Day Fifty (50): Tim Curry Is 64-Years-Old! Woo Hoo!

Day Fifty (50): Monday, April 19th, 2010

50) Imagine the Source as Infinite Abundance

The great sages and saints of all religions learned to rely on the Unseen Power at work in the universe. That power provided them not only with wisdom and, in some case, enlightenment, but also took care of the food, clothing, and shelter needs of their human bodies.

In India, today, yogis or rishis still make pilgrimages to the forested mountains of Rishikesh in order to meditate undisturbed in natural settings of caves or under trees or near water. They depend upon the Unseen Power of the universe to take care of them while they perform their sadhana (tasks associated with devotion to a deity), undertake anusthans (spiritual practices to achieve a specific result), or spend untold hours in meditation, contemplation, and the recitation of chants.

Today is the birthday of someone who means a lot to me . . . and because I fell behind; I have very little recollection of the activities of today!

So, I will talk, briefly about Tim Curry and my connection . . . which, in this blog, has been only mentioned in passing, right?

This will be very brief, for now . . .soon enough, I will share some more of my adventures in the land of Curry.

I met him, for the first time, in 1987. Yet, my journey, my wish to meet him started in approximately 1982. Following is a poem I wrote to him, back in 1983 (circa) which expressed my feelings about him, at the time.


Fantasy Man, on the screen above,
One that so many grow to love… 
How can it be it happened to me?
When “in your life” I can’t possibly be?
Fantasy man, are you real?
In your world, do you feel?
Or have they hardened your heart away?
Come to me, then . . .
I will make you okay.
Fantasy Man, in the world of stars,
Wine, food and publicity scars . . .
Alone . . .
in need . . .
I see in your eyes,
Your smile and laughter
cannot hide the lies.
Fantasy Man, you always have me,
to your heart,
I hold the key . . .
Be ever strong and see me here,
Sending you light, to ease your fear.
Fantasy Man, you don’t even know,
From Heaven, I am sent . . .
to this Earth below;
To guide and love you as I do,

Our souls must touch . . .

before this life is through.

And in many ways . . . my prayer was heard and I met Tim, and I was able to let him know my thoughts and my nickname: “Curry’s Angel”. So, he calls me ‘Angel’ and that makes me incredibly happy!

Love, Light & Laughter

Happy Birthday, Tim!!!

Always, Your Angel



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