Day Fifty-One (51): Blowing Off The Day and My Nose

Day Fifty-One (51): Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

51) It Is Possible To Access Streams of Divine Power

According to the teachings of Hinduism, five streams of energy emanate from the cosmic Aum. While Aum itself is considered a manifestation of God, omnipresent in the form of Shabda Brahma,  three of its five energy streams are known as Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer), and Shiva (Destroyer). Yogis understand how to tap into the streams of Divine Power to achieve certain objectives.

The Gayatri Mantra, perhaps the most sacred of all mantras and considered the primordial mantra by Hindus, was projected into manifestation by the will of God in order to bring about the current cycle of creation, say Hindu religious scholars. The Divine energy known as Brahma then manifested all animate and inanimate objects in the universe.

I know, terrible title . . .

Allergies terrible and someone asked for my facebook name . . . accidently deleted it permanently. On facebook, I am under:

I know my allergies have been terrible this year . . . this Spring, and it doesn’t cease. I have no recollection of this day, sadly. I knew I would fall too far behind to remember anything!

Damn! I’ll just share what I can . . . and the LOA for each day until I remember it all.

Go ahead and connect with my friends . . . here’s Mozz’s new blog:


Is Lisa Lee still hanging out . . .hmm, let’s see:

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa



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