Day Forty-Three (43): Get Close To The Source

Day Forty-Three (43): Monday, April 12th, 2010

43) Get Close To The Source

When you calm your mind, cultivate a positive mood, center your thoughts on the outcome your desire, and love what you are doing, you are in a position to optimally manifest that which your heart most desires. Wallace Wattles, writing  is his 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich, noted that when you live closer to the source or wealth and abundance and align yourself in harmony with that, you get more of what you seek from the source. Living closer to the source, as Wattles calls it, might suggest to some readers to think of that unnamed, unknowable source of all with appreciation, gratitude, and love. Such emotionally charged thought attracts more of the same to the individual.

As I aim to catch up . . .my recollection of this Monday is not strong.

I do know what has been happening here in the apartment . . . it becomes clear, has been clear, we have a roommate that must leave. I’ve been talking to the lease holder about an eviction letter. When I bring up the possibility (sort of a warning) to the roommate, he starts screaming about he has six months, etc. Nevertheless, we have no written contract and he hasn’t paid in two or three months.

My aim is to get close to source and create my very own apartment in Manhattan!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa



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