Day Forty-One (41): Tim Curry, Fans and Me

Day FortyOne (41): Saturday, April 10th, 2010

41) Love Is A Magnetizer

Love can serve as a powerful magnetizer for manifesting. Here’s the way it works. Because of the hormones that are released in your body when you are in love, your thoughts become highly magnetized. When you first fall in love, you may feel crazy and even somewhat obsessive. All you can think about is your beloved. The other person, may, in fact, be thinking of you in the exact moment that you are thinking of him or her.

Whether altruistic, romantic, or compassionate, love seeks expression. Passionate love is the driving force behind the magnificent works of art, architecture, literature, and music as well as procreation. Many of us became the expression of our parents’ love for each other. Love can draw into your life a romantic partner, meaningful work, pets, and friends.

What I remember most about this day . . . and only now. A long AIM (America-OnLine Messenger) conversation with an Tim Curry fan in England.

It was a pleasant conversation, funny, if I recall correctly and a nice change.

I was telling this fan how Tim Curry likes to steal my words. Yes, it is strange, on those few occasions in the past few years when I do get a chance to write. And it’s rare nowadays. Tim will do an interview a short time later and use “my word”. A word that is unusual and I used in my note to him.

For example: A few years ago, about four or five now, he was doing SPAMALOT in Chicago, IL. And in an interview (before I wrote him), he said it was his last musical and/or stage production ever. I laughed because, I know, as a theatre junkie myself . . . until we are lying in a coffin, we are never done with theatre.

So, I wrote him a card . . .congratulating him on the show, etc. Tim had also mentioned he was tired of traveling around so much. And that is understandable. And he had a house in Los Angeles, CA. Well, I wrote, knowing full well the truth about Tim and I (we both spent our lives moving around a lot) . . . I said (this is not verbatim), “You can tell the world you won’t do another show. But, you and I, both know that once that bug has bitten, and since we both have the wanderlust; you are lying to yourself!”

The operative word. I haven’t heard Tim use it much, or at all . . .until after he received my note! There was an interview, not too long later; and guess what word Tim used in his conversation?!!!

That was not the first time . . . it happened years before, also. And some day soon, I have to write it all down. Anyway, Tracee (the fan in England) and I decided on a new word; which I will utilize soon in a note to him. I have not contacted Tim, really at all, since 2007. Not for lack of wanting to . . . but due to my life being too busy.

This is all I remember about Saturday . . . due to the crazy week I’ve had.

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa


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