Day Forty-Two (42): Peaceful, Easy Feeling w/Mozz & The Village

Day FortyTwo (42): Sunday, April 11th, 2010

42) Love Promotes Creativity

Some artists, who have not yet experienced success, may feel a love for their craft but do not have the optimism, confidence, and sense of expectancy that they can create something unique and exceptional. Perhaps their love for their craft is not as strong as their sense of defeatism or failure, which can sabotage their efforts. And yet, others use their pain and suffering as images in their work. Love pulls them into their work and passion serves as the catalyst that ignites their vision for what they desire to manifest. Such artists may become highly successful, turning out magnificent and unique works as their gifts to the world.

Today, as is the custom of my people . . . theatre people; I went to the theatre! Manhattan Theatre Source for the Source Writers meeting.

This time I did manage to arrive early enough for my favorite meal: Lunch at the BBQ Restaurant across from MTS on 8th Street.

Who would’ve guessed that some 25 years ago, when I was hanging out on 8th Street . . . attending The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 8th Street Playhouse; that this many years later, I’d be “hanging out on 8th Street” for theatre. Which, in the 1980s, was my goal — THEATRE.

Of course, I thought, by now, it would be the Broadway stage.

I digress . . . so, we heard some short pieces by Alaina Hammond and one short piece by Maria Micheles.

Both Alaina and Maria are brilliant writers: Alaina, nevertheless, does go off on tangents. I do enjoy her writing, very much, despite a tangent or two. As a group, we chose one of Alaina’s plays for the Estrogenius Festival; I believe, we also chose from two of Maria’s [not easy with both of them being excellent at their craft]. After the reading, Alaina reminded us that she is a genius. Maria is a different soul…more laid back, at least, on the surface and strong as needed.

After this, Mozz was in the lobby and we decided, on this beautiful Sunday . . . to go to a coffee shop and chat. We ended up at “Gizzi’s” and had a great conversation about letting go. How the Universe gives us messages . . . first time, it whispers; the 2nd time, the Universe speaks louder and the third time, the Universe gives you a quick kick in the ass!

This is very relevent as a few days later would prove to me. Mozz wasn’t letting go of some emotional situations and he was mugged; lost his phone and a journal dedicated to these emotional issues. A very loud message to let go . . .

Of course, we create these situations with our thoughts. Because, I know, I was talking to Mozz about my things (my storage), which I need to go through and purge. Or else the Universe is going to purge it for me . . . particularly if I keep thinking about it.

Famous last words, huh . . . luckily, the Universe gave me a break and only purged my computer files.

Oh, Mozz’s new blog:

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa




2 thoughts on “Day Forty-Two (42): Peaceful, Easy Feeling w/Mozz & The Village

  1. Angela, this is very flattering, although it’s embarrassing to be reminded of my own arrogance. 🙂

    Thank you for your comments, both during the reading and here. Your insight is/was most appreciated, especially for my editing process. I want to state for the record that Maria Micheles is a huge influence on me as a writer, and is crazy brilliant as well.


  2. Yes, Maria Micheles is a brilliant writer, as well! Thank you for the reminder, Alaina. I tell people all the time that I’m also a genius. In your case, they believe you! In mine, well, they smile kindly . . . at least, usually.

    Love, Light & Laughter . . .
    Angela Theresa


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