by the way. This was mentioned in the pre-show.

At the after party, Kamal had a lot of friends there . . . and definitely made as much time as he could with Erica and I.

He invited me to hang out with his friends after this party and I agreed. Then, we’d get more time together.

After taking lots of pics and goodbyes and the party was dissipating: Kamal and I got into a cab to head to the Upper East Side and meet with his friends at a restaurant called PHILLIPS. At least, I think so . . .

They were people from the audience. People who live here or Los Angeles. One woman is 3 month pregnant with twins. I sat and chatted, mostly, with her and her husband. Great people. Kamal announced that I am a psychic to all of them; keeping his word — to tell people all about me!

Another woman there, was on the headline news for years . . . she is Middle Eastern American, a lovely petite lady named Rudy. She spoke before the show tonight.

After this, we all cabbed it to Soho to meet Kamal’s cousin from England. He is here for the Tribeca Film Festival. He is in one of the films and is a big star in England. I want to say his name is Omar … but, I think I’m mistaken.

Kamal will give me names soon. I hate to admit it, I just didn’t keep any names in my head, with the exception of Rudy. Bad of me? Oh, I don’t know . . . so much was going on.

When the place we arrived at was no longer serving food . . . a group of us ended up over near 13th Street, where Kamal and I met. At a 24-hour place called THE FRENCH ROAST. I had eaten enough at PHILLIPS, so I ordered only dessert.

Getting very tired, it was nearly 3:30 a.m. Two of Kamal’s friends, I hate that I don’t remember their names right now . . . the girl is Turkish . . . and they were so nice, and the husband to the pregnant woman and I shared a cab. They gave me $40.00 and told the cabby to take me home to Queens. He did!

Everyone took good care of me tonight . . . it was a blast! I paid for nothing and really felt good, met some great people. I did get some cards; so I will post names soon.

And those reading this . . . forgive me if you were there and I didn’t recall your name. I will, soon! I promise.

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa


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