Day Forty-Four (44): Coming Down (Allergies or Cold)?

Day FortyFour (44): Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

44) A Response For Skeptics

While some critics shrilly denounce the Law of Attraction as being pure bunk, others temper their remarks with a reminder that positive thinking and instilling hope is a good thing. If believing in the Law of Attraction inspires one to have a better life, set some goals, and reach for treasured dreams, so much the better. French-born diarist Anais Nin once remarked that a life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. Sometimes it takes courage to just believe in something and allow for its unfolding in your life.

Yes, I went to work . . . and did two tours. Despite the Zyrtec, though, I was going down slowly but surely. Sore throat, sneezing and feeling weak and sleepy and all stuffed up. After my 2nd tour, I asked Falstaff (our on-site manager @ 47th Street/Broadway) if he could find another Tour Guide and send me home to rest.

I was let off after the 2nd tour and since I don’t recall well . . .eventually, I did go home and still felt bad (sick).

I do like the quote today: Yes, I do believe I brought it on. I am not happy, completely with my job. I don’t hate it . . .its can be enjoyable. But, I am usually done after the 2nd tour, as far as mood goes.

Thus, I’m finding reasons not to go . . .

Nevertheless, I need money and I enjoy getting money. And because I really want my own apartment . . . it is time to consider a “real job” or really pushing to do what I love FOR MONEY!

It can be frustrating . . . and I aim to let go of those negative thoughts by reaching for a better feeling, as to not linger in it too long.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa




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